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The New September

As the month turns September, a match comes alive as we pick up our chat, I wonder what made you swipe right, you are way out of my league. After going back and forth for a few weeks, the anticipation builds as I see the almost cruel level of sex appeal in your pictures, I feel anxious that this is all too good to be true. My phone pings, a message from you letting me know you're outside, I get up from my chair, in the far corner of the pub, still smelling of cigarette smoke, this place hasn't grown out of tradition.

As I walk outside, my nerves stop me from recognising anyone, among the groups of revellers, I look around, my heart racing beyond all belief. A few seconds later, I hear the most cutest voice I've ever heard, almost erotic. I turn around and you are behind me, I compose myself as my hand shakes, I shake your hand, seeing that you can sense my shyness, like a tiger hunting its prey.

My nerves ease as we sit down and make conversation, I go and order us some drinks, a smirnoff ice and cranberry for you, a pint of IPA for me. We end up getting on like a house on fire, once the ice was broken and the alcohol was in our system, that familiar liquid confidence, helped me so often. You suggest we go back to my place after what was only an hour but seemed like an eternity. My flat only a few yards from the pub, I feel like the luckiest man on earth as you strut your stuff down the road, suggestively holding on to me as we walk.

I turn the key in the lock as it clicks, the door opens as we flirt through the hallway, the bedroom straight ahead as you say "go on, lets have a little fun" in the most cock teasing accent I have ever heard. You push me down as I collapse on the bed, I am a prisoner to your lust, your body the bars I must satisfy to be freed.

Rushing to take your knickers off, they slide provocatively down your legs as you remove them, a sight I'd never thought I'd see as your skirt now hides a wet pussy that I cannot wait to fuck. You pull my jeans down, to free my cock thats begging for your body, half way to erect, neither me or it could resist your innocent yet provoking appeal. I feel your weight as you get on top of me, undressing to reveal your perfectly imperfect breasts, just how I like them.

You ease my cock into your pussy, the smooth, neat entrance, welcoming my sizeable and girthy cock as I feel it get wetter with the moan of pleasure that felt like an aural orgasm. Quickly enough, you are riding me after getting yourself comfortable, the tittilation now a full blown fuck. Quite quickly, the bed starts to shake as I am now rock hard inside you, the unrelenting moaning with no filter now echoes throughout the block. Your breasts now more amazong as the pleasurable shivers go up your spine as you begin to cum, as I fill you with cum, as you gasp, we collapse next to each other, sweaty, yet fulfilled. 


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