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The Precipice

The sun pushes on, as it only is warm, a cool breeze, softly chills the air, a coat as I walk down the path, in the places it is sunny. Today is the last day I will ever see you, I'll be taken away by what I cannot control, the air feeling and smelling sweet as the season changes to autumn. The roofs of the houses evoke a sense of being lost, in myself, my experiences boiling down to the limits of what I am capable. 

I knock at your door, the slight character of the building, a decade of maintaining but never improving, makes me feel immensely nostalgic as I see you walk towards the door, the years I've known you and this is the final time I will experience it, a chapter of my life closing. Like the many chapters before, the almost instant longing to see someone again only hours after the final moments, I brace myself for that impact, I am on the edge of youth and middle age, every day feeling more gifted, although I know it shouldn't be.

You gratefully let me in, so happy to see me, the peck of the cheek the affirmation of our friendship. The past few months have been laboriously talked, thought over and worried about among you and those close to me, but we all agree it is the right decision, we will always still chat over the phone and on social media. 

We'd flirtaciously talked over the years about having some no strings fun, our friendship so natural and easy going, the offer was an easy sell, for all there was riding on it. You invite me straight down the hall where your bedroom was at the end. I walk through the bedroom door behind you, instant arousal as I notice your breasts hugged by the black vest top with the strappy shoulder straps. I'd never had much in the way of sex before, the room feeling gloriously new.

You make it incredibly easy, the way to make me feel better, the absence of sordid, you welcome me to your body without prejudice. Everything is done on our terms, subtle hints of what to do next are met with me thinking "of course!". I pull my jeans and boxers down to reveal my now half erect penis, as you take hold of it and start stroking to get me harder, getting yourself in position for me to feel your pussy. 

Soon after I enjoy the pleasure of your soft touch, I get down to insert my penis into your pussy, the beauty of your thighs and helps slip my mind into seamlessly inserting myself into you as I watch the most featherly movements of your body. I begin thrusting with the most agreeable response from you, a moan as your pussy quickly becomes wetter. A feeling of joy as I get used to the feeling of you moving to help me fuck you, seemingly an expert helping a novice. 

The next two minutes are a blur, all I can focus on is the becoming of a man, as you help me enjoy your body, a rush of adrenaline as you become urgent and faster, as I hit your g spot, your moan flows through me like a wave of lightness as we both cum.

The tragedy of the situation looms, but I go into it with a skip in my step.     


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