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On the account of the moving traffic, you adjust your make up at the first oppurtunity of a stand still, something so erudite in your mind, bringing what could be immaterial. 

The time is right for that anxiety, you had been fooled by excitement in the weeks leading up to this, you'd been so cruelly made to put on a front this whole time, something only me and you should know. A million thoughts race through your mind, the re-introduction of butterflies and the deep fall into an unashamed giving in. 

If only they had been more unassuming, our little fling tonight would be less of a surprise between us, the mystery and cold of the past two years has truly set the tone. In my mind, thoughts circle of years ago, longing for the grey of those days, simpler times where joy was adundant, finding that in you, realising more over the past few months, but now it cannot be denied.

The only question for yourself should be, do you really want it all to collapse within you, as the emotion built up, and upon a dimmed room, candles on the burn, a heavenly scent that makes it all porno-esque. You saw my lowest, and my happiest, you've fallen for me but these have been the most life changing few years, and tonight is the climax of that movie.

You take my hand and lead me up to the bedroom, you’ve never been here before but your inquisition is seamless as it is magic. You could be a hero to yourself as it finally dawns that this could be good for you, I can see the sadness even though thrilling in the moment, all the changing seas of emotion, yesterday will collide tonight.

Being gentle to me as you lay back, allowing me to do as ever as I please, adding your own touch that teases into a release from each bit of pain we’ve endured, as if morphine is working exactly with every graze of my hair, my tongue as ever blissful against your flower.

The sex progresses and I begin to do you Doggystyle, my taking the lead, you have no hesitation about revealing yourself in what no one but me has seen, we’ve both had nights in front of the screen, it just didn’t care about their pleasure, but it is so demanding of love for us.

The rest of the evening there is no tension for me, as the orgasm was entertaining yet sent us into a dream as if we are the only people in the world, everything else must be like the cold, even if we miss it, it takes it all away.

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