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The Wait Is Over

The beautiful silk ties, hold your hands behind your back, graciously helped by you. Closing the curtains, as you lay daringly, waiting to invite me as I pull your lace knickers down, the look on your face turns into erotic amazement as you bite your lip. My cock gets harder as I lay down next to you, worshipping your curves, lightly kissing your neck. I lower my boxers, you feel the stiffness in between the tops of your cheeks, as my cock rises and enters.

You fuck yourself without help from me, my cock being the ultimatum of your thoughts for the past month, 28 days of decadent and desperate lust, the release falling like a precious ornament, butterflies rising.

The tingle in your pussy, rises energy, begging for you to get yourself off while I fuck your beautiful bottom. I feel you tighten as you come, drenching the sheets, the wait is over.

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