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The Sultry Lies of Quinn West - Chapters 1-3

The Sultry Lies of Quinn West: Part 1

Chapter 1

The bar got busier as the early hours drew closer. The room in which the girls danced was getting stuffy, with the smell of smoke lingering in almost every corner, and on everyone's clothes, which became ever so difficult for the punters to hide from their unknowing partners.

Differentiating between her real and stage name was becoming difficult for Quinn, as she grew tired from working, which she had done since 6pm, almost every other day while maintaining her daily grind in the head office of a major stationary wholesaler and manufacturer. Working in London was becoming increasingly expensive, and she had to find a way to make ends meet, so she decided to work in the gentleman's club near her apartment. Being an erotic dancer seemed acceptable to her, as the commitment and risks of being a part time escort were too much to gamble while she was working her way up the corporate ladder. She did not want to sleep her way to the top, so the club seemed an ironic way to supplement her legitimate hard work.

By 2 AM, her dancewear was becoming sweaty, and it wasn't long before the bouncers would start ushering people out on to the streets to spend the rest of their night however they pleased. Quinn went to the cloakroom to change back into some jeans and a hoodie so she could make her way back to her apartment on the cold November morning. She said her goodbyes and turned down the offer to powder her nose from one of the more established dancers at the club.

Quinn was feeling good as she drove home from the club. She didn't have to go to work the next day and the club was closed for a few days while important renovation work was starting on the aging building the club shared with a chain pub next door. The club had boarded up windows so during night and day, the public could not see into the club, any punter would likely find the interior much more interesting than knowing whether it was dark or light outside. It was considered one of the best clubs to work at for the girls, with high rates of pay and a low "house fee" which the club owner charged the girls to sell their services in the club.

Arriving at the automatic gates to the apartment complex was a sigh of relief for Quinn, she pressed the button on her fob that open's the gates, to ensure everyone who enters the building is meant to be there. She drove down into the car park situated under the building, and easily found a space, "thank fuck for that" she thought. It seemed the couple downstairs from her who regularly held swingers parties in their living room, had not invited everyone they could find off of the swinging website round for a night of alcohol fuelled fun.

She turned the key in the lock of her front door, and entered the hallway of her apartment to the smell of her air freshener, which was quietly emitting a scent of cinnamon and lavender, the warmth of the scent was a simple pleasure for Quinn, she decided to strip down to her underwear and let the electric heater in her living room keep her comfortable, and she laid down on her newly purchased grey sofa. It wasn't long before she felt restful and fell asleep.

7 AM Tuesday morning quickly came. Quinn's phone started blaring cheap stock music, which acted as her alarm. In a haze, she awoke, instantly regretting not remembering to cancel the alarm only a few hours before. As she hap hazardly unlocked her phone to stop the alarm, the usual red dots which signified her social media accounts being interacted with, were dotted around her home screen. The morning ritual of awnsering messages and comments in a dreary haze, before her morning energy drink and bowl of supermarket own brand cereal, was becoming almost autonomous. The realisation soon dawned that more alarms were soon to come, but the early start to this ritual, with the almost coincidental fatigue that came from a night at the club, followed by the start of a "work from home" day, caused her to put off opening her clock application until she was able to take on the day fully, which would come shortly after putting her head down for a second time to get a lie in.

A second alarm came, and this followed her getting up to go into her bedroom to change out of her bra and panties, and into more formal wear, for a day of sitting at her laptop awnsering emails and phone calls, while puttting together a dreaded volume sales report, which would dictate the future of a smaller branch of her company, situated in Slough. Energy drink consumed and cereal eaten, she waited until 10am to begin work. She knew the first phone calls wouldn't start coming in until the morning briefing between the general manager and the heads of section had been and gone.

It was 9.38 AM and Quinn decided to access the invoicing system to have a quick glance at the figures from which she would need to generate the report. The figures looked positive, to which Quinn mumbled "thank my lucky stars", as it meant that she would not be having to get involved with co-ordinating a deeper review into the Slough offices equivalent department to her own.

