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The Vision

A quick slumber, divided by the sound of cars passing by, amplified by synthetic imagination of an almost blackness of vast hills and trees breezing past. My day had been spent wondering and imagining, ending with the sound that consumed my weary hours, oh how I've wanted you before, the caress that I wish was with you. Many a time I'd enjoyed the image in private, an act of self love that grew increasingly absent in its relaxing yet lonesome way. Last night's dream was inspiring, the way my mind excels under the almost hard work of letting myself pretend we share a bed, the infinite indulgence and distance of the feeling is, I don't want it to end.

We'd met frequently, always amongst friends, it wasn't three months before I started wanting the shape of you, your curves colliding with mine, I started to long to see your face as you rode me, your body moving along with the motions of almost cinematic sex. Today I will see you, the first time in three weeks as the time has teased me beyond what could almost be domination, an invisible mistress taunting the strings of my emotions, pressing hard on the denial of my wanting. 

The occasion had called for a private meeting, everyone else being tied up, and the hobby we shared that you wanted to come and enjoy with me, afterwards your favourite meal that I just so happened to have had plenty of practice on. The game board neatly laid on the table, the oven should have fully prepared the dish of cheesey pasta shortly after you arrive, I'm all prepared as it nears the time of your arrival, I'm looking forward to a chance to take my mind off work and finally relax with all the trouble in the family. Oven gloves in easy reach on top of the cooker so that I don't embarrass myself, the room casually presented.

My gut sinks as the time gets closer, the anxiety of you calling to cancel our plans, worsens as I think about the stress of a sudden knock at the door, I have always had to work hard to enjoy evenings shared with people, a fear that not even the prospect of the evening going well could release me from. I sit for a few minutes, my mind almost blank as I am mildly suffocated by the petrified excitement and anticipation of your arrival, my mind playing tricks of suggestions of you cancelling, something coming up, or facing the calm fear of your arrival.

Not long after, you knock, my fight or flight reflex taking over as I derealize while getting up and making my way to the door, my hand hesitates as I pull the handle, the image of a perfect woman standing before me. Pleasantries exchanged, my nerves falling into an almost tranquil and calm state, a thunderbolt sedated into a puddle. My mind collects itself as it realises we are now laid next to each other in bed, your designer high heels, taken off like a pipedream as you make it known you are around for fun.

Seems like half an hour passes where I know intimacy like never before, levels of deepness into someone that tears my long unknowing away. My fingers barely register as I lightly touch your legs, the firmness increasing almost incrimentally as I slowly tease my way under your dress, your breathing sharply spikes, calming after I reach the base of your buttocks. You vocally recoil as my fingers tease the very outer area of your pussy, suddenly awoken with the arousal that comes into the room through the deepness of your gasps. 

You push me back and change position, removing just enough clothing for me to properly attend to your now lustfully aching pussy, I surprise with going forth and taking it in my mouth, my tounge warm with icy sparks as it gets deeper into you, your clit feeling like it can't escape the prison of the pre orgasm. My tongue is putting you into ecstacy as it finally hits your g spot, your nipples tingling as they press against the top of your dress, to which you hurriedly remove. 

The air in the room, humid with the sound and smell of well worked sex, the emotion I thought I'd feel playing board games with you has been shot down by the height of carnal abandon. Your pussy now drenched, I hit all the right spots as you let me know you are cumming, words spoken in a way only the most desperate could articulate. There will be no modesty as you moan in pleasure, the orgasm having felt blissful for the past thirty seconds, putting you in beautiful agony for an eternity for a powerful, heavy orgasm.  


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