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Bon Appetit

A deceptively warm February day, the fifteenth, it had frozen through the year so far, the boiler only about managing to subdue the chill that creaped through the front door, the streets as empty as a ghost town, no end in sight to lockdown. I decide not to put the heating on for fear of the enormous gas bill that would appear, for once it is not chilly. You'd been home for a long time, your job graciously allowing you to work from home, the laptop, post-it notes and the many cups of coffee had replaced a table that was always ready for a spontaneous date night, the harshest aspect of lockdown for me.

Twenty past six and you finish work, that subtle emotion that comes from feeling at home in the early months, a still sit beckons in your mind. A delicate hunger settles in your stomach as you go to the kitchen to start preparing dinner, after you put the oven on and it starts warming up, you come and get me from the study, half the day spent playing computer games with how little work my job is sending me. We'd missed the valentines flirtations, having to scoot off in the evening for an emergency shopping run, your friend from work, finding herself in a bit of financial trouble suddenly announcing that she had come home to an empty kitchen, although we did manage to find some honey, a rare treat for ourselves, our first ever meal as a married couple with honey and ice cream as dessert.

The time drags on, the dinner almost ready as a tinge turns to a hunger, before we know it the dinner is on the table and we are enjoying your signature dish, a cheesy three-cheese salad and pasta, I thoroughly enjoy the refreshing lightness, yet fillingness of the meal. We take a break from talking to just enjoy the view out of the window, the peace of mind of our 3rd valentines as a couple, I wonder if we've forgotten the honey, as I daren't ask whats for dessert, not knowing if you'd had something specially planned.

We should really be putting the table away and washing the dishes, instead I can sense a change in you, a change of reminiscence and romantic emotion. A slight suggestion of going into the bedroom, almost goes over me, instead a raindrop that sinks to my gut and dominates it. An anxious response is all I can muster, I find myself being lead to the bedroom by you. I find a beautifully made duvet, in the centre, the jar of honey sits.

You tell me to lay on the bed and wait, you come back from the other room wearing the most amazing matte black satin chemise that just allures me into seduction, nothing else matters. We only need you to lay next to me before, I naturally and carefully undo the lid of the jar, my nerves rise in me, the emotion that for now feels extreme. My hands slightly shake as I position myself to creatively drip the honey over you. 

As I carefully apply pressure to the bottle, a drop of honey teases its way out of the nozzle, I can feel the energy in the room, my instinct for your daring and wanting, that of a tiger. I commit and press down that little bit harder, the drop becomes larger and falls onto your breast, the cold and sweet tiny shock to your skin makes you recoil in erotic excitement. The top of the chemise still holding your breasts in, the feeling of the material contrasting with the almost snowy chill of the honey creates a feeling like no other.

I feel an energy within me, as if a barrier has been broken, not only of relief but of arousal, I feel brave in response to your liberation, I raise the bottle again, squeezing it so there is a sweet and cold stream, slowly crossing your chest, feeling divine as you lean up to fully be decorated by it, extra sweet as it covers your breasts from visiting the top of the chest.

I get off the bed and put the bottle on the desk, coming back while removing my trousers and boxers, you teasingly pull the chemise up for me to see you aren't wearing any knickers, revealing a pussy so beautiful and wet it is irresistable. I position myself to fuck you, you with your legs spread, as you treat me to you taking the shoulder straps of the chemise off to slowly remove the bust portion and let me indulge in your tits. 

You moan as I enter you, your pussy perfectly curving around my cock, you rejoiced long ago when I learned how to hit your g spot, and I promise to do so this time. I begin thrusting to which your body responds, jolts of pleasure as this is truly an erotic picture. I lean down to lick the honey off you as I fuck you, the feeling of my warm tongue lathering up the honey that never seemed to warm by itself. 

My tongue on autopilot with the path of the honey, me still fucking you as you get closer, this time feeling more close than you have ever felt before now, an amazing orgasm as we both shake and recoil the honey all lathered up, the bed sheet soaked.

Your friend's dilemma, a blessing in disguise.          

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