The template from which the monthly report would need to be populated was already on her screen and ready to go, when her phone rang. It was her boss, calling to give her some new information that had come to light in that morning's meeting. "We've decided to give them another financial quarter to improve things" he said, "our investors are seeing a large fall in their costs with other investments so they are happy to see us as a lower risk". Quinn was delighted with the news, as it meant her stability for staying to live in London and having a job for her to keep was safe. "Alright, that's brilliant, I'll send an email to the sales team in Slough and copy you in", she happily chirped. After exchanging pleasantries, she ended the call and spent the next hour filling information into the report knowing full well that this wouldn't cause a stir with her colleagues.

Lunch time quickly came around, and so did the trip to the sandwhich van a few minutes walk away from her apartment complex. She put her shoes on and headed out, the breeze of cold air hit her as she made her way out of the back entrance which allowed pedestrians to make their way on to the walk way along the main road. The sandwich van was a short walk down the path, just past the entrance to an area full of service doors for various small warehouse units, the majority being used as fulfillment centres for chinese eBay centres as a tax dodge.

When she arrived at the van, she skimmed over the lengthy menu posted next to the window. "Hello love, what can I get you?", asked the bald, well built man who was creating and serving the sandwiches. "I'll have a cheese and tomato panini with peppers and cucumber, please". "Coming right up", said the guy making the food, "it will be a few minutes". Quinn let the other customers order their food while she admired how the tree's and green spaces looked, "soon all this will be gone" a man in a leather jacket and denim jeans said, "at the rate they are building at the moment, there won't be any green, just grey". Quinn agreed and instantly felt drawn to the man. "I'm Paul, by the way", he said. Paul went to shake Quinn's hand which she reciprocated.

Only a few seconds later, her sandwich was ready and she took Paul's number before heading back to her apartment as time was drawing on and a few loose ends needed to be tied before the end of the day. The familiar and welcome feeling of her warm apartment gave her the boost needed to complete her day's work. By 3 PM, everything was done, as long as she didn't recieve an email asking for the item code for a discontinued line, as was a rare but difficult occurence.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully and by the time 5pm came around, Quinn was able to kick back after getting a few bits of admin done. It was time to chill for a bit before she felt hungry and inevitably would have to trek to the local shop for a few bits to eat. She went to her bedroom, took her bra and trousers off, got into some loose fitting jeans and put her favourite t shirt on, with a quote barely anyone would recognise from a social media comedian.

Many of her free nights were filled with bingeing on vlogs, music videos and comedy sketches found on video streaming sites. Working at the club provided the social stimulation that she needed, and by the end of the week she was exhausted of meeting people who craved her attention, any excuse to enjoy her sizeable sex appeal and scottish accent that made her irresistable to the punters and most men who crossed her path. Her breasts being the driving force behind this attention, and Quinn often wondered whether having a reduction would ease her social exhaustion.

After a plate of beans on toast and many hours that seemed to go very quickly, she felt tired enough to fall asleep without even a small amount of effort. As she went to turn her laptop off, some words flashed up on the screen - "1 major update pending, click to shut down and update". Quinn was annoyed with all the emotion she could muster, but it had to be done as her company constantly emphasised the absolute priority of keeping all IT systems secure. The update took around 25 minutes, and in the mean time she undressed to get ready for bed. She neatly put away her laptop, carefully closing the lid and taking it back into her living room and then feeling relieved that she could finally walk back to her bedroom. She timidly flicked the switch to turn her light off as she entered and felt her back muscles relax as she neared the bed, and got in and without hesitation or difficulty, fell asleep.

Chapter 2

The morning felt like the weight of the world had been lifted, everything seemed and worked easier than many mornings before it. The rest that Quinn indulged in, had a healing effect that gave her that small reinvention that often comes with hitting the bodies reset button.

