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You can see further into the distance, a sky emblazened in azure, further above the rooftops, you feel free. 

Wondering if it will ever end, the past few months drowned in depression, thrown from a speedy buzz to a mind working too fast, often insulting, it was infectious.

There is a sweet scent in the air, with a warm, summer-esque breeze, and a chill when it gets closer to 5pm, the scent almost like years gone by, being young again without the parts you don't want to remember. A mind many would find hard to tolerate, suddenly with peace and many more to look forward to, easier to wonder in freedom of feeling.

Only you can walk down this beach of euphoria, a summer dress completing your look, nearly back at your flat, a hat provides shade as the breeze blows and feels relaxing. Many monotonous times before this, the only surprise was post sticking out of the back of the letterbox, now it doesn't matter as you look forward to cooking dinner and chilling for the evening.

Only half an hour later the pizza is cooked, stuffed crust with cheese and double pepperoni, a well earned treat, you always knew nothing better, as a rule, to enjoy the nicer things in life upon others.

The sky sharply changes in hue, the most amazing dusk you’ve seen in a good few years, creating a backdrop now hiding behind slowly closing curtains.

You’d forgotten that you’d washed your bed sheets, the soft fabric of the duvet cover, soft friction as it blends with your dress under your buttocks, your knickers now sliding down to enable the most brief yet delicate pleasure.

Your finger slides in, riding against your clitoris as you let out a soft moan, your breasts moulding against the motion behind the neckline of your dress, holding urgently erect nipples behind the material. Spreading your legs further yet in elegance, the full breadth of your fingers over your entire labia.

You only want simple yet warm pleasures, ending in sweat, with that you are in full swing, the guy you saw the other day with his shirt off, today finally allows for you to indulge in what was only a suggestion. 

Before you know it you are shouting in pleasure, your orgasm, the bed sheets soaking and your vocalisations all happen at once in what seems like a blissful mess, out of order and on a cloud.  

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