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The Eclipse

The vista turns to tranquility, the emotion putting life in high definition, a clarity in energy only we can feel, moments like these I have longed for so long.

The bed lined with exquisite patterned satin, gold in places and vibrant violet patterns stitched in. The stars shine with a tint that reminds me of stargazing when I was only young, as if experiencing it for the first time, senses so sweet they creep into euphoria

For weeks gone by, the realisation has dawned on us that this is the last time, the last time we'd be together as I must go back to my own country, a stay that was months but felt short, a trip across europe to clear my head. The stresses of university life had brought out my need for escape, not a hedonistic indulgence but a blissful descent into the being of someone I fell for. Only the magic of chance could bring us together, fate seamlessly injected, a trip not wasted.

You lay with only your lacey knickers upon you, feeling the heat in the room as night time warmth, the summer just starting to end, the window at the large wall of the hotel ajar. I return from the bathroom, a night in front of the TV that lit the room for hours, the eye strain increasing with the clothes coming off gradually, the ease I feel, it is totally natural. 

As the bathroom door closes behind me, you sigh in comfort, beautifully sliding your two little fingers through the strings of your g string, removing them perfectly in line with how those romantic movies portrayed, my stomach sinks as they leave your feet, arousal strikes me as your legs bend and your feet cover your flower and the shape of your buttocks. 

I cross my arms to pull my t shirt up, bright colours with fabric so silky its never seen at home, I can see the lust in your eyes as my toned torso is revealed, you make room on the bed. I walk over to the side, lowering my shorts as I then sit next to you and lie down. You moan in a sheer wanting of my cock, half erect as you clasp it with your right hand, slowly stroking up and down to get me hard to a level you vocally want and need.

I reach over to give your flower some attention, feeling the slight wetness as my fingers feel like an angels touch, the sensation descending into pleasure at the slightest meaningul friction. I always wondered if my trip would end like this, I feel incredibly lucky to have such a beautiful woman sharing a bed with me. 

You relent to your desire, no point hiding your desire, the experience so erotic, it would be easier to feel the orgasm sooner rather than later as the sensations become an pleasurable agony. I pull a condom from my bag, with it soon on, you curiously learn my body as you get on top, feeling the slickness of my cock enter you as you go into slight dis inhibition. You start to fuck me, unsure of how I like it, you start slow, letting your anatomy curve around my cock and seamlessly caress for a hot fuck.

We move in sync with each other, my body in rhythm with all the fantasies about hot guys at the beach on facebook, you begin to get faster as you feel the weight of your breasts moving with each bounce, I reach up to touch them as you feel the response from the nipples as I massage them with you riding me. Your flower tightening as my cock feels that just bit bigger, already big but putting you in ecstacy as you begin to come, forcing me deeper into you as the erotic turns to abandon as we both begin to sweat. The orgasm feels amazing even before its happened, that long, ecstatic road until you almost lose conciousness with pleasure and moan me into cumming.

The stress is now a cloud. I will remember this for the rest of my days. 

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