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The Sultry Lies of Quinn West - Chapter 8

The Sultry Lies of Quinn West - Chapter 8

The cold and crisp morning broke, Quinn covered by a blanket she couldn't remember putting over herself. Sarah was long gone, leaving a stash of recreational debris strewn across Quinn's coffee table. A sudden anxiety came over her, knowing that there was something to do today, the post sex euphoria muffling her mental clarity, a cruel distraction taking her eyes off the train racing towards her.

It was getting on for 9.45am, the anxiety turning into a sudden idiopathic annoyance at how long she'd been laying on her sofa, by 10.10am, herself and her flat had returned to normal. The post box rattled as a couple of letters came through her front door. Quinn picked them up, sighing that none of them looked particularly bespoke, two envelopes with return addresses written on the back in black and white, with her address written on the front in two different fonts that signalled formality.

Quinn opened the one on top, the two letters now sat on her kitchen worktop. As she took the papers out of the envelope, she saw some words written in big black letters printed on one of the folded over ends. "Court Summons for non-payment of council tax" dominated the top part of the letter, "oh no" Quinn sighed, skimming through the letter to try and get the jist of it without giving in to the tone of the letter. The mix of alcohol and mid grade cannabis from the night before encouraged her to postpone dealing with the letter, bracing herself for whatever the next letter would say, making a note of the date of her court hearing on her phone calendar.

A paracetamol and a can of energy drink later, she was revitalised to the point of bravery, as she picked up the second letter. Immediately, the tone of this letter was welcoming and pleasant, a holistic theme and logo emblazened on the header, the local massage shop in the shopping centre had sent her a voucher on behalf of Derrick, her old colleague. The voucher entitled her to one full body massage, the relief finally hit Quinn as she celebrated this act of kindness, the concept of her old colleagues thinking of her being a non existant thought since leaving her old workplace.

The court summons letter offered the ability to email the council to arrange a payment plan, deciding to do this was an obvious choice, as she reprimanded herself for not thinking about something as important as that for such a long time, realising she hadn't been as responsible as she thought she was. The email was quickly sent, making sure all the details were included to avoid it getting messy in the back and forth between the council in her inbox.

Quinn deliberated between taking Derrick's offer up, making sure the voucher wasn't for two people, she logged on to the website for the shop to book her appointment. She registered her details, hoping to god this wouldn't flood her inbox with weekly adverts of half naked people and an uninspired set of offers and discount codes. After a small fight with the spam bot verification tool on the order page, her appointment was booked for just before the evening set in the next day. She headed to the shower in preparation, deciding to take it easy over the next 24 hours to put herself in the mind space for her massage.
The time of her appointment quickly arrived, as she stood outside the shop, quickly checking her phone for any sign she may be interrupted as she put it on silent. Heading into the shop, she was greeted by the receptionist at the desk that stood the right of the unit, and a waiting area to the left plastered with refreshments and accessories for a massage to buy. Quinn booked in, a few minutes before she was due to go in, a door sat behind the waiting area and reception where the customers entered to get changed and gain entrance to the massage room.

Her time came, as the female masseuse welcomed her in and explained to her what was going to happen, allowing her to get changed in the side room equipped with everything anyone could need to prepare and relax them. Quinn entered the massage room, as the masseuse welcomed her in, a towel covering her as she went to lay on the massage table, while a yankee candle and soothing music not out of place in a shop in Avebury, played in the background. She unraveled the towel to reveal her buttocks as she laid face down on the table.

The masseuse poured a few drops of the massage oil on to her back and rubbed it in, the herbal extracts contained in the oil relaxing and soothing her muscles as the masseuse massaged her back, getting more and more detailed with her hands as she thoroughly navigated Quinn's body. The atmosphere in the room sending Quinn in to almost a euphoria, she remained aware while her sense of time drifted in and out, as her mind wondered into being hypnotized by the patterns in the music. The massage now focusing on her thighs, reminding herself that it was a full body massage and that she could completely let herself go. As the masseuse's hands wondered closer to her buttocks she felt a hint of a tingle in her quim, as the masseuse worked into her thigh muscles harder, her quim lit up, she hoped the masseuse wouldn't notice as her clitoris started to become erect and her lips starting to moisten, her nipples rising.

Quinn allowed the massage to continue, and saw it through to the end, as it drew to a close she was still turned on and found excitement in trying to hide this from the masseuse. Her breasts had gotten bigger as they became the elephant in the room as the massage ended, Quinn being fundamentally shy as she went back to the changing room to get changed. Changing into casual wear appropriate for a shopping centre felt cruel as she just wanted to let loose and masturbate and edge herself to a powerful orgasm.

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