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He put his book down, as the clock struck 11pm, unusually unreal as he felt deep in malaise, the air feeling colder than normal as it seemed to always make believe its way through the curtains, windows shut. The comfort in his bed, exceptionally decadent, the fleeting inertia of a cloud underneath him, the chaos of symptoms that he knew all too well to ignore, for tomorrow he'd be feeling much better.

He'd often wondered what it would be like to lucid dream, he'd only done it long ago, before the years of feeling under the weather, remembering it clear as day, a cold morning where he longed to be again, that same mental clarity being a pipedream, even today. Always star struck by the concept of an almost hollywood like world, that he'd seen so often in the media, out of reach for so many, but still so possible in that all he had to do was fight his anxiety, genuinely talented enough to go above the average person. The ability to do anything he wanted, even to the limits of what he could conceive, a mere suggestion that it wasn't all a marketing fad, and he decided to commit to it, feeling scared that it might be dangerous, but he was willing if it meant he could experience something that could help him.

Driving a sportscar, going to Los Angeles, being a millionaire, watching the sun go down over an impeccably crystal clear sea among palm trees, having sex with a beautiful woman, all as someone would experience it, now totally possible. The night became early morning as the realisation of insomnia set in, the bed becoming more cloudy as he still couldn't close his eyes, the aching awake disappeared suddenly as he went into a slumber, with it instantly forgetting how it happened. The routine of practice techniques going with him, the many quotes and reminders of his existence that he'd read throughout the day had managed to be his companion as his brain started to slow down.

Among the day dreaming, as he laid in bed a few hours ago, waiting for himself to enter sleep, an almost erotic experience took hold as he imagined a dream while awake, a theatrical scene in warmth, accentuating the softness of their bodies as he made love to a woman who exuded sexiness in her shape. Her body, extremely natural in movement, as was his. Truth be told, he wanted to get any carnal lust out of his system before he became a full time lucid dreamer, but now he admitted to himself that it felt better than he imagined, better than any of the dreams he'd had before that he came across a vivid image of the kind.

At last, he was asleep, the images flickered before him, it seemed to be one more he'd forget, the random mixture of ideas, so obscure in context they would be bizarre in a film, the dream slowly becoming more and more calm as he realised he was dreaming, aware of himself in a dream world. The setting suddenly became all to familiar, he was standing in his living room when there was a knock at the door, it was you.

The next few minutes worried him, it was becoming another blur as he knew this dream could be moving away from what he wanted, this quickly regained lucidity again as he was now in his bedroom, with you. The door closed behind, you begin to gently kiss each other as he guides you to the bed, his thirst for domination takes over as he pushes you on to the bed, masterfully caressing you as you feel a wave of lust travel up your spine.

You feel weak as he kisses your neck, making his way down to your breast bone as he gives a final peck on the very outer of your nipple, the now flimsy fabric over your breasts now coming away, your pussy twitching as the first parts of wetness begin to come through. He comes back up to make eye contact as he places himself more comfortably for you, whispering "fuck" in a soft voice as he embraces your true beauty. Pulling your dress up, softly placing his fingers on the strings of your knickers as the feeling of them being pulled away is mildly stunning as you feel butterflies rise up through your abdomen.

The knickers now taken away, like a gust of wind through you as they come away from your feet, now lifted up in the air. You relax and let loose for him, by this point the technicalities don't matter, you are so consumed by lust that his eagerness to fuck you is all you want, and need, as you clasp the bed sheets. His cock feels like a shot of morphine, with small hints of pleasurable pain as he inserts it into you. The sweat now adding to the euphoria as it is simply a fuck, like you had dreamed before as you would wake up horny, in the dead of night, longing for that thing that amazed you as you wanted it.

It all seems to go quickly, you are the goddess in the dreams, of the man of your desires, long before the sheets now get soaked as you cum when he picks up the pace. This will stay with him forever, like that cold winters day, in a place he longed to be.  

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