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The Hunter

The flowers outside get frostbite, the ground becomes cold to the bare feet that may touch, the season turning to winter. The radiator that is fixed to the wall by pipes, chucks out heat with most of the room still on the wrong side of comfort, neither the radiator that has been turned up to mammoth proportions in desperation. A vast, double bed, a duvet encased in silk, often pampering with the touch, a welcoming sight when you feel tired, for now a platform for the inner sinking of the stomach, your flower begging you for a sultry touch.

You'd only seen me a few times, a man standing at the bar, sometimes talking with another group of girls when you and your friends from work would have a girls night out. Naturally, this meant I'd pop up on your social media, not too close to your personal page but always on those gimmicky picture sharing apps, once or twice you'd see me in a few groups and never say anything, my posts always a hit with the ladies and the probably biased attention everyone gave due to how charismatic and good looking I am.

Today was a long day for you, working from home as is much of the country, you decide today is the day to dedicate to all the admin that needed doing from the past two weeks. The coffee dispenser had probably seen too many double espresso capsules used on it today alone, the salad bowl in the fridge empty as you stick to healthy eating, with the inevitable order from the gourmet burger house, delivered in half an hour as all you want to do at the end of the day is treat yourself. 

The clock ticks 5pm and you just about finish the last few sentences of the final email, the finger pad on the laptop warm from the entire day of moving the mouse on the screen around, a small buzz within you as HR tell you that they've given you christmas eve, christmas day and boxing day off work. A sigh of relief as your brain uses the news to justify a bit of self love, for the moment a nice delicious meal, the teasing and provocative chemise you treated yourself to, to help you feel a bit sexier while the days bore grey and cold, dropping a few uses of your vibrator throughout the month, easily comes into your train of thought like a feather.

The delivery man drops the food off, a large sticker label keeps the brown paper bags shut, inside is a cardboard box containing a chicken burger, fluffily crumbed and coated in mayonaise and lettuce, another box has chips, covered in cheese and crumbs of bacon. The first bite melts in your mouth as you rejoice in the still warmth the speedy delivery provided, exuding a small amount of bliss that you feel okay to admit in the present moment. 

Twenty minutes passes and you don't realise as you've been enjoying your food too much, a few quick glances at your phone provides a few updates as everyone gets off work, however as the last bite is done, your phone shows one of those automated recommendation notifications. You thankfully take a look as a few of the vibrations went ignored while eating, a hint to check out my profile, a buzz rushes into you as all the nice feelings I have given you resurface, only a few words have we exchanged in quick passing. 

You give into temptation, what harm can a quick look do? You swipe to unlock your phone and enter the passcode, the app opens up instantly. After a few short seconds of seeing the little circle going around and around, an area of 6 small boxes appears, each box is a picture of me, my follower stats proudly displayed above it.

You curiously scroll down, you feel your manicure connecting with the screen as the warmth in the room, the feeling of satisfaction from the burger, makes your inquisition feel drawn out and stale. Just as you consider putting your phone down to do something more productive, a new row of pictures appears from the bottom, you get piqued as your brain fires to focus on it with dilated pupils. A view of a busy nightclub is seen, a topless picture of me is thrust before you, sculpted perfectly with a six pack that keeps your eyes focused, a jawline just like the fashion adverts that featured your perfect guy, a well kept, full, bristly black beard entrances you.

You don't want to admit it but you are feeling things you rarely feel, with an interest piqued reserved for those you really admire. You smile nervously in shyness and clasp your neck with your free hand, almost unaware of how you will proceed, before long, playfully tiptoeing up the stairs with a beautiful smile, looking down at your phone as your other hand helps you up the banister.

You collapse on the bed, starry eyed, eagerly turning over to pull the drawer at the side of the bed towards the wall where a satin and strung bag lays under a pile of socks, your favourite vibrator inside. You pull your jeans down, a diffuclt task as it inches past your eager hips, one flex of the muscles shall be enough this evening as you help the jeans leave your feet, socks reminding you of the joy of christmas.  

You sigh in relaxation as your pull your knickers away with your fingers, holding your stomach with your right hand as you inch your way into the centre of the bed using your bum. Your pussy with the tiniest hint of wetness as you navigate your vibrator and place it perfectly in your hand, your gut sinks as you press the on button, in sync with your arousal spiking. Spreading your legs across the bed as you reservedly press the tip of the vibrator against your pussy lips, the nerve endings of the pink parts give an almost sour wave of pleasure up your spine. 

You begin to fantasise, first you are in the nightclub watching me dance and mix with people, my shirt removed to give you the best view as you take the shaft of your vibrator into you, the pleasure setting in as it rises to a new bar. Too shy to think deeper, you masturbate eagerly, a very pleasant session as you increase the speed that causes you to moan and sink into the pillow. 

The mood in the room is that you want to cum, as a suddening of enjoyment causes you to descend deeper into the abandon of fantasy, as if I am there with you, you imagine me putting your feet over my shoulders, spread apart. The V shape of the muscles of my lower abdomen encase my rock hard penis, perfectly sized, I insert into you as you gasp, your breasts feeling tingly as your nipples harden. 

I begin thrusting as you can't hold your excitement as you love looking at my physique so expertly carved, you wonder how the women in the gym didn't go home and fantasise as you are. imagining me sweating as I lift weights. We get faster as the sound in the room descends into an erotic bottomless pit, anyone's stomach would sink with the sexual energy and heat melting off of us. 

You begin going harder with your vibrator, the top rabbit pampering your clit as you know this session will be one in which you will ache the next day, but it will be a pure release, a sexual reset button deserving of a shower afterwards to complete the euphoria. You imagine me getting close and feeling my cock become the hardest its ever been, for you. I instruct you to come, I demand and want it, I am only at your service and I can be here all night. The bed soaked as you gasp as you cum, truly dramatic but I would want no less for the woman who kept her lust a secret.

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