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The aroma of the dusk raises your euphoria, as the sky is tinted purple, close to midnight, the little village close where your house sits on a corner, feeling more perfect than usual. The coffee you had at 8pm keeping you wide awake, the extended weekend has you feeling a little more playful than usual, maybe a little more horny, you never realised how the day job stopped you exploring your full self, a bit of mental space that has turned you into a full on Ann Summers, Womanizer fangirl.

You have called me over for a bit of fun after an entire day of playing computer games and masturbating, maybe the odd Subway order at lunchtime, I will arrive in about 10 minutes, or so my GPS says, and I WhatsApp you to let you know. You'd always been a little nerdy, so the luxury of having a handsome, good looking man come round for a bit of fun is a rare treat you enjoy like an Tango Ice Blast going to see the latest Lord of The Rings film.

Your anticipation builds, will I be as enthralling as when you briefly met me at the nationwide regional office get together up in London? You make sure both bolts on the door are unlocked as you adjust your lingerie and look into the mirror on the left side of the hallway to make sure you look your best, well, as good as possible after today.

You hear the gravel outside rustle as my 2 seater luxury classic car comes up your driveway, you anxiously prance to the kitchen to make it look like you haven't been waiting by the door when I knock. The sound of my firm, intended knocks makes butterflies flutter in your stomach, without any rehearsal you seductively walk to the door, and seduce me instantly upon greeting me, grabbing my hand and pulling me in.

You pull me closer to you in your kitchen, placing your hand on my chest as the taste of my kisses enthralls you, not one thing wrong with this embrace that seems to quickly end up on your bed, as you spread your legs. 

Your impossibly perfect curves ignite a flame within me, I just want to ravish you as you admire my sculpted torso and male model looks, excited by feeling my short beard. You peal your lacey knickers off from the sides to reveal an almost decadent pussy, my tongue feels like morphine as it slides between the lips and you quickly get wet.

Your body does things you had no idea it could do, the pleasure sending shockwaves up your torso that make you recoil with moans, and your motion communicates ecstacy, you just want this moment to last forever. 

I come away and take my jeans off to reveal my cock as you can't believe this can get any better, me lightly stroking enthralls you as it gets hard quickly, as you grab me in every possible way as the sex initiates. The bed starts relenting as it sounds almost movie-esque, your body heats up with the moment being portrayed, truly one of sex symbols.

My thrusting feels expertly honed as you can now not do anything but build up to orgasm, your moans are music to my ears as I forget all responsibilty not to annoy the neighbours, a few moments of carnal abandon and you shreik in pleasure, as the sheets are soaked. My embrace for the rest of the night culminates in many a day with a spring in your step.   

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