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The sky as epic as the cold, a scene looking almost cinematic as the trails of planes take me back to my day dreams from when I was younger, like a void melting my anxiety into a pain numbed by clouds. The cold causes me to go directly up the path, the brick walls on one side, fences on the other, backs of peoples gardens as my ankles start to wear and ache, perfectly timed when your front door would be less than thirty seconds away.

I arrive at the little porch, your neighbours door to one side, the hallway light is on behind the door, the clouds from before vapourise away to give the anxiety the edge it needs to make me trip over my words. I knock on the door, a few seconds pass that feel like minutes, I see a silhouette as my nerves sink into an impossible pit of vast distance. 

The door opens, for me to be presented with you casually yet suggestively dressed, the black t-shirt and jeans that only I and others with an eye for eclectic provocation could be hypnotized by. I take my shoes off in the familiar spot as I always did, the aroma from the living room teases with a second stomach sink as my new euphoria forces a calming relaxation. I see a hot, decadent pizza, bottle of Rosé and candles that amazingly envelop the room with a calming, relaxing and erotic scent. 

Sitting next to you, the TV having a dim and seductively red glow as the slow jam mix video plays, you invite me to have a slice of the pizza and pour me a glass of the Rosé, I carefully manage the pizza while you alleviate all my fears, your whole persona one of wanting, needing and attraction. As the night progresses we gradually get closer to each other, more intimate with intention, no doubt we both want to feel each others love, a connection as precious as the vapour of a cold day.

Before long, I have only blinked and the time is already a few minutes to 11pm, enjoying the intimacy so much, falling into a deep sea, that time has escaped us. I say the first words that have been said in over an hour and a half, a question of where this will all go, open ended and slices through me. You glance down, a sigh that validates your desire for me. 

You take my hand, guide me to the bedroom, a walk playful yet emotional, I derealize the entire way as a watercolour painting for my soul. I snap into it as the sight of you taking off your lacey knickers, me pulling my jeans down, the lustful look as you see my erect member tear itself out. We can only succumb to each others falling as our bodies touch, paying absolute importance to how I insert myself, the warmth increasing with every movement, your wetness like raindrops around me. 

You reach to hold my back, across my toned torso as the situation feels so right that you just relent to pleasure. I begin to go harder as my cock feels like morphine, your face is pure ecstacy as you feel the details of my torso rub over yours, the energy in my shoulders as you hold. With the heat we start sweating and your pleasure more desperate as my cock feels decadent as I get faster, it won't take you any energy at all to have your body shake as you cum, nearing it, you beg for it.

We both lose awareness of ourselves as we both climax. A scene as epic as the sky. 

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