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New Years Eve

The air in the car park freezes to a chill, the past twenty five minutes spent brushing past everyone wearing a mask in the supermarket. I reach into my pocket to pull out my car keys, the car lights shine bright before the cold induced tiredness knocks me out, the car unlocked as the shopping is soon shoved in the back, your favourite bolognese, a romantic new years eve night in.

The rain crashes against the windscreen as I drive along the almost endless road that sits upon winding hills, several roundabouts punctuate a drive that would have felt impossible without the heater that is just about starting to throw out some warmth. The left turning finally arrives before me as I drive up to the second from last roundabout, a few yards down the road and I will be at the little croft of houses that tucks our lovely, minimalist and most importantly, warm, one bed flat.

The car safely parked in our one spot, I spend my day worrying about your two hour commute to work, however it has earned us a place to be proud of. I grab the shopping from the boot of the car, feeling the force of the bonnet as it slams shut, a silhouette appears behind the pane of the front door. 

I turn the key in the lock as I see an arm extend behind the tinted glass to open the door from inside, as the door opens, an erotically powerful smell wofts from the flat as I notice only the hallway light is on, with every other room lit by scented candles in every corner. You are wearing the most luxurious, alluring and entrancing dark blue dress that sparkles, I am awestruck as I just about notice you pulling me inside and pushing me against the wall, my full attention now in the moment and the shopping somehow making its way neatly put out of the way. 

The shoulder straps of your dress drape with soft fabric that contrast with the firmer and glitzy material of the body, your bust entrancing me as the dress perfectly holds it up, but I have spent too long passionately kissing you, a powerful tingle is eminating from down below as I cant help succumb to your darkest, most secret skill of filling me with lust.

You pull me straight across the hall, the bolognese now an afterthought as I am confronted with a double bed perfectly made, coated with rose petals, natural and organic, you walk to the bed, the dress staying upon your body now an afterthought. 

I come over to the bed, fall into your arms as we have the most passionate kiss, I slowly lower your dress until your beautiful body adorns, and is now in the centre of the now silk lined duvet. I stand up for a second to undress, you marvel at my abdomen as you admire the six pack that is just about to show through, biting your lip, maybe a hint of your flower awakening as you get comfier. 

My cock now ready for action as only your touch would prepare me to have sex with you, a duty well actioned as you rub my cock, slowly up and down the shaft as you beg me to put it inside you. You moan as the head of my cock massages your outer lips, the wetness coming through as your breathing gets heavier and your arousal spikes like a thorn.

The sex initiates as your legs spread around mine, my cock deep inside you, wrapping them around me so I cannot escape. You gasp as I fuck you in a way that just hits different, you can't help but caress my physique, my torso all the way round to my bottom, you are in ecstacy and cannot deny the almost unbearable silkiness of the pleasure. 

I get faster as your moans turn to beautiful agony, your breasts enlarging and your nipples as straight as they ever have been, the bed starts to creek in agony as we cannot keep our hands off each other, the bed frame slamming against the wall. 

The heat between us, a well earned yet comfortable sweat as we are at the final mile, your caresses turning to grasps as we both let out an almighty moan, sensations exploding and rippling within us, exhaustion has us on different pages as we surrender and I fall by your side, a meal I enjoyed.   

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