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A Night's Play

The grate of the mind forces my awareness into an ache of tense nothingness, ever since you started working these long hours, I could not bring myself to admit to you the pain, my hand forced at the promise of better pay. The time left until you usually get home, feeling like an endless road as the hands on the clock are sat uneven, I know distraction will be a dead end, so close yet so far away.

I close the curtains, the street lights have been on for too long, my sense of upkeep slipping, a tiptoe into the depths of depression, only rarely does my longing get satiated by a warm bed, you beautifully lying there. A hint of cautious excitement and I get up to go and get the kettle on, a mild cup of coffee for me and the warming flavoured camomile drink that you always craved after a night shift, I always loved seeing you happy as you took the first sip of the sweet strawberry flavour, a hug and a kiss following.

My senses light up as I hear the almost inaudible sounds of you walking down the gravel drive, you managed to make it in time to get on the car pool with your colleagues. A slight shudder goes up my spine as you put your key in the lock, my throat finding the air to welcome you, finally managing when you are half way through the door. 

After a few words exhanged, the kiss and cuddle are soon shared between us, your drink already prepared to your delight. We have a little chat, my pain given an easy hit of morphine, the existence of my anguish becoming a triviality. Finally, in bed as was usual only a handful of minutes after your welcoming home and quick drink, I unassumingly get into bed with just my boxers on while you are in the bathroom taking your makeup off. Now in the bedroom and you dress in the exquisite silk chemise that you don't know always lights my heart, and desire with a bright flame.

We each take a quick glance at our phones to see the last update of the day on social media, I dare give in to the sinking feeling that preludes arousal as I see the body I used to frequently worship and embrace, move in admiration of me, I feel safe.

A quick embrace that I thought was to say goodnight, my hand conciously involuntarily, smoothly touches your leg, as we kiss I slowly move my hand further up to your bottom, you look into my eyes as if staring into my soul, you feel my finger tips just touching the inside edges of your buttocks. The mood descends from scented comfort to a gut dropping eroticism, as you kiss me more passionately than I've known in recent memory, the sensation of the silk with my fingers against your skin, lit a fire within you that catches my soul from a freefall.

You moan as I kiss your neck, I prepare to love and fuck your curvaceous body, elegantly pulling the shoulder straps down to loosen the silk around your breast that I can't help but worship with my tongue against your nipple. Our breathing becomes heavier and in tune with each others as we peck each others necks while we get into position. 

I see your pussy aching for attention as I get up and you spread your legs, I just let myself give into my intuition, now giving you the almost perfect oral that hits all the right spots at just the right time, you become on another level as this is what you've wanted, the words never leaving your lips as they never did mine. 

A collection of whispers leave each of ours lips, the core instruction being for us to make love, an exercise out of pure craving. I position myself for us to have sex in missionary, our sex will be without pornographic carnal emptiness, nothing but each others sweat and movement, with a warmth building in each of us.  

My hard and perfectly sized cock glides inwards as every inch deeper raises the gasp in my ear, the slowness of me pulling in and out has you wishing time would stop, the moisture of your pussy making it an easy task, the sex is a dream as nothing is causing problems. I help you free your breasts from the chemise, instantly making me harder as you welcome this with your moans. 

Your pussy begging to facilitate an orgasm, involuntarily contracting to feel more of my cock as I get closer to cumming, with all my strength I begin to thrust harder and faster, the sex now a marathon as the moaning between us is now exhausting yet titillating, the bed creaking as it holds our sex. 

The pleasure builds within you, the burn of the marathon is accompanied by a slow build of ecstacy that only sex can bring, it feels like an eternity in me as well, I am almost ready to collapse as your moans cause the cloud of slow build pleasure in each of us to burst into sweet bliss. Your inner thighs shake, followed by weakness I also feel in my shoulders, as I collapse next to you, relieved and spent. We both agree on the amazingness of the sex and we both fall into the land of nod not surely after, a spring in my step was surely had for the morning at work.      

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