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Beginning with the delight of the sun, captivating even the smallest of details in the fine surreal, life feeling like a movie as things become very real. It's been a short while since I was last in your sights, a reconnection that funnily seemed to blossom, exacting the time I thought well of you, buying into what it means to be human.

Only you have the patience with me, a half hour drive before an evening of waiting for the rest of them to return from Milton Keynes, you didn’t want to have to waste an evening so close to Christmas. Killing time in the Lexicon shopping centre and the lights are dimming in the restaurant alley as it nears closer to closing time, we’ll be strangers past then, well known to moonlight, the chill filling me with nostalgia, only you could bring that out of me.

They text us that they are ten minutes away, I feel relief that we definitely won’t be hanging around the Princess Square car park, listening to 90’s hits on the Bluetooth with the air con blasting maximum heat. 

We get back and they’ve been there only two minutes, waiting for us to join them before going to the front door and providing the key that I accidentally left inside without noticing before leaving for our little relaxed reunion. 

They let us in and I do a little whoop as the key was exactly where I left it, on the worktop, my home feeling remarkably cosy and a half hour catch up and they are away to go and spend Christmas down on the coast.

Our attention turns to each other as a few drinks and snacks are shared, getting increasingly closer with modesty and polite restraint, admitting our lust is a secret etching closer in secret to each other. 

The time getting almost obscenely late, just two minutes past midnight, my thoughts wondering as to what happens next, the last snowdrops brushing against the outside glass to the windowsill. 

You look at me in a way I’ve never seen before, owing to your emotion and command over me, in a few short minutes we are in each others arms. 

Before you know it, kisses on your neck, leading into us getting undressed and a few short moments of unknowing leading me to going down on you. The full embrace of sex is upon you as I return to let you feel me, a soft mix of your favourite type of oral and the perfect physicality.

The room heats up, your heart racing faster as everything now a mix of our over the counter fragrances and our bodies seducing each other into unbelievable relief into a cloud.

I passionately kiss you as my cock is now deep within you, you are insanely wet as I am hard, you know this shouldn’t be decadent, but in fact redefining decadence into an admittance of love, which you’ve never indulged.

The bed moves along with our thrusts, the technicalities are no matter for us as this is heaven, as almost the end of this, the lightness of a feather within you will be the treat you forgot you were going to get.

I get faster and you compliment it with your moves, all your wobbles now frantic, but no matter to me as I always see them as beautiful. Your expressions show desperation for orgasm as do mine, me painfully eager and you to receive.

If only time could spare us a few more minutes of this sex, but it’s not to be as you feel the build in your stomach, one of those long orgasms that start soft and take an eternity to climax. 

You can’t take much more, sliding your hands up and down my back as my moves themselves take you over the edge, warmth consuming you with a bit of mindlessness as our sounds can’t be described in words.

If only they knew of this, the evening is everything I’ve wanted to return.

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