Quinn got ready quickly and had half an hour to kill before she'd need to get off to work. She logged on to facebook to have a quick glance at the early morning gossip. As she scrolled down her news feed, she saw the usual statuses of mid week hangovers and accident and emergency check ins that bored her, the inspiration to seek a more high brow life was growing, change was needed fast, but the oppurtunities for growth wore thin. Her private chat icon showed no new messages, as most of her conversations were group chats that she had muted, with people talking about long standing offers to have a school or college reunion that never materialised, online friends from various facebook groups who had dubious reasons for letting her join and a family group chat that only allowed her siblings and parents to show off their acheivements in various parts of industry and culture, that made Quinn feel bad for working a mildly menial job in an office and doing real world soft porn at a legitimised sex establishment.

As she nearly closed the application and put her phone down, she scrolled down just a bit further out of empty curiosity and saw that a friend of the "online" description had posted a link to an advert looking for people looking to get into the science field, who were of a good standard of education but did not have the right credentials to become a scientist. It was an access course that guaranteed an internship with a leading laboratory whose primary work load was studying the effects of commonly used antibiotics on respiratory infections. There had been many articles in the news in the preceeding months about the risk of lung conditions being ineffectively treated due to wrong or over prescribed anti biotics.

Investigating the advert further, she had ten minutes before she needed to leave, but decided to read more about the studies that would be being done in the lab. The web page that appeared before her, described how the lab was playing a vital part in helping big pharmaceutical companies understand how best to advise doctors on the use of already existing drugs for common infections that were proving more deadly over the past few years. The scheme was being run by a government department that funded research that had been deemed vital to the health of the populous in the UK and globally.
Quinn needed to leave, but saved all the information to her phone. She hurriedly made her way down to her car and made the journey in to work for the 9 to 5 slog. The office had the usual early birds and workaholics sat at their seats 20 minutes early before the day starts. This was a wise move for many, as the workload had become greater as the company needed to downsize to make up for a lack of revenue caused by the micro recession after the announcement that the UK would be leaving the european union.

Her desk was just had she left it, bar a post it note left on her monitor. "Reminder - performance appraisal 3.30pm today. Regards, Kevin" the note appeared to have written on it with an office standard economy biro. "Great", Quinn thought, it was a meeting that had been postponed several times due to various issues with office politics and urgent matters taking "code red priority one" level of urgency.

Upon being seated, she logged on to the companies internal system that had many quirks that could help or hinder the workers, the most long winded part of which, wasn't the uploading of documents or virtual drives that never seemed to work, it was the plug in that automatically loaded with every log on, which was the coupon directory that the middle management thought would boost staff morale, her branch of the company was the only branch to have this feature. The plug in provided some rare gems, like 50% off the cost of a european holiday, or a free side dish at an upper income chain franchise restaurant. Today's list of offers was nothing special, and it was just another click she would have to do to actually get on with her work.

At 9 AM, the day officially started and the management made sure everyone was on task, as there were some big orders coming in that were high risk in terms of company reputation and cash flow.
On the next desk up from hers, a familiar face appeared, it was the guy who managed to get her a pay rise with the proviso of extra duties, he was called Derrick but everyone called him Den. "Better get those quotes done or we're in the shit this afternoon" announced Den, Quinn mentally agreed but the longing to get out of working in sales grew. "Oh yep, with a load of support tickets being raised no doubt, eh Den?", she joked. Den was well liked among the sales team, his light hearted approach to often stressful challenges was an asset to keeping the team together.

The day was spent doing the usual correspondence and spreadsheet management. When it turned time for her performance appraisal, it took her by surprise as she was so engrossed in her work, the concept of what time it was, was barely an afterthought throughout the day.

Quinn made her way to the meeting room where she would be meeting Kevin. Kevin was a corporate troubleshooter employed by head office, who was being paid more than the actual staff would be being paid overtime. She knocked on the door, and Kevin was inside waiting for her.

