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Far Away

As the sunset lowers, the first twinkles of the stars start to appear, an expertly crafted, colourful cocktail sits on the table in between us, with my cold beer. We haven't said a word in a while, the somnolence of the view before us, hypnotizes us into doing what we need to, the year before and all it's stresses, rightly start to fade as I am captivated by your eyes, the reflection of the sky changing as I now know it is all okay.

I pick up my phone as you remind me that it is off limits, all I wanted to do was take a picture of the beautiful vista, the light shining to make your figure even more irresistable, enough so that it is not a lie of the alcohol I have taken, but one of a familiar wanting and lust.

The day turns into night as you take one of the last sips of your cocktail, my beer already finished, as the day comes to a close and the temperature becomes cooler. We make the decision to go inside, closing the glass door behind us as the automatic lights in our chalet slowly and seamlessly fade on.

As we get settled, the TV getting ever so more sultry with every passing minute, adverts for foreign alcohol and electronic cigarettes, you begin to show a lack of interest, understandable, our floating minds have no strength to engage with monotony, perhaps frolicking with one another.

After each advert seems to blend into one another, a film starts, its premise is not clear. After the title credits, a woman in a red silk robe seductively teases, a handsome, gym sculpted man with his shirt nowhere to be seen. It becomes clear this is a romantic b-movie, sure the clock has just turned 11pm, as cheesy stock music starts to play as she gets closer to him, and something so powerful comes over you, as if the movie has suggested to you something, something blue and exuding a wantingness.

Soon enough, I am feeling you on top of me, you seem in a rush. You push me down, I have no way to excuse myself, for the delight of your body is a fruit so sweet, its intolerable to deny myself. I slide my fingers under your t-shirt, as we work together to get it off, an excited, elated look comes over your face as you reveal you'd not been wearing a bra for the entire evening, as your beautiful breasts fall into shape as you playfully position yourself for sex.

With my trousers and boxers removed, you get on top, placing my throbbing penis, ready to enter your flower. I can feel your lips, terribly wet with anticipation as I start to enter. As you always do, you get comfortable and control the depth of my penis, familiarising yourself with how best to fuck me. We both moan as we mutually hit each others spots, as the thrusting begins. The look on your face is ecstacy as mine follows suit, a beautiful fuck is happening.

Soon enough, your flower tightens and curves itself around my cock as you suddenly get a lot wetter. I can now no longer control my involuntary movements as the pleasure becomes too much to handle. A gush of moisture explodes from your flower, I can no longer process all the sensations as you let out a moan that would surely get us kicked out.   

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