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I Wait For You

"I Wait For You"

I calmly put down my watch, as I see it go past 10pm, a sparkle of excitement, flutters through me. Outside is silent and black, with the houses around mine, glistening with the street lamps. I head back inside to make the bed, reminding myself that it could never come to that, but the dreamer in me is ever creative, as I flatten the sheets.
The sound of your car driving into my road, is like a feather on my heart. I try not to act too eager as I wait in the living room for you to knock, which took what felt like an age. As I'm looking at my phone, hurriedly and anxiously reading over the notifications, the knock at the door, rips through me.

I open the door, to see you dressed in revealing clothes, not out of place at Hyde Park on a summers day, as I wonder who you've been teasing with your figure on the way to mine, if any at all. 

Your seductive eyes lock into mine, as you close the door behind you and go to kiss me on the cheek. I offer you a cup of coffee, you suggest the bottle of wine, I now realise you are holding in your hand, as I shake the interruption of how your dress compliments your breasts as I struggle to maintain eye contact. 

With the wine poured, we spend a few minutes on the sofa as you sip your drink, as we make increasingly irrelevant small talk that you craftily turn sexual. I feel my body freeze as you lower one of your shoulder straps over your shoulder, as I wonder if you are still wanting to talk appropriately. The way you communicated to me over text beforehand that you just wanted to stop by on your way home from work, just to see me after a difficult day, I dared to imagine anything else happening. 

You lean into me, putting your glass down on the table, I feel violated as if my deepest fear had turned true, the deepest part of my heart where it is a fantasy. You put your hand on my stomach, as you get aquainted with my body, I try to keep my composure as I prepare for you to mount me. You lock your legs around mine, holding me in place, I have no escape but to please you, and this I will do with all my desire.

You start undressing as I become harder, lifting your dark blue silky dress up to reveal you weren't wearing any knickers. My desire to rampantly fuck you, goes through the roof as you pull a condom out of your handbag. You begin to enthusiastically kiss my neck and my lips, as you tear the dress off to reveal your beautiful breasts. My cock now begging to come out as there is little that could stop us making love.

I get up off the sofa to take my jeans off, you marvel at the healthy size, begging to suck it. As I allow you to fill your mouth, you suck, as if to care for it, a cock with such frustration, it hurts. You become wet, as you cheekily let me know this is the case. You mount me once again, as you efficiently put the condom on me, expertly inserting me inside you, as you lay on me, kissing my neck and lips.

You take my shaft deep as you take control of the thrusts, you ride me on top, as if you had re discovered the pleasures of a simple, guilt free fuck, but I know this wasn't the first time. I watch in amazement as your breasts give me a show, to the rhythm of you straddling me. I start fucking you, even with your beautiful motion, you moan as your pussy tightens, your entrance caressing the curves of my cock, as you scream in pleasure, making my cushions wet.

In your state of bliss and a final breath of wonder, offering to let you stay the night was all my pleasure.    



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