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The Tantalising Sunset

The tantalising sunset descends from a purple orange, gradually dimming into the blue blackness of an evening that was colder, too cold for this time of year. As I finish getting the bed linen from the washer dryer, the view escapes me as I go back into the bedroom, the TV in the living room audible as you sit and watch a mix of news and light entertainment, the same 20 people appearing in each other’s panel shows. Still, those talent contests are postponed, we can both agree we aren’t ever likely to be that bored.

I notice how casually dressed you are, it’s Sunday, even though it’s bank holiday Monday tomorrow, you could still be called in. I dare to suggest we crack open the pink gin in the fridge, I get a buzz out of whether you’d agree or not, knowing you always feel naughty after a few shots. I’m ashamed to admit that while we agree not to do anything on work nights, I love the look of joy when you cum on borrowed time. We continue to watch TV for a while, half way through we get closer and cuddle, nothing out of the ordinary, I thought. 

Come 10pm, you suggest we go to bed, surprised, we usually get on Netflix and watch half a season of the latest Netflix craze at eleven. There’s a twinkle in your eye, I pretend not to catch on as we are by now going to the bedroom, the efficiency of how you make sure everything’s locked up and switched off is done impeccably. I didn’t even twig that the bed wasn’t made before I realised it was, as you act how you do when you want me to do something.

As I’m sitting on the side of the bed getting sorted, you walk back into the room, wearing the most complimenting lingerie, your figure perfectly presented as a wave of nerves goes through me, taken by how so obviously you want me, a treat for any mans eyes is all my own. You get on the bed, it’s one of those nights, we’re never going to admit that you love submitting, a language spoken only in sex, never heard outside these four walls.

I jump on the bed, pulling your knickers away as you react in pleasure and a giggle. The synergy of our movement is poetic as I quickly get hard and begin to enter you, your pussy wet as if I can feel your sensations within me. You quickly submit, begging me to take you as I get closer to your ear and whisper “what does daddies little slut want?”, I go deeper as you gasp, your moans becoming louder as I’m rewarded for my effort. You beg me to treat you like a piece of ass that is only for fucking, nothing more. The bed starts creaking as I get into a better position, the wetness now starting to drip as you beg me to make you cum. 

As I feel the burn of the intense action on my body, I go back down one more time, “tell me what you crave, a slut would love to cum, wouldn’t she?” as you agree, by now we are both hot and sweaty, your pussy tightening as it drenches the sheets, waves of pleasure consume you as you shake. Tonight, daddies slut got what she wanted. 

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