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Drive Thru

Rainy day, my thoughts fuzzy from how quickly this all turned around, the drive through window getting closer after we just told the poor sod standing in the rain, our order that he quickly tapped into his tablet. Our phone call the previous night, got me pumped for what could occur today, your eagerness to meet made me hopeful, an ever so cheeky tone that hooked me in. The rain pours as the girl at the window hands you our order, as we make our way to the little car park at the lake, a few yards out of the exit of the McDonalds car park.

We park up, the drive so far interspersed with casual chit chat, from a seemingly perfect tinder match where you boldly made the first move, seductively startling me in the process. As we sort our food out, we get on to the subject that turns my stomach into a pit of butterflies, my mind fluttering as it’s been too long, I dare to change my body language to suit the mood, I get lost as to where this is going. Soon enough, the sense of rapport draws me in, I can be myself with you, as you are definitely interested. I feel calm and zen, the first weekend in months that raised a smile, your delightful personality and alluring figure, just what was needed, I hope and wonder you feel the same.

As the last sip of our milkshakes go down, you craftily encourage me to allow you to drive back to my place, just a short ten minute drive from the pond, up the windey slope up on to the main road, for the fiftieth time I wonder has anyone gone over the edge, a thought taken over by anticipation. A few directions given to navigate the busy and numerous network of roundabouts that Bracknell is known for, you gratefully accept, and become even more platonically friendly, I wonder how long that will last. As the college appears at the end of the dual carriageway, a tall, white and sleek building that dominated the skyline, absolutely taking the council estates where I live, to the cleaners. A place that offers hope and prospect, with a shadow of a dead end, decrepit place in the background. The local area offering beautiful, an almost village esque community, with a contrasting urban feel.

Parking down the end of the estate, the football field meets the boundary, where the block of flats I live in sits adjacent. A few short words as I tell a few tidbits of information about my time here, we both agree to get out and make our way up the flights of stairs to my top floor flat, I carefully move to avoid being too quick as I pull the lever to open the car door. I get my key out to open the security door at the bottom of the stairwell, the cold and well aired hallway hits us, knowing my flat is homely, with everything for us to share a drink. A sense of anxiety comes over me as I worry if anything was unprepared, I hope for the best.

I unlock the door, and invite you in, the hall leading into my main room in my studio flat, hits us with a warm homely feel that puts us both at ease. We sit down together, I offer a drink that helps us get comfortable, the day draws on as we chat into late afternoon. By this point we are so close, subconsciously but physically close, and with an atom of a flirt, we are hot and heavy.

I help you pull your top upwards and off, a blue, lacey bra adorns an irresistible figure, as you push me down to pull my jeans off, my long, thick cock begging to come out. You stand up, pulling your jeans down as your peachy behind becomes the focus of my attention, placing yourself over my bed. I pull my boxers down, and put a condom on, peeling away your g string to get access to your beautiful, almost dripping pussy.

I get on top as you graciously position yourself to receive my manhood, almost shy to moan in happiness that it is inside you. I start thrusting, and you are now dripping, taking each thrust, not one unaccounted for vocally, the bed now buckling under our rampant fuck. A quick few second  mutual break from the movement allows me to re align myself to get deeper into you, the change in your sounds is music to my ears as we start again.
I lose track of time, our lovely synchronised sex, knocks it back into me as you start to cum, your pussy clamping my cock, begging to keep going as all I feel is your now waterfalling moisture as we both cum.

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