"Ah yes, come in" he said, admiring Quinn's presence while keeping a professional composure. "I'll keep it brief, do you want the good news or the bad news?" he apologetically asked. "Go on then, give us the bad news" Quinn said with an upbeat tone, Kevin quickly went over the paperwork in front of him and explained that things weren't looking good for her. "Over the past year we have come to realise that several departments need to downsize in order to accomplish long term sustainability, and I'm afraid to say that even staff with good performance will eventually need to face the chop as we make difficult cuts", he explained.

Quinn was taken aback, she was silent for the few microseconds it took to process the information. Kevin continued to speak to fill in for the silence that filled the room, "it won't be for a few weeks, but seeing as you are a long standing employee, we want you to know we are drawing up redundancy packages for those we plan to let go". Her fear was confirmed, "and the good news?" she hesitantly asked.

"The head office is looking to re hire exclusively the best staff for roles at their premises, that are lower pay grade but with the obvious potential to move higher up the ladder" Kevin explained, "But won't that take years before any progression happens?", Quinn asked. "Well, truth be told, and I could lose my job for telling you this, but I think you should look for another job, just to be safe in case they do indeed make you redundant" Kevin carefully articulated, as Quinn, holding back the tears, shook his hand and made her way out of the meeting room.

Making her way back to her desk at first felt draining with worry, the realisation was still with her when she had done the walk up the row of desks that stood to her left, with endless doors to her right that always coldly announced what stood behind them with metal door signs attached to the upper front. She knew she had to withold the information from Den about her and possibly her colleagues whom she had known for going on 3 years, possibly losing their jobs. She felt hard to compose as she ran through everyone she knew in her head, how they would be affected by a loss in income and unable to care for those who depended on them, and the ability of those that cared for them, to continue doing so.

Quinn kept quiet for the rest of the day and avoided any unnecessary conversations with her colleagues or anyone else who worked for another company that occupied the floorspace.
The end of the day felt graceful as she numbly made her way back to her apartment to, as she so desperately wanted, to collapse on the sofa and indulge her sorrows as decadently as she could. As soon as the fatigue of climbing the stairs passed, she exhaled as she unlocked the door. The free space in her living room that was all her own, brought a light sense of joy that acted as a raindrop on her window of sorrow, thinly vailing all her past mistakes as she began to rest.

Chapter 3

Quinn walked into the bar and felt the heat and stuffiness that consumed the room, dressed in the most indifferently casual clothes that comfortably hid the several hours of looks filled with lust that would follow, from the curious eyes that she would pass on the street as she made her way there.
She was put on floor duty, where girls would come up to clients instead of working the poles, as she often was when there were enough girls to staff the bar generously. The sadness from the events of the past week still fresh in her memory, the fleeting horniness that came from putting on seductive garments that often struggled to contain her modesty, was non existent, as it had been since the night before.

The bar was still yet to open and she decided to put real effort into her appearance, to take her mind away from the cloud she had been under. Maybe the empty attention that was ignorant to her goals and story, would provide a semblance of an egotistical boost, which was becoming further and further from her spiritual identity that had lied to her for so long.

Once her warm threaded hoodie and supermarket own jeans were off, she shrewdly made sure no one was around as she reached with both arms behind her back to un do her bra straps, which naturally made her breasts fall in to an explicitly natural position that was on the knife edge of civilisations falling at the beck and call of an intimate touch and the energy promised from the sight of her in the height of pleasure.

She rummaged through her backpack to pull out a black bikini top which she carefully tied together, allowing a thorough amount of bust to be emphasised. After sinking into some "expensive, but not too expensive" suspenders and garter belt, she pulled her newly washed work knickers up and sat back down and swivelled around so she could do her make up.

