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The Manor

I wait anxiously as you prepare yourself in the room next door. Silk sheets hold me, as the leather restraints keep me locked to the bed posts, the smell of daringly erotic candles, tease me as I cannot stand this situation, all that I desire.

The door handle creaks, as you turn, hands adorned with lustful red nail polish, the ends pointy as if I should feel punished for wanting you this deeply. The door opens, my stomach feels as if it had fallen from a cliff. You walk through, a red silk night gown, contrasting to the bed sheets, a spine chilling black that took inspiration from a walk among trees on a cold winters night.

I cannot contain my lust, my penis begging to be set free, it gets harder, as you playfully giggle, thoughts race through my mind, light humiliation, or a wonder of how it would feel? I know I do not deserve your time, the lust has lasted too long, months of staring at you across the office floor, I ask myself how it came to this after a few quick messages on social media.

You chose to have me naked, I took the risk with what could happen, as I see your lips aching to taste my penis after the question of what I wanted. I gasp in pleasure as my penis was already rock hard, every nerve ending receiving the release of your tongue and heavenly lips. You graciously moan, the warmth of your approval, exciting yet deeply empowering. I cannot contain myself as you bring me close to the edge. I let you know, I cannot leave here without letting you ride me.

You abscond the bed, digging through your drawers to find a condom, the whole experience invigorating me, the due care and attention, gratefully received. You find one, and efficiently put it on me, as I see your pussy waiting to be fulfilled. Soon enough, you are on top, your voluptuous body that I have craved, making it impossible not to enjoy. As you bounce up and down, your magnificent tits are too hard to ignore, as you relent in pleasure as I seemingly go deep.

The sweat starts to set in, as our session of fucking turns intense, we have both lost filter as we savour each others bodies. Suddenly my penis is dripping wet as you come, the full admission of lust is said and done.

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