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The light starts to creep through the curtains, the pitch black starts lightening to a grey. The boiler clicks on, the unforgiving chill on the feet will soon be a comfort as I instinctively pull them under the covers, not even conciously awake, but aware.

Before long, the colour in the curtains starts turning a brighter yellow, with the frustration at my sleep, wisping in quality, the conciousness creeping closer to awareness of the day. The uneventful nights sleep brings a relief, for too long I'd been waking up in the depths of the chill, riddled with worry of if I'd go back to sleep again.

I hear the kettle coming to a boil, a fall into slumber before the sound of the kettle clicking kicks me into gear, you must be up early, the light from the kitchen seeps up the stairs. The smell of porridge fresh out of the microwave, memories come flooding back from when I was very young. A feeling of relief comes over me as I hear the creaking of the footsteps coming up the stairs, a way to surprise you after you'd assume I'd still be asleep.

You sit up against the headboard, legs across the bed, holding the bowl of porridge that had spent a good few minutes sitting on the worktop in the kitchen, cooling before it was even remotely cool enough to eat. My brain finally allows me to wake up as I become aware of the fact its now half eight in the morning, a cloudy tremor of friskiness comes over me, my cock suddenly more sensitive as I feel it twitching as an invitation to becoming hard.

You have known for a long time how I act when I lust after your perfect curvaceous body, the twinkle in my eye that begs to feel your hips riding me as I grasp them, the yearning to hear you moan and sweat. A look as if to say "oh go on then", as you carefully place the porridge bowl on top of the night stand. You pull the covers off as I slide my boxers down, my cock begging to be touched and made hard, while it is already pushing itself while half flaccid.

You run your left hand up my leg and thigh, holding yourself up with yout right, your beautiful aura from your perfume, a gift for your birthday, sends me to heaven. You clasp the base of my cock with your index and little finger as you slowly start going up and down, moving up to the full grasp of your head as you increase the speed and tightness.  

I recoil and shake in pleasure, the perfect moans start to excite you, telling me as much. The situation heats up as your nipples become harder and my cock starts throbbing more and more in abandon, you can't help but go down and start massaging my cock with your breasts. I feel the energy being spent as you push your breasts together to clasp my cock as you start going up and down slowly, my brain gives me a little dose of euphoria and being on top of the world. 

My cock rages hard as we are now sweating to get me the release that will set me up for the day, I fall deep in the lust as I get close to cumming, you moan as you feel the burn, feeling iiberated as you are the queen of my world. It finally happens, we moan together as your chest is covered in my cum. 

We both look pleased as I go and have a shower before I make my breakfast, the following day is one filled with smiles.

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