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The Ladies Knight

The light drizzle of rain starts tapping on the roof of the small bus stop, at the crossing on to the main road, two minutes to go until the bus is due, although you were so used to it arriving a minute late, a safe bet on a Thursday at 5pm, just before evening at this time of year.

The darkness draws in as you notice a handful of the many cars that drive by, turn their headlights on, the cold momentarily feeling more biting as you look forward to walking into the warm kitchen and turning the lights on. The bus arrives as expected, the same experience as many times before, a little hurrah as the receipt from the ticket machine confirms another 2 weeks have been added to your prepaid card.

You haphazardly make your way to a seat on the right side of the centre of the bus, as usual, it started moving the second you took your card off the reader. Composing yourself after unintentionally and recklessly plonking yourself down on the seat, you get a judgemental look from the elderly man at the front seat on the left of the bus, you’d gotten so used to knowing the elderly folk by the different beige puffy coats they wear. 

The journey is mindless as you are, aware as you are nearly at your stop as you scramble to press the red square button, getting up as the bell dings and the sign saying the bus is stopping lights up.

The air outside feels sweetly comforting as you loved winter, the rain reminding you of a careless time, careless as the atmosphere unimposing. Walking down past the shopping precinct, you remember so vividly the hot summer months, money no object as slush puppies were in plentiful supply from the corner shop, now changed hands many times, now only representing expense and the reality of convenience consumerism.

The key goes in the lock, the walls will never tell, you are longing for contentment.

The lights in the kitchen go on, family pictures on the mantel piece in the living room, birthdays, reunions and gatherings, it transpires in your mind, you were fleetingly the centre of attention. A set of chores beckons, you feel lost for a second in emotion, not even in your thirties and the comfort of knowing a long life ahead is faded for this moment, the sharp chill of ice tears into your spine, will you forever be alone?

Your imagination goes wild as the warm embrace of those scenes in the movies, sun kissed bodies held up by beautiful garments, the intensity of their kisses dropping butterflies into your stomach, as the golden light comes through their window. It would always be your little secret that you watched for these scenes, their daily lives punctuated by a caress that you often hoped would send them to bed, never in polite company, your home is all yours and your privacy isn't shy.

You collect yourself for a moment, feeling hungry you get the pre prepared pasta from last night from the fridge, the meal is easy work as you stand at the window and scoop up the last few mouthfuls of the garlic cream covered pasta. 

The stairs creak as you tiptoe up them, passing many reminders of times gone by, the decided lust within you building, as does the emotion. Your laptop sits at the end of the bed, in a sleek, bright pink case, still plugged into the wall, it shouldn't be slow with a full battery charge of which you conciously register. 

The sky outside calming as it is cold yet comforting, the heaters only clicked on a few minutes ago. You surrender to the bed, a little effort to open the lid of the laptop and it automatically boots up, rummaging through the little cabinet under your bed, sorting through paperwork, at the bottom lay the DVD, a little joy as your fingers touch the plasic around the case. 

As you turn back round to face the laptop, you notice trails left by planes in the sky, remembering how it felt to be young without a care in the world, looking out your window in the dusk of summer at those trails. The DVD tray of your laptop clicks as it shuts, the swiping sound of the disc spins up is relieving, hard to believe in 2022, a DVD a would still function.

You load up the screen that tells you about all the storage on your computer, the disc drive showing "The_Ladies_Knight_DVD", confirming it has worked and is ready to play, you right click on it and select "Play in VLC Media Player". The tale of a woman finding love late in life, with all the beauty of herself, to a handsome and rich friend-of-a-friend, set in the 1890's. 

Now is a better time than any to admit to yourself of your lust, getting up off the bed and opening the drawer on the other side of the room, underneath all the socks lay a pink and black box, "Agent Provocatuer" emblazened on the lid with a luxury quality to the box. You sink inside as you pull the silicone rabbit toy from its box, still amazed at how smooth and silky it feels, even the control panel. 

You hop back on the bed, the music of the main menu of the DVD has been playing on repeat this whole time, you allow yourself to slide your knickers down, over your knee and past your ankles, it has been a while since you felt how good you feel on yourself. 

You click a few buttons on the laptop, going to the scene select screen, a click of the "next page" button and it appears, the scene that would make your heart sink, "Lovers Embrace" is the title. You pour a little bit of lube on to the tip of the toy, not being afraid to smooth it over the shaft, and another little blob more on the tip, smoothed.

You click on the scene and lay back, a carefree state of mind, a little grin as you get comfortable. The scene slowly fades in to a slow zoom on to a grand window, in a large ballroom, two people walking towards each other. A man wearing an immaculate white shirt, cuffs folded back and black trousers held up by braces, so good looking that you could only fantasise of him, meeting a woman, a golden, over the shoulder ball gown holds her together, her lips bright red with divine lipstick, her hair only adding prestige to her figure. 

The woman reaches to hold the man by the abdomen, sharing a kiss, intimacy perfectly depicted as they cease for a moment, she smiles and holds the shoulders of the man from the back, her body pressing against his as you feel aroused, her breasts curving as she embraces him. You press the on switch of the toy and no force is needed as the toy slides within you and you feel a burst of sensation.

The next moment she is naked, on top of him, her body bouncing up and down as she makes love to him, her breasts moving with the motion, you always loved the expression on her face, the moaning and grunting from him, as you slide the toy in and out, raising the vibration level, and it is an easy way to get close, as does she as her sex voice doesn't closely match that of her talking voice. 

The sex on screen becoming more sweaty and frantic, you now moaning yourself alluringly, as you come, almost in time with her. Now, you can see them with a clear mind. 

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