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Deep Dezire

You help yourself to the chocolate bar on the work top, an experience suddenly melting on the tongue, only time can tell how you’ll feel deep down, the sun blazing outside, your flat only half equally distributing the heat. 

Dust settles on the bookcase beside your desk, the buttons on your iMac’s keyboard as seamless as ever as you notice the bookcase as the sun’s rays hit your shoulders. Your bum begins to ache as you realise you've been sitting far too long, 3.48pm suddenly, and the trees outside are golden as what's left of your nostalgia for summers gone by, comes fleeting in, the industrial aroma is what's left of the euphoria.

Only you can know the relation to your story, cosy warmth and that of safety, but things like this always came with procastination. That work, creative and unnurtured, frequent trips to those funny and cat videos, anymore longer and it'll be adult ones. Maybe the Amazon Prime Now order can wait, the monotony of this afternoon tempts you further away, you know you really shouldn't, but what is life if you can't enjoy it?

You pull your dress up and pull your lacey primark knickers down, a little tingle in your spine as the fabric feels warmer that usual against your buttocks, over your knee and past your feet. You involuntarily check out the window, even though 2 floors up and hidden, so bare and vulnerable, yet taken by temptation.

One hand presses the thumb pad on your laptop and opens a new tab, the other hand massaging your outer lips, your breasts enlarging slightly as shots of pleasure shoot within you, you can feel your nipples hardening in blissful torture.

Beginning the search for a nice porn video to aid in your bliss, the frequent searches list on PornHub provides the inspiration, you are such a naughty girl, for such a respectable person. One of the items on the list makes you sigh, and you click directly on to it, your favourite video, third down from the top, you click once again, the page starts loading in as the buffering circles start swirling.

You are now lost in the moment, locked in the pursuit of orgasm, the pre-video advert has played and the grey line indicating how far the video has loaded comes bounding in, and now the orange bar is coming in. Taken in by the erotic display before you, you marvel at the mans physique, the woman's body complimenting it perfectly as her soft skin ripples as he fucks her.

You want it so badly, your heart almost sinks as you are now deep in masturbation, your wetness barely witholding itself from dripping on to your seat, tense as you are, you race to get the most satisfaction from the best parts of the video, the ones that make you crave someone's touch, however powerful or soft you would like it.

Your breasts almost falling out of your dress as the straps have long fallen down, your forehead sweaty and your chest, you don't care about the ever increasing humidity that is more noticeable in your state of excitement. Thankfully, it is easy, all this culminates in an orgasm, like that first bite of chocolate with a caramel centre, you lose all care for the fact you've squirted on the floor, the little giggle within the next few seconds completes it.

As you pull your dress back together, you fling your knickers away into the laundry bin, you've earned the luxury of lighter dress this hot summers day, the simplicity and peace of years gone by, back once again.


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