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I can almost feel the warmth of the candlelight, as it sits on the window across from me, a deathly chill outside, the heating on full. The houses become shapes of black, the sky changing into a foggy blur as the night becomes ever more menacing, you come in from the next room and sigh as you sit next to me, the pizza is minutes away, your phone announces. 

A neutral feeling, used to be pain, quickly dissolves into a cloudy headspace as you'd only just started our relationship, I'd been alone for many a year up to this point, never a moment without a wanting. Your way of talking, the never state that I wanted but never knew existed, follows anxiety that is the safe routine of long ago.

A knock at the door is heard, I do the honours and go and collect them, I can sense the delivery guys need to get it done quickly, the weather had suddenly turned and it was now spikely cold out there. This is quickly forgotten as I put the pizzas down on the coffee table and rush to go and grab some plates and find out what each box contains. 

You eagerly open the big box under the two smaller boxes, next to the bag with a big bottle of Coke Zero, the Buy 1 Pizza Get 2 Potato Skins deal from the cheap kebab shop down the road, never failed to be a bi weekly order, still, at least they stocked the superior Coca Cola over the usual Pepsi at most places.

I serve myself some pizza, the choice of what to watch on TV becomes an ever so monotonous chore, almost making me worry if I'm giving off the wrong impression, never did I know it was all my brain taking over. The TV is on low for much of the evening, we chat all night, I get so lost in the coversation, I don't realise how late it is until you are holding my hand, taking me to the bedroom.

I sheepishly put my fingers under the bottom of your t shirt, you laying in the centre of the bed, as my fingers run up your stomach as you help me finally take your t shirt off, my nerves pique and subdue as you take my jeans off, my cock longing for your touch as I feel horny with no resolution. You clasp the base of my cock with your hand, gently, feels like an angels touch, you sitting up on the edge of the bed as you begin sucking. 

I groan in pleasure as you work on me, my primal urges start to overtake me, before long, as the sucking becomes more passionate, I ask you to stop. "Maybe if you'd like to relax and let me take you on the bed?" I say, to which you readily agree, your knickers undoubtedly damp from sucking my marvellous cock, quickly removed. You relax yourself to make it easy to insert myself into you, I work out which position is most comfortable for me as I kneel on the duvet and spread them out, my hips now in position to effortlessly thrust. 

You moan as the tip of my penis rubs against your lips, the longing from your pussy is now dripping, the beast inside me, focusing my entire mind on fucking you. I find the opening as my penis glides in, I feel the moisture enveloping my cock as I cautiously find my way around your pussy, finding out what you like, before I go at it hard. 

I can no longer hold back as I begin fucking you, our bodies moulding as we go at it at ever increasing speed, the power of the thrusts rippling through you so potently it can be seen. The bed shaking and shuddering, the squeaks are rhythmic as you moan louder, the heat intensifying as I come down to come chest to chest with you, you feel the butterflies as my chest caresses your breasts, I feel you suddenly get extremely tight as you moan at the point of no return, the sound echoeing abandon to all who could possibly hear.   


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