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The Sultry Lies of Quinn West - Chapters 6-7

The Sultry Lies of Quinn West - Part 3

Chapter 6

The campus was vast, with signposts scattered everywhere, showing the way to the numerous departments which were brimming with experts from many fields, of all ages and cultures. It was now mid-January, and the yearly chaos caused by extreme snowy weather was a fresh memory for everyone.

Quinn kept the instructions sent to her in the post to hand, as she aquanited herself with the landmarks that were recognisable as you walked out of the car park. As she made her way up to the building that appeared to be one of the oldest on the site, the gravity of her importance became apparent. This was no longer the office environment, very few people cracked lighthearted comments, the atmosphere had rules and regulations encompassing every facet.
As the automatic doors flung open, the warmth from the aging storage heaters, placed sparingly around the ground floor, enveloped as she scanned her ID to get through the security doors which led to the elevator that took everyone up or down the four floors of the building. She went to the second floor, which was a corridor that provided the entrance to various rooms where results of small experiments were entered into computer. The room she was told to report to, had computers lined up the left side, with a few desks in the middle.

Quinn had spent her christmas reviewing the training DVD that provided a run down of the data entry process and covered any problems with the software that could potentially be faced. A few moments later, other people started to enter the room to be seated, she felt isolated as she instantly got a feel that she was not like anyone else. Soon after, a woman appeared, the other colleagues were instantly familiar, it was the head of section, coming to give out the sheets which would brief the staff on what samples were arriving throughout the day and any special settings were to be used on the software.
"I've never seen you here before, are you Mrs. West?", questioned the woman. "Yes, yes I am" awnsered Quinn, with the hesitational anxiety that wondered if she was in the wrong place. "Lovely, I was well aware you'd be joining us today, I was told you were one of the more promising candidates from our application pool this quarter", "I'm Sarah, by the way" the woman chirped. "Oh really?" Quinn was suprised, "Yeah, nice to meet you, I've been desperate for a change, and this place really got me excited".

Sarah was immediately drawn to Quinn, something about her vibe and articulate nature was a form of attraction, kept within the confines of the professional relationship. Quinn set herself up on the computer and put her ID card into the slot on the side of the keyboard, which logged her in. As the operating system loaded, a screen flashed up which would be where she would spend the rest of the day entering data from numerous trays of biological samples that would be delivered to the room every few hours. The day dragged less and less as it went on, as Quinn got used to the little quirks in the software and learned how to manage her time.

Soon enough, the clock ticked 6pm, and Quinn got packed up and ready to go, when a familiar voice called her over to the door. "How did you get on? I'm eager to know as the quality of your saved work was excellent, I've just had a look on the admin panel", enquired Sarah, "yeah it was a breeze, I was worried whether I was doing it right or not!" Quinn joked. Sarah agreed with camaraderie, "yes indeed, well I am certainly hopeful we can keep you on", Quinn was relieved and the expression on her face showed. They each made their pleasantries and Quinn headed home, with a feeling of acheivement and relief of the end of the day that felt like a cloud.

Chapter 7

Quinn got up and ready for the next day, the feeling of having a purpose kicked her mind and body back into a healthy and non-antagonised state. The campus was still so vast as to be a mystery to her, as she only knew the parts where she worked. The size and population of the campus didn't argue that it's owners were in any way hard up for money. Quinn knew she was in safe hands and looked to the future with a view that shone brighter than many before.

She completed her day at work, which was by now a Friday. She had only half earned her night on the town that week, but her success was by far exceeding many things done before. Sarah had sent a text message around the staff from Quinn's section, wishing them a good day and that any problems to call the IT desk as she wouldn't be around, as she was in a meeting with the campus board, for nearly all of the day, which passed without problem and Quinn was relieved that a dreaded call to the IT desk wouldn't be an issue.

On the way home, a stop at the garage allowed her to purchase some wine and luxury salted popcorn, when her phone beeped with a WhatsApp notification, it was Sarah, not in a formal or professional tone, this one was more casual. Quinn paid for her wine and snacks, and went back to her car to respond to Sarah's message enquiring what Quinn was doing that evening.

She felt taken aback, Sarah was asking if Quinn fancied chilling in front of a movie for the evening, a message Quinn had waited for, for the entirety of the past few months. Quinn questioned the authenticity of the message, was this genuinely just watching a movie and a discussion of the future? Or would she let herself loose and enjoy being skin on skin with the woman that Quinn only had fleeting sexual thoughts? She quickly dashed the idea as being nonsense, Sarah was a woman of near strict professional discipline, Quinn affirmed to herself that was a wild fantasy, brought on by a weak sex life.

She wrote a response, keeping it friendly and giving her the address of her flat, agreeing to a time of 8pm. As she sat in her flat, as the clocked moved slowly to 8pm, she tried to find a movie that she could imagine Sarah wanting to watch, which turned into a mild episode of anxiety as time went on and her cable box seemed to suffer more and more lag as she went through the many menus. She settled on a movie, about a real world medical mystery, with hints of poetic license being abused towards the end, as was always the case in the world of on demand entertainment.

The doorbell rang. Quinn awnsered the door to a Sarah wearing what only could be drescribed as "fuck me now" attire, with the only colour being a searing black, and many iterations of the dark seductive colour. Quinn welcomed her in as they discussed the formalities of the day, which seduced Quinn in a low key sort of way, she pondered who the wardrobe choice was for as she poured her a glass of wine. As the evening drew on, many topics about work and leisure were discussed, culminating in the both of them feeling a sexual lust from the alcohol, a craving that Quinn was not at all capable of taming.

Their lips locked as Quinns breathing became heavier, her libido a beast being slain by aphrodite. The warmth in the room ending the need to wear any clothes, as Sarah took her top off to reveal a bra that surprised Quinn as to how erotic underwear could be, as she dared to wonder the sight of her lovers probably beautiful quim. Quinn stood up, unzipping her trousers and hurriedly lowering her knickers in a display of erotic beauty that was all too eager. She moved seductively as she flicked her trousers away, the longing for a sexual connection was too much to bear, as she quickly and painlessly took her shirt off and unhooked her bra, pushing Sarah down so they were both laid on the sofa, with Quinn naked on top as they both became vocal, the universal language of sex being spoken.

Quinn reached down to finger Sarah, while enjoying the essence of breathing down each others necks and kissing, before then, forbidden areas of the head and neck. She felt the top of her lovers knickers slide against her fingers as she got closer to feeling the quim that sent shockwaves down her spine as she felt the wetness and electric feeling of the entrance. Sarah moaned as Quinn's expert familiarity with the feminine center exuded undeniable pleasure that teased pre orgasmic bliss.

Their legs locked as the intimacy grew stronger, Sarah was in the throes of pleasure while Quinn was welcoming more acceptance as they were both now well engaged in a frantic coitus. Sarah retreated, Quinn was now laid down on the sofa as she opened her legs to be eaten out. The feeling of a warm tongue consumed Quinn as her quim neared a release, grasping the sofa as Sarahs toungue went deeper and putting her outer lips into ecstacy. Quinn guessed as to what she should do next as the pleasure was hard to express in such intensity, clasping her breasts as she squirted while her legs shook as she had an orgasm.

"Just what I've always wanted to do to a willing and polite tease", volunteered Sarah, as Quinn pulled her back down to return the favour. The skill of Quinn to pleasure Sarah exceeded her expectations, as she grinded against Quinn's mouth to make her orgasm come faster. As the feeling of the both of them now hit cloud 9, Sarah proudly moaned as she hit the point of no return, an almost poetic erotic scene lasted in Quinn's living room for hours, as they fell asleep in each others arms.

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