The detail she put into her make up was only second to that of what she pulled off on the wedding days of her friends and family, her clients would be getting the best service she had ever given. Her high heels easily fitted and she was relieved as she remembered to bring the ones that were too good to be true as they sat on the aisle during black friday weekend at the department store.

She went into the main dancing and drinks area, to see it slowly filling up with customers and lap dancers. The bar very rarely played the music usually heard while trying to hear the person next to you as you make excuses to go and buy another £2 jagerbomb, the PA system had a playlist filled with sultry tunes that complimented the smell of perfume.

And then, she awoke. As she lay on her bed, in a room that she quickly gauged had been unattended, from the objects being as if she hadn't done her pre bedtime ritual. She was thirsty, so went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. It had all been a dream, a sign that she was anxious about her next appearance at the bar. She remembered most of it, with hints of fleeting moments of her dancing for a client. Staring at the clock for almost 15 minutes, standing against the work top as she drank her water.

It was 4 AM, the restful blackness of her bedroom didn't hinder her path to the bed. For a few minutes she laid with her eyes open, her head in a "rest or movement" predicament. The quickened thoughts about her dream, mixed with the anxiety of not being able to finish her sleep, put her in an uncomfortable state that felt like being inside antimatter.

She tried to work out what she could, of what had happened so she could find a solution. The mental tennis match that played out waned from erotic comfort to the harsh reality that she had seldom acted upon. A war between feeling her skin resting against soft fabric and the concrete wall of the financial uncertainty that was to come.

About 30 minutes passed as she decided to settle on focusing on planning the easiest solution. She pulled out her phone and made a list of all the things she needed to do to prepare to lose her job, as if the world would end if she was unrehearsed.

She typed, “re activate reed profile and join facebook job groups”, “put the word out about looking for a new job” and “let family know that help may be needed with money”, as she cringed as she typed the last one. She knew the likelihood of help from her family was slim, who took a distaste to her choices, unfortunately it was all a circumstance created by her own ambition to be successful. Closing the app, she put her phone back down on her bedside drawer.

The relief that everything now had somewhat of a clearer path, brought an instant physical relaxation. Flashbacks of the dream remained, and increased as she lay in the early morning enigma between the world being alive and it being frowned upon to be outside.

The flashbacks began to alternate between tactile sensations of her bikini top touching her bust, and the vague imagination of the music and perfume as she presented herself to everyone in the bar. By now the tactile sensation and the emotion of people looking at her in unforgiving lust was consuming her. For the first time in weeks, butterflies flew. Focusing on her stomach, there would be a single butterfly going down to her groin and kissing the inside of her skin, within a minute, more of them were taking a trip down below.

She felt her clitoris be kissed as she was now finding it hard to ignore the wetness of her quim as she reached under her knickers to remove them as some of the butterflies flew away with it. She reached over to her bedside drawer and hunted for her vibrator, burried underneath a chaotic assortment of various items that were a distant memory in her busy lifestyle that was going to come to a grinding halt in a few weeks. Spreading her legs not too far from the edges of the bed as she rested the silicone against her outer opening, the feeling became suddenly longing for a conclusion. She began to insert the shaft slowly as her anatomy widened and relaxed, pleasure intensified as the sensation of the silicone bunny hopped in the tight space of the most treasured part in between her legs.

Her breathing became deeper, as the pulsing of her quim mimmicked bodily sensations and mix of erotic emotions, she gasped as she pulled the shaft upwards, as the next few seconds became so intense they were immemorable, as she had a full body clitoral orgasm, grabbing the sheets in the heat of the moment so she didn't fall off as the earth was moving.

She relaxed as the orgasmic tension left her body, the feeling of weakness in her legs in the few minutes before the warmth of happy chemicals flooded her brain. Feeling like she had done a session in the gym as a small amount of sweat covered her forehead as she rested her arm there to marvel at the power of her orgasm and the after-warmth of the post orgasmic glow.
Fatigue pulled her down, like a blissful cloud that weighed as much as the world.

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