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I keep working on my computer, as you lay in bed upstairs, the foundations of the rooms, a result of all the hard work we'd put in over the years. As I did my final few jobs, the clock now nearing half past midnight, a fleeting reminder of our usual nights rest comes over me, the warmth of your body against mine, I wonder.

The computer starts to shut down as I organise my things, I check all the lights are off downstairs, and glance at the smart meter in the kitchen to make sure we aren't spending too much, and I can treat you now and again. My heart always melts when I see the look on your face, a midday lunch overseeing the river, a trip to the theatre or your favourite live band, every moment I spend with you, I feel like I am in heaven.

I make my way upstairs, our bedroom is on the right of the landing, I finally let loose and release the tension in my body before I open the door. You are lying there, reading a textbook for your open univeristy course, carefully memorising and making notes, all while under the sheets in a silk night gown, oh how I wish it was your favourite black lacey chemise.

I walk to the other side of the bed, you start to restlessly put the book away, along with all the stationary and the note book, tucking them neatly into the side drawer. You are pleased to see me, you explain to me how the module you are doing for your course is a load of red tape and you'd rather skip it, and how you've longed for my touch ever since the sky grew dark, in not so obvious words.

I get into bed, sliding my woolen pyjama shorts on, you look away as you quickly check your phone and put it down for the night. You wrap your legs around mine, I am taken aback, as you lift your night dress, where I realise you weren't wearing any knickers, the entire time you had been studying, not even the pair I bought you for the weekend away for your friends wedding.

I pull you over, I am now on top of you, my cock now bursting out of my pyjama shorts, which are quickly taken off. You pull down the top part of your night dress to reveal your stunning breasts that I cant help but suck, you moan in pleasure as I begin to fuck you, taking every inch passionately and decadently. Your teasingly vocal moans are matched by mine, as I thrust, with your body rhythmically taking mine. I can feel the warmth of your flower intensify as I can tell you are coming closer to orgasm. I do it just the way you like it, following your instruction to the letter, spoken in moans and a few short words. Moments later, we both cum, drenching the sheet beneath us.

I knew then, I had everything to protect. 

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