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The Journey

Below the steps was the walkway through the underpass, a colder day than usual, thunderstorms forecast with a tingle in the pit of my stomach, it had been five weeks before I'd last seen you. A long day at the office, a building held together by 1960's concrete, still, there's not much left like this now, happier memories of years gone by, my feet aching already and not even out of town.

Long before and I am down the sloped parade of shops, feeling the sharp haze of the sun as it had begun to set, turning left down another parade, past endless charity and pound shops. Just before I begin walking down the brick steps, I feel a jiggle in my pocket, my phone has had a message, I had been blasting music through my headphones, so everyone else none the wiser.

It’s you.

Sending a little tease of what’s in store at home.

I look up quickly not realising I've now come to the old concrete area for the old market, a concrete roof with the pillars, just before where the market runs now, but not for long, my gut sinking as I make up the steps at the side, excitement as now in the open, I cannot withold myself from going to awnser your message, hoping no one knows what we're up to.

Walking through the underpasses down into the little village where we have lived for the past few years, all in that time, I have come to feel all that time and everything at once, all in you. I manage to reply to you, the only words I can muster are that I'm on my way home, my excited self, flummoxing any hint of sexiness, but you knew me all along, it's only until the passion kicks in that I unleash. You've always loved the hard line between my outward self and the intensities of the private.

Before long, dinner is on the table and is only just going warm from hot, after our many a frolic, you've felt all kinds of things this evening, the butterflies as I kiss your lips, a tingle of the pussy as I do your neck. Maybe if we weren't so quick, or ignorant of the world around us, this wouldn't be on point, hot heavy sex.

You get on all fours and expect nothing less than doggy style, you weren't expecting me to work myself into eating your pussy first, you cling to the sheets as you can't contain the pleasure, almost begging me to just fuck you already. 

I have no care for anything else as I get into the zone, this will be just like your wildest dream, my cock teasing your outer lips as when I finally insert, you moan beautifully. The bed carries us as we fuck, I come down and kiss the backs of your shoulder blades, increasing your wetness and feeling sweet. Once more and my thrusting gets perfect for you, looking back at me it is carnal, we both have no shame in being hot and sweaty. 

You start to feel a pit in your stomach as you begin to reach orgasm, polite moans from both of us turn almost disrespectful in volume and lust. Slowly it unfolds, you have no concern about whether it will happen, but it's too late now to say we can go to bed tonight in clean sheets.

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