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The candlelight drips with longevity, a longing in me reflected in the wax turning to oil, the light adorns the front of the room, my door dimly lit. The few hours pass, you said you’d get back to mine after a few drinks with the girls, I always loved your smile after a good catch up with your friends, sometimes, this turned into lovely nights of rampant sex, dropped like a raindrop that no one could forecast.

I hear the key turn as you unlock the door, my attention quickly comes off the endless social media on my phone. I can’t think of something to say, as you put your keys and bag down on the side, maybe you think I’ve been drinking, nothing could be further from the truth as the beer and wine goes untouched this evening. You sigh in relief, as you explain the latest gossip among the girls, a night of fretting over the big final exam of the year, and the distant end of degree holiday that would likely ruin your ability to pay off your student loan for another 3 years.

Something is on your mind, I cannot tell what, although I can have a guess, your body language is definitely not one that says you’ll just go to bed. Just the way you are, the atmosphere in the room is seductive and warm, your perfume hypnotising me into a trance. As you lie next to me, the emotion is strong as we get closer. With the heavy breath, a whisper, you climb on top of me, I am deep in your soul that pulled me in with lust.

The end of my cock teases your lips, a moan as I insert, this is beyond passion but a blind cloud of which I have fallen. You get comfortable as I do you doggystyle, I wonder as the little foreplay we had is difficult to remember, you surprise with your hunger. Maybe a few seconds later the flow is as natural as a running stream, as you feel tighter with little effort from me. The warmth in the room on this winters night, the heater in the corner, is making us lose ourselves to sweaty yet intense motion, I hear you gasp as you wet the bed with your cum.

Soon enough, the blur passes, it’s 8am the next morning, I make you breakfast before another day closer to that holiday. I hope to myself, many more nights before that.

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