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All the places I have been, all in this one, my being in the walls as any trace of me removed from every other. The sudden cold snap from a falsely warm October day, the air comes through the now open window, my bedroom warm and humid from a single night. Wanting to break away from the mistakes of my past, only you can take it all away, surely the time can pass in uneven measure, a small amount of anxiety in my stomach.

If the day passes without limitation, it would be perfect, the feelings touching new places within me, that extra step boils the fear which only finding out, will replace. The past time has been obvious but I am pushing myself, little do I know all will come naturally. Now feeling the genuine tension, everything delayed. I have to be perfect but this is, for once, not something formal.

As the freedom is enjoyed, my usual thoughts are muffled, as I dim the room and watch the scenery go by on the screen as a deep chill playlist on YouTube hums through the speakers in the background. The next hour or so seems a blur, and then you knock on the door, and everything seems so natural.

Only riding on my conscience, but it’s all forgotten, assuming all I know from before, and with that the lovemaking is sublime, taking you doggystyle into the most amazing moans, from you, I’ve ever heard. 

Your pussy ever so wet, my cock feeling like you expected, just as you’ve loved before. The butterflies forming in the bottom of your stomach, just as you would want to masturbate to this, even I’ve wondered how you would fantasise, when this is so unique to us, it is all so special and memorable.

As I expend all my energy as you are now on top, it is matched by you as the heat in the room becomes almost a climate with our exchange of movement. I am seeing a rise in you, you’d never normally be like this until we did it this evening, letting go of modesty.

It becomes totally physical and sweaty, all emotion forgotten as I endeavour to have a release for both of us, my cock suddenly rock hard as you seductively moan and the sheets are drowned, I’m completely done in, in one orgasmic moment.

And with that, these walls I will remember.


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