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Hidden In Plain Sight

The trees rush by, as I sit on the train to make my way to the next town, my week long business trip that work insisted I attend for my advancement up the ladder in the company, my eyes ache as I look out at the view,  an entire distance of endless fields that lock the rail track in. I assume you are okay, always keen to message me during the day and talk on the phone at night, my soul shimmering as I hear the longing in your voice, the intensifying tingle in my stomach that I've never admitted to you. 

Of course, the sight of you would be too soothing for my eyes as my brain forces me to slightly unconciously hallucinate you in the fields, the temporary feeling and endorphins of the day I kissed you sharing a picnic, deep in the countryside, eases the anxiety of this so long but growing ever so short trip. Maybe we'd enjoy an afternoon of sex when I get back, maybe you'd just enjoy my company, both sound amazing right about now.

My phone vibrates to let me know I'm nearly at the right stop, I collect myself and organise my things ready to get up, the countryside quickly turns into concrete as people start positioning themselves to get off the carriage. As I always do, I stand behind them to wisely avoid bumping into people, the atmosphere outside hits me, as the cold steals away any feeling of comfort, memories of you.

The sky tears through your eyes as it shines through the window, only as bright as soon as it would darken, just past lunch time. The room feels its guts fall, as you unbuckle your studded belt and slide your fingers in to pull your jeans down, lifting your legs in the air as you sit on the big pillow, a feeling of pleasurable guilt consumes you as the denim comes away from your heels. The exposure, so hidden, yet painfully delighting you with sultry vulnerability, the window is your gateway to your deepest desire. 

You override the fear as you peel away your knickers, spreading your legs as your pussy hints at being wet, the memory of me becoming a longing for your vibrator, the crisis opposing the will for time to stay still as we cuddled all night long. You pick the toy up by its handle, the massager at the top feels like bliss as you tease your lips with it, staying still for a few seconds as you hold it over the hood of your clit, the vibrations on the lowest setting, the moisture faintly increasing with every bit of friction up and down your pussy.

You relax, your back up against the wall with your flower and buttocks adorning the velvet red pillow, you feel that ever bit more excited as the reflections of people walking past, I've always wondered if you are only an exhibitionist for me. You push the head deeper into the opening of your pussy, the first wave of pleasure that makes you recoil, losing restraint, your cheeks flushing red as your heart rate rises, the emotion and tingles in your buttocks as your mind sharply reminds you of your exhibitionist indulgence.

The frilly teal green bra that just about holds your beautiful breasts is quickly removed, the toy still humming away as you feel weak with pleasure, you always knew this would lead to you squirting, you make sure you won't ruin anything as your moans intensify, turning into infrequent small gasps as the sound penetrates the walls, it's too beautifuly agonising to care who hears.

Thinking of me almost breaks you as you don't want this to be the end, your pussy begging to squirt as the throbbing ecstacy feels unbearable as you take the toy away. Soon enough, this break becomes the imagination of our passionate sex and caressing one another, our skin feeling like angel kisses as we touch. You don't hesitate to put the toy back to your longing pussy, the pleasure now too intense to not just give in to, as you soak the pillow and floor, you let out a moan that is undeniably taboo, with a few people around to have their stomachs sink. With my help in kind, maybe one of them went home to feel the warmth of a beautiful orgasm?   

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