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Upon the morning, without a mind's thought, that would drift into afternoon, but only with the lift of the sound of the sea. The tension is deafened by the vastness of the sinking, only to create a new world, a story that will be placed in your heart.

The urgency lost but intense, relaxing in the caravan as the afternoon starts to mature. Only the windows and the doors being open can silence a happening of carnal magnitude. Sitting in your loosely revealing yet socially formal dress, many a man have glanced at your curvaceous yet enticing figure, a world of positive attention as you feel free on the spontaneous trip down to the beach. Your friends have gone down to the pier, promising to return with a meal of Fish and Chips, probably a few hours with slight boredom setting in as the mood hints at dragging on.

A quick browse of the fridge as a subtle hit of chilly air hits your face, the little sweet serving of chocolatey shortbread that sits near the back of the fridge entices you deeply, although you now reserve such treats to enhance accomplishments, that new client signed up at work, a new series on Netflix binged or a thrilling orgasm. The mood feels right to let go a little, what would the holiday be without letting go a little more, after all, this year of all years has been hard on everyone.

Almost absent mindedly but definitely decidedly, the doors and windows start getting shut, the dare turns to internal excitement, the naughty little treat packed away deep in your bag, as had satisfied you before, timidly pulled out with the door shutting behind you. An elegant yet greedy shimmy towards the bed as you get comfortable, free with your movements as you feel an inner spark, your lacey knickers coming down over your knees.

Spreading your legs as the wet folds of your flower come apart with your thighs, you refrain from touching yourself, letting the small silicone bullet, now maneuvered between your fingers, send the first pulse of pleasure as it contacts with your clitoris. Spreading your legs further apart as the almost surprise that you feel so carnal, so wanting, in the first moments of masturbation, you breath gets sharper as a little chirp of a moan comes out. 

The feel of the sea air against your skin helps re focus your mind on relaxation, as if you were there, the people suggestively dressed in the way that just gets you going, you press and move the bullet quicker and closer. A little reminder of the summer fling from a few years ago, how you found his cock magnificent and like morphine, in private and in a little secluded spot out on the cliff edge, starts to get you going, chirps turning to gasps.

You get a moment of anxiety to see that the window curtains are definitely shut, your pleasure brought back instantly and softly, you start moving to make it work, like with an ease is it good and rewarding, decadently pleasurable. The tension building up within your groin, you feel dominated by the dare, the synthetic feeling of guilt increasing with every burst of ecstacy, no way back as the final moments drown you in a release so guilty but so adventurous and relaxing. You catch you breath feeling confident and liberated, they were never back in plenty of time.

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