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The pavement is painfully long as double yellows are lined beside it for nearly the entirety of the main road, just under a mile in distance, to your left a row of off licenses, kebab shops and seedy bars, but not the one you are headed to. Just before the end of the road, is "Liquid", a highly rated bar on Tripadvisor, as you traipse along in high heels and looking forward to "Freaky Fridays" where all shots are two for one.

The exterior of the bar is neatly presented, visibly more clean and well maintained than the other establishments, a doorman guards the front door, behind it is a darkened hallway and clerkroom, blue neon strip lights shine against the luxurious velvet red carpet.

You are third in line as the doorman radios for an update on how many people are in the bar at that given time, not until a group of men on a stag do leave through the front door, a few women tagging along, does he decide to let the two women in front of you in, "it'll be about ten minutes" he says to you as you mistakenly get your identification out of your purse before it's time.

You acknowledge him plainly, a chill starts to creep on you as it gets to ten o clock, dressed on the very line between modest and provocative, some bad news at work has had everyone doing overtime, you just want to let your hair down among people who know nothing about contract law and the inner workings of accounting for a business worth millions.

The doorman's radio beeps as he presses a button to pick up, the bar can take some more people as a man and woman couple leave, her hand on his stomach, whispering something in his ear as they both leave as you are intrigued, before showing your identification to the doorman as he takes one look over you and allows you in.

Walking down the hallway, the warmth hits you as you realise it's very warm in here, not painful but with a pronounced edge that blends with the pleasant scent coming from the main bar area, to your left is where people hang their coats up, directly in front of you is the entrance to the toilets and on your right is the entrance to the bar and seating area.

The bar is dimly lit and the atmosphere is upmarket, elegant, almost erotic in the way they know many people leave here, a wooden and slightly sticky floor seperates the seating area from the bar, as it rests against the back wall, a rhythmic hum permeates the whole area as the speakers on the wall play a YouTube playlist from a laptop somewhere.

Your anxiety doesn't allow you to go up and talk to anyone who is seated, so you head to the bar as the crow flies, ordering a cocktail and tapping your card on the reader as the bar lady makes minimal conversation, no doubt knowing her shift doesn't end until six in the morning.

The cocktail is served, dusted with cinnamon and coconut powder, you thank the bar lady and sit for a while, glancing at your phone at five minute intervals as barely anyone registers you, before the wooden floor creaks loudly as I tap on your shoulder, "Markus?" you say, as it takes you a couple of seconds for your brain to focus, you completely underestimated that drink.

It had been a few years since you last saw me, the leaving drinks for a coworker, you remember so well how we just sat and chatted the whole evening, the surprise has you silent for a few seconds as you compose yourself, "how are you keeping?" I say, "ah, you know, works been a killer", you respond with trying enthusiasm as the rest of the drink nearly spills with your clumsy excitement.

You tell me for almost an hour about the politics of your job, with me interjecting as I work for the company that is yours biggest customer,  sinking a few drinks between us as the cost doesn't cross either of our minds, something about the familiarity and the warm buzz coming off my company and whatever painfully good scent they are putting in the air freshener, takes you into that perfect sense of relaxation.

Taking my hand as we walk back down the hallway, your handbag almost forgotten as we then feel the chill as we get closer to the exit, the light drizzle of rain is cold, but my car is not far away.

The trip to mine is soft in your mind, the alcohol just providing that right amount of relaxation, almost like the 2009 version of Spice Gold, that's a bit of nostalgia that takes you right back, to when nothing mattered, the sky almost like how it was then, the wonder has you silent in thought.

We arrive back at my place, one car parking space left for my Jaguar, the headlights shine against the brick wall of the block of luxury flats, “we’re here” I say as I invite you down the concrete path, several front doors with intercoms at the front wall of which we head for the third and final.

I tap my fob on the reader as the red light underneath it glows green with a beep, the automated lock shudders and I push the door open, two flat doors to the left and a staircase and lift to the right, you invite me to hold your hand as we go up the stairs.

I offer you a glass of sparkling as we sit and chat for a while, a sixty inch TV mounted to the wall impresses you as I ask Alexa to dim the lights and turn on the ambience, red glass pyramids light up as do the sides of the TV, with soft intensity.

Music just like what was being played in the bar starts playing at a very low volume, as we cuddle up together and within five minutes the air in the room drops in our stomachs, with butterflies teasing deep.

Before long we are slowly making our way to the little side area of my luxury bedsit, a frosted glass wall seperating the living room from the double bed, neatly presented with impeccably white sheets.

The aroma in the room is heavenly, a mix of vanilla and fresh linen, as you go in for a kiss, your fingertips touching my bare chest through a slightly unbuttoned shirt, sending shivers down my spine.

My breath quickens which excites you as you almost bunny hop into me, kissing with even more passion and your outfit coming apart, as I tactfully make allowances but also enjoy you, guiding your movements as you push me back on to the bed and rush your outfit off in sheer desire, your breasts feeling heavy in the bra as my cock aches while I gauge your sexual language, the tension muddying the waters but exuding a thrill that you are pulling me into.

I unbuckle my belt and pull my black tailored trousers down, you inhale quickly as this is just what you needed, no more nights laying awake, replaying those monotonous emails and Teams calls, you can finally be let free.

I grab a condom from my bedside drawer, making sure to let my hands explore your curves momentarily, the touches in your thighs sending tingles as you unhook your bra with my help, slowly taking it off and you kneel up as I lick your hard nipples, we both moan in our own way, nothing faked.

Placing your hand on my cock, you visibly bite your lip as do I, the lightest touch recognisable and exciting, the colour of our skin reddening with a faster heart rate, as you help me get the condom on, I lay back as you straddle me, massaging your flower with my cock, in an up and down motion as you get wetter.

You position yourself more comfortably and allow my cock to enter you, you get used to the shape with a few thrusts and we start off slow and build in intensity, your knickers now nowhere to be seen as you ride me elegantly, each of our movements intentioned and powerful.

Your pleasure builds to a constant joy, orgasm would be easy but it can’t be over yet, loving every inch of my torso with your hands, you are self conscious about cumming in this moment, your mind wanders as you stare at my wall, an art print of a porcelain skinned nude redhead is attached to it, adding to your excitement as you now ask if we can stop for a bit.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, as you reassure that you don’t want to cum just yet to my relief, we lay for awhile as my cock remains hard to your amazement, with a little encouragement from your touch.

As we lay, we very slowly tease each other over twenty minutes, now resulting in you positioning yourself for doggystyle, the small kisses on each others skin has you finally ready as you are extremely wet, I get on my knees and position myself.

It goes in painlessly and now familiar, I begin thrusting as your perfect bum is lovely, your flower now sending every sensation to your core, as I get faster and you can no longer politely contain your moans.

I moan as well as you know a real man is romancing you, the bed shakes almost comedically as you enjoy my abdomen pressing against your thighs every quarter second, we both begin to sweat as we both get close to cumming.

I place both my hands on your upper legs as there is literally no resistance in the motion, you go down into the pillow and place your hands beside it, instead of using them as support, fully giving in to the pleasure as you begin to orgasm, your thighs loosening as you allow my full length to send wonderful sensations throughout as you have a full body orgasm, with me following not far behind. 

Collapsing, naked and exhausted into bed, the sleepiness takes over both of us, as the next morning we are both accidentally on purpose late for work.

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