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Never a day gone by in five, I long to see you arrive home, occupied with other things, never a departure from the day before seven. If you'd forego the pleasantries, love that I've ached every day to embrace, the euphoria that makes our souls tingle like a void, the near anxiety of whether tonight would be one, wisps deep within my stomach.

I sit at my desk, my eyes feeling a dull ache from looking at the computer screen all day, four fourty nine PM feels so late in the day and full of promise, I have to sit here until 5.30pm, which around quarter past would you sneak in quietly because a customer would likely call. Today the wisps within my stomach were slightly stronger than usual, a stir that would hope to feel close to you.

A rustle in the gravel outside, my mind registers but I don't turn to look out the window as I see the little icon turn orange in the bottom right corner of the screen to tell me a customer call is coming in. A few seconds later, my headset starts bleeping as I pick it up to awnser, the click as your keys go in the lock makes me stutter as I greet the customer, a secret that I hope will soon be my stutter of our embrace, the rush of the moment.

You come in and put your bag down, as I apologise to the customer for not giving them my undivided attention, you feel a hint of guilt, knowing well of the effect you have over me, given at your leisure, dropped like a raindrop that hits the spine. 

The customer finishes the call with me, placing an average order which I put through like clockwork, as you confidently walk in as its five fourty PM and I can stop work after I finished the call. Looking at my tired face, you loosen up instantly, body language as if you'd let go to build me up, a feminine and lustful approach. You pull me up for a hug and a kiss, we'd been through this many times before, grey were the days when you'd go about it like a normal day. 

We look deep into each others eyes, holding each other closely as we know what will come next as you are now leading me up the stairs, hand in hand, your decadent figure alluring me in. We turn as we hit the landing, going right as the door to the bedroom is now in front of us. Standing in front of it as you allow me to touch you more intimately, I reach to lower the shoulders of your dress as you reach to the door handle to open it. 

Breathing heavier as we kiss once more, you lure me to the bed and playfully hop on to it, sitting on your back and pulling your dress up to remove your knickers, your top half already in disarray as I come closer to help you take it completely off. and quickly flung to the carpet at the side of the bed. I pull my work trousers off, I feel the burn as I kneel on my knees to take my shirt off, always wanting to make the impression even though most of the staff are working from home.

Your pussy now engorged without a touch, my cock already erect as a few rubs would prepare it to fuck you. I come down to insert myself into you, a seamless synergy of two clouds, down below. I start slowly as I always knew how you liked to be prepared, a treat for me as I feel a bulk of pleasure, you chirp with excitement, I get faster as the bed starts to shake, we both move in synergy. 

The heat in the room, increasing to the touch, the loss of inhibition rages deep, sex like this is what I crave for. The rhythm becomes ever so more symmetric as you get louder, yearning for the touch of my skin on yours as you wrap your legs around my hips, I'm chained to this decadent cloud. I come down and our torso's are now skin on skin, we both feel euphoric as the carnal tension inches closer to unbearable.

I can feel your pussy wrapping around my cock and you get ready to cum as you moan and beg for my cock, the wetness almost leaking from you as my thrusting brings you to the edge. You grab hold of my back and neck and pull me down even closer, whispering short sweet moans that put me, and you, over the edge.

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