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A Trip To The Blue Delights

We get home, a trip to the local sex shop, “Blue Delights”, has been done, as always was when we were feeling a little fruity. A cold bottle of Prosecco on the work top, swiftly poured into two glasses with some out of place after dinner mints, went down like a treat. Your body, irresistible as the alcohol takes hold, charming and seducing me without much effort from yourself.

The elephant in the room is suddenly given light, the elegant black paper bag, with real string woven handles, you tease me into opening it, with your ever so daring choice of language. I pull out the little plastic parcel inside, a machine packed bag containing a lengthy translucent blue dildo and a harness for me to wear. You always remarked how you wanted me to take you like a man, as I am delighted you feel comfortable to go the next step in our bedroom lives with me.

The smell in our bedroom is divine, candles scented with white lotus and yi yi ren, envelop the room with an atmosphere of camomile. The bed, neatly made with a royal red silk duvet and matching pillows, put me at instant ease as you strut through the door, minutes behind me. I turn around as we caress each other, you bringing the strap on into the room, as we tenderly kiss.

I pull you down on to the bed, we’re both laid there passionately touching and pecking, the toy now just being pulled out of its package as I begin to feel little tingles in my pussy as wetness starts to soak me. We sit up, you help me pull my shirt off, as I feel joy at your marvel of my topless physique. Another peck as you help me inch my bra off as my big breasts are let free.

Within a few minutes, you are bent over, your pussy is to die for as it desperately drips wet, the harness is only just being strapped around me. You arch your back down, your perfect bum begging to receive the dildo. As I insert the long, dominating shaft into your pussy, the head of the toy gets soaked, as you moan in grateful pleasure, the fuck only just beginning, as the shaft makes it first full thrust.

I get my position comfortable, re-placing my knees to thrust smoother and faster, as you are so wet, taking the dildo is as easy and grand, as the moans of pleasure that bring butterflies into my stomach. Within less than a minute, you are begging me to go faster as you are about to cum, knowing soon you’ll be in my arms, trembling with post sex relief. Your orgasm wets the bed, bringing you into my arms once more.

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