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Under The White Arches

The sun begins to blend into the clouds, over the horizon, golden with a hint of undescribable colour, the walkway paved immaculately, only nothing but luxury drives down this road. I hurry back to the bar, to allow that dusk to turn to a chill, and for the stars to appear, anxious, excited, yet comfortable as a sex symbol myself, the room dark, yet lit by an abstract rainbow jar display behind the counter. 

The barman pours me a drink, little did I know this would be the least of the details I would remember by tomorrow, you text me to let me know you are five minutes away, I recollect myself and make my way to my room. It would only be pleasantries, much to my inner dissagreement, every time I've met you, the tension is undeniable, so obvious and I just want to give in, I have rarely wanted something to be real, this much.

Up some white steps with brown carpet mostly covering each step, my sleek dress holding me together before my footsteps echo down the hall, the sound of me putting the keys into the lock, rich yet elegant as had been by my demeanour this whole time. 

A few days ago we found out on WhatsApp that we’d be in London the same day, I braved to ask if we could meet up, and like that I was genuinely excited when you agreed, my doubt had come in while debating with myself about whether to ask.

Standing on the balcony, the temperature is perfect, a rare bit of reprieve from the almost hellish summer we had endured only a few weeks before, the stars now as mystifying as they ever could be. A tingle forms in my lower spine as I hear a faint knock on the door, I don't know whether this will be my nerves setting in, but all the little details are muffled as I hyper focus on appearing sober and put together. 

The golden door handle feels chilly as I open it, my fight or flight reflex forces me to just go with it, but before me is a feeling of relief, a wave of shyness and lust.

Before I know it, many pleasantries are had, the friendly hug and kiss on the cheek, you’ve brought a bottle of champagne, unusually not what I looked forward to the most, I just want our flirty little conversations about sex, over the past five years, to become reality.

You ask me how I’ve been, I’m relieved our conversation takes that easy turn, I try so subtly to get closer, without giving the game away. The conversation flowing well, I so far haven’t broached that subject of our cheeky chats on the phone, but I am very close to erupting that sexual tension, that you could cut with a knife.

“So, err, what’s the occasion for bringing me here, then?”, you ask, without a rude tone, the suggestive manner makes my stomach sink, my pussy becomes alert.

I collect myself and guide you through a series of flirtations, but, after all that, your hand now guiding itself up my thigh. The silk of the bottom of my dress is no deterrent, I just want time to stop as I feel the beginnings of you touching my upper thigh, while kissing my neck, my pussy is helpless and weak. 

I feel like I am in a movie, you pick me up while we kiss passionately, my Honey Birdette knickers now dishevelled with my own wetness, I beg you to tear them off of me as you pull them down at speed, over my knees and past my toes, to be thrown, but I can’t even feel the care within to me to see where they landed.

You stand at the end of the bed, me now playing with myself just taking in every moment, I help you take your jeans off, unbuckling your belt, my throat sinks as you have genuinely the biggest cock I have ever seen, a sight bringing so much desire within me that I am only focused on my orgasm - there will be no challenges for that tonight.

You turn me over to do me doggy style, spitting on your cock for lube, but my god it doesn’t need it, you begin powerfully thrusting and I can’t help but moan, I’ve never had sex before that was so easy, intense and satisfying. 

I am taken aback by the spanking, my bum the perfect platform for that kinky delight, my checks ripple so noticeably that my pussy feels it, where there’s a spark of pain, I feel the pleasure in my abdomen. 

Your cock feels like morphine, I don’t have to think about moving to compliment you, I just want you to take me with your full length, I have never been this wet.

We turn over and you are now fucking me missionary, I didn’t know such an old favourite position could be so rough, carnal and yet, romantic and beautiful. Your chest up against mine as we both start to sweat, a gym workout, I guess neither of us are newcomers to that, emotional as we feel each other’s breath, my hard nipples against your chest as you go to suck, this sex is so otherworldly.

I lose control of my being, I begin to cum, the world and my life flashes before my eyes in a way only seen in my dreams, the sheets now soaked as the sight many upon many wish they could see, unfolds before us both.

It’s twenty minutes before I can think again, my legs jelly, every finger I place on myself, causes sexual pin pricks of pleasure. I feel unbelievably light as you softly kiss my neck, shoulders and breasts. 

I return to my daily life a new person, my body aches for days afterwards, but genuinely, it was so worth it.

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