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Make Me

The cold breeze hits me as I walk down the side path, the kitchen door to my left as I pull the handle, you standing in the kitchen, preparing a salad, almost picturesque to those adverts where even salad looks appetising. Two bowls, now filled with salad as you grate the cheese on top, tonight is one of pleasure, we both know we always fuck well when we don't eat fast food. 

Dinner is served with a side of garlic bread, a tingle of anticipation goes up my spine as I notice the warmth in the room, an incense stick lit in the corner, you wearing the erotic perfume that I fall under your spell with but have. to my own detriment, never asked what it is. Conversations make time fly as we'd long finished, before we started to get closer, the bond in a paradigm between care and lust. The body language teasing my cock, can you just let me know if you'd misbehave tonight? Will my soul be set free, or will we just collapse into each other after a beautiful orgasm? The bittersweet release, I need more.

Not long until you are walking me up the stairs to the bedroom, you look a lot sexier now, the charm transforms you. To my surprise, there is a flogger thrown on the bed, an instant lip bite as you clock me noticing it, I'm pulled into a pit of butterfly anxiety, I know you won't let me leave until your pussy is fully satisfied, til my muscles are aching and a waterfall of wetness puddles the center of the mattress.

You get onto the bed on all fours, our old faithful position when our darkest fantasies, dared mentioned to anyone, are being fulfilled. I remove all my clothes, my cock begging to feel your pussy, as you deny me compliance. I slowly slide in and out, after a drawn out insertion, you giggling, I know this is going to be one brutal session. "Are you sure you want to play with me?" I say, as you nod in agreement, giggling once more, you start to bounce on my cock, I don't let myself believe it will be that easy. 

I continue to plough your pussy, you slow down and my cock is out, "you gonna fuck me or what?", I instruct, "make me" you say. I grab the flogger, delivering a blow, you shriek in pleasure, "okay sir" as your cheeks flush red. I put my cock back in, your pussy feeling wetter than before, one submissive satisfied, but its not over.

"You dare push me, you'll get worse next time", we both know I am not fucking around, our BDSM pride is to be rivalled. We continue to fuck as I await your next misbehaviour, aching to release another. "Spank me like you mean it, or you won't get to cum" you tease, before I deliver lashings with my hand that the sting can still be felt seconds after impact. Your cries of pain and pleasure turn me on, my cock harder without touching, before I insert back into you.

"I bet you can't cum a big load like a real man", you criticise as this angers me, I see the fear in your face as I grab the flogger, your arse still red from the last lashings, I deliver 5 brutal blows, your arse tightens as I continue fucking, throwing you on to the mattress as I come on your tits, "that was a true man load" you compliment. I feel the endorphins, pure as morphine.  

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