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Sex Kitten

I’m a little excited, an evening of watching the TV draws to a close as you slip into something a little more comfortable, a silky chemise that brings out your inner sex kitten. We’d been apart for two weeks, your family matters and me being tied up at work, created a wanting deep within us that hadn’t as yet been vocalised.

You begin to pour another glass of wine, bending over, the view making it hard for me not to get aroused. You sit back down, and we chat for a while, I can see the relief in your eyes that we are together again, I savour every moment of your sense of humour and accent that drives me wild. As the evening continues, chatter about all the problems your family are having, continues for another hour, I can sense your desperation to let loose, as I inch closer.

Without any hesitation, the obvious solution is apparent as we go up to the bedroom, your sculpted arse begging to feel my well sexed penis, deep inside. I pull my jeans down, my cock half erect as you lift the bottom of your chemise up, the absence of knickers was your naughty secret, your energy is electrifying, I wonder how long I’ll last as I can see your pussy getting wetter.

You teasingly get in position, my cock now fully hard as I insert, your pussy gratefully welcoming my shaft as I begin fucking you, the tone of your moans, scream that you’ve been longing for it the entire two weeks. You quickly orgasm as your pussy tightens, you remind me how much you love me as we collapse into each other’s arms.

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