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Instant Honeymoon

The evening bears solemn faces, it is almost past midnight when you take my hand and suggest we go up to your room, the wedding reception involved fewer and fewer people as the bar closed and last orders were taken. The exit to the hall, at the side of the stage where the DJ was packing up for the night, two large doors, draped in decorations and always open as you hold my arm as we walk through them and down the corridor. The now married couple had by now set off to the airport, many who were with us were now resting their heads before they head down the motorway tomorrow. 

I didn’t expect to be going to a room that wasn’t mine this evening, we’d been chatting and dancing, helped by a few pints and pink gins, almost since the party kicked off after dinner. My friend from college, who was now working a day job with the groom, gave a knowing nod and smile in my direction as we walked past, the way you moved and stunned in that revealing dark blue dress, was more than enough to be jealous. We almost got lost in this vast building, one where we’d only spend one night of our lives, you are almost embarrassed that you can’t guide me to your room, I go back round the corner to check the sign, it is definitely two lefts past the very end of the hallway as I return to rendezvous with you and finish the journey.

You effortlessly open the door with the key card, you go in first, grabbing me by the end as a seductive grin comes over you, I now know that this is it, as you slam the door behind me and pull me in to give me a passionate kiss with your back against the door. You put your arms around my neck and back, as I pick you up and carry you to the bed, a fair way as the room was far from budget, a luxurious palace room, every aspect has been hand cared for.

You pull your dress up to take your knickers off, I feel insanely aroused as the shape of your bottom is beyond perfect, and it was all mine. I kneel down to go down on you, as you lay on the end of your bed, I push your legs up and hold them for a few seconds as you keep them there, allowing me to eat you out, making sure to find your sweet spot as my tongue penetrates your lips. You groan as you get noticeably wetter, the abandon in your moans begin to turn from flirty to carnal as I get up to help you take your breasts out from your dress, desire coming over me as I lick your nipples. 

You force your hand over my zipper as you feel my hard penis behind it, unleashing it as you re position yourself to receive it. The penis goes in slowly, your pussy now beating as my heart does, the motion allowing me to get deeper as you eagerly begin to ride me. All care for the state of the sheets has gone as you beg me to make you cum, the rhythm of our bodies almost pornoesque.

You relax yourself as I take a breather for a few seconds, prioritising energy for my hips to thrust for your pleasure. I lower myself, putting my hands behind your shoulders and pick you up slightly so your hips can do nothing but rest against me, your pussy now receiving the full weight of my cock, your head becomes cloudy as the orgasm arrives. A gasp later and you fall to the bed, every nerve ending still on fire as the orgasm comes to a close. 

Realising the time, I think I better stay with you tonight as I don’t want to get lost in the corridor smelling of sex, the best sex I’ve had.

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