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Hotel Bliss

We arrive at home our room, the number on our door, “twenty one”, shines with silver as the harsh lights reflect off of it. We shuffle in with our bags, the tea and coffee to our left, and the bed further down the narrow space into the room.

I cannot help but admire your beauty as you had complimented me, the entire trip, of a few days. We’d made our final stop before the long trek home, we’d seen all of your extended family. The tight black top which left nothing to the imagination, I dared to think how that went by with everyone we met. The room is warm, too warm, it is awfully hot for this time of year.

You relax on the bed, as I flick through the channels on the TV, nothing but pay per view content, maybe the tea and coffee selection would offer us more enjoyment? We decide to wreck our sleeping pattern by having a cup of coffee each, the hotel didn’t offer much in the way of refreshments, or much of anything at all, I knew I shouldn’t have booked this last minute.

As we sip our coffee, I notice the glimmer in your eye, you make eye contact with me as I know what’s on your mind. You reach over, the smell of your perfume and the tenderness of your breathing, consumes me. You get on top of me, your top now inconvenient and quickly pulled off, you weren’t wearing a bra. I push you off, as you know what to do, bent over, I pull your jeans down, you reciprocate my dominance as you rush your knickers off, revealing a wet, perfect pussy.

My cock, rushes into you as you moan, begging me to hit your g spot as that blissful thrust does just that. The bed starts creaking as the intensity of our fuck increases, I grab your arms and pull them behind your back, the look on your face tells me you want to cum, as we get sweatier and the passion takes over.

A few moments later, the bed is drenched in your juice, the loss of co ordination, fuelled by pure bliss makes me cum soon after.

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