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The Lush

You look out of the window at the vineyard, vast fields of grapes into the distance. The cracks in the sill add a charm of warmth, the sun becomes orange as it sets, the chill throughout the day still feels fresh on your fingers. Only the memories that bring happiness can be felt, only you create the beauty in the room, a comfy jumper and jeans that take you back to simpler times, the first time in a year that hasn't been chaotic.

The bed behind you perfectly made, the boiler just now ticking over and the heating coming on, the duvet comforting as you sit on the side of the bed, facing the window, only your conscience can descend. Your shoulders ease as a light of a sensation crawls up your spine, the sun inching into the ground, a shudder of a ripple, black and alluring as if it was nightfall.

The reset until the morning hour, a release of course needed, modesty closely guarded along with your inner desire to indulge yourself at the selfishness of the demand. You timidly make moves to pull your jeans down, exercising your right to lay down and get comfortable, your jeans at your knees as you slide your fingers behind the material of your knickers, the chill up your spine as you pull them past your buttocks and off with the jeans.

The only help you need is your mind, your flower slippery on first stroke with two fingers, your pleasure guided and seduced by your own intuition. You let go and spread your legs, commiting to the pursuit of an orgasm. Your masturbation feels ever so good, the touching intensifying yout arousal as you get ever so more wet, the memories of that summer hook up last year acting as the fuel for your sure fire descent into bliss.

As if you can feel the weight on your body, your fingers now a tribute to the cock you thought was perfect, deep inside you as you shy away from the bliss of then, as if it can happen again. Bravery and you explore further, the pleasure more genuine than most of the past year, that sweet spot that brings in the final moments. The people downstairs feel anxious as you moan on orgasm, selfish but liberating, demanding but natural. 

The fields outside, another feeling of warmth.

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