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Among The Palm Trees

The man at the bar takes his time to get around to my order, having just served the couple before me. I grab the beer and pornstar martini that are flunged my way, grateful for them, I happily grab the change from the pocket of my shorts, woven with hemp fibre, your birthday present to me, only a few days ago. The sand of the beach warms my toes, as a day of the sun booming down on to it, eclipses into a perfect evening, I envy you as the martini is the most colourful I've ever seen, the perfect compliment to the experience.

I hand you the martini, a confident smile comes over you, we'd finally made it after months of waiting, our dream holiday that almost didn't happen. The deckchair creaks as I sit down, a moment of anxiety as I sit back, you giggle, daringly as it is confirmed all is fine. A cool breeze comes in our direction, the day just turning to dusk as the alcohol sets in, the shade on your body, a crescendo of colour as I start to loosen up and my senses dampened.

The waiter comes over and asks if we'd like one last drink before last orders, you agree and order a gin and tonic with a hint of strawberry, I smile as you order another beer for me, it feels good to be able to let loose and not worry about the consequences. The drinks arrive promptly, there is not many people at the bar, many went back to take in the night life in the town, the evening was right for crowded bars and drunken one night stands, many a dreary head waking up next to someone below their league.

We decide to take the sand between our toes one more time, I admire your curves as we ascend up the mild incline, my feet now feeling like dipping into a warm bath with every step. Before I know it, we are in bed.

My hand trembles as I reach under your bikini top, the alcohol guiding the mind in my boxers, you bite your lip, as I start to become hard. You sit up, unfastening your bikini as I marvel at you getting undressed, sliding your panties down after flinging your high heels off. You push me back, taking control and domination, the burn kanes as you tear my boxers off, guiding my hulking cock into your warm pussy.

The bed starts to bounce as the motion begins, I love feeling your multiple handfuls of delightful figure and sex, I moan primally as I suddenly get deeper, hitting what, from the expression on your face, your sweet spot. We begin to get sweaty as the humidity in the room intensifies our fuck, the carnal work becoming more urgent as we wrestle. I feel your pussy becoming tighter as I find the perfect position to pleasure you, the wetness is now a painful pleasure that I only ever loved in the heat of the moment. My senses crumble as my mind cannot decide whether to focus on my gut falling because of the noise, or to enjoy seeing you enjoying yourself in a way strictly chained to our lust.

The bed almost breaks as you cum, your head becoming lighter, your legs weaker as you scramble to find a way to let go and fall back on to the bed. And I know, from the weakness and damp in your kiss, we had a good night.    

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