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The sensitivity,


A night of celebration

The aching energy of your soul,

It is so perfect,

A day filled with rushing happiness,

Your breath on my chest,

Slays the day

You unashamedly and indifferently to the thoughts of others, start removing the beautiful party dress, the biggest event of the year, no expense spared on thinly covering the body I adore so much. A soft peck on the lips seduces us, your eagerness to make love is matched by me, the movement in our torso's as we breathe is setting the room on fire with stomach drowning tension.

I put my hand on your hip, us laying side by side, quickly turning into a sun beaten match to tear the last of our clothes into thinner and flimsier, ever so questionable, sweetest nothingness. We become entwined as we are unaware of the minutes passing by, touching and passionately kissing every obvious part, I thoughtfully place my kisses where I know any girl would give in to the sour touch of my lips.

You humpf in erotic tension as I swoon down to where your flower, dusted with wetness sits behind a layer of black nylon, defeated by both my index fingers pulling at the frilly sides, my fingers feel like a soft ice as I pull your knickers down. You get a good look at my expertly carved abdomen, adding heat to your engorged pussy as it begs to feel me inside of you. 

I place myself perfectly to fuck you just as fast and as hard, or as slow as you want, you tell me how you want it. My cock feeling like a mild electric shock as it touches your outer lips, the time spent getting used to each other is well enjoyed, time doesn't matter in this instance. 

The sound of a bed carrying a heavy amount of sex is amplified around the room, possibly through the walls and ceilings of this little bed and breakfast that we luckily snapped up while all the other party guests opted for the large hotel. Our bodies moving in harmony, every thrust surely adding to the build up of orgasm, a failed release is never going to happen here. My hips collide with your curvy and delicious thighs, the stockings that went to the edge of appropriateness add a unique sensation that surprise you.

The creaking gets louder and the juices drip down your labia, adding a warm satisfaction that brings in the orgasm, caused by my cock that you always thought was perfect.


I knew admiring you would pay off.     

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