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 The scent of the lavender lowers as the sun descends over the horizon, the end of a country walk, the day perfect in weather with the atmosphere breezing perfectly with how natural our conversation feels. Our hair out of shape as the wind has blown just enough to cause amusement, the bird coming and pinching a sandwich from the pic-nic hamper.

Our feet feel achey, the sand path with numerous stones being the only labour of love, a day thoroughly enjoyed by the both of us, it feels good to get back in the car, the relief of knowing I just about afforded to fill the tank yesterday makes the success of our date ever so sweet.

The soles of your feet relax and feel slightly pained but better, a flirtatious question of whether you can take your shoes off to which I pleasantly agree, only things to look forward to for the rest of the day. I ask if you want to order a meal for us to collect from the little independent Italian on the restaurant, not too far away from the route home, I instruct you of what app to use and let you use my card.

You are excited all the way to the restaurant that the journey seemed like a blur on arrival, the slight excitement on your face is evident at the front desk and as the chef brings out the food, two servings of carbonara and the tastiest, cheesiest garlic bread either of us have ever tasted. The aroma of the food ever more delicious as I park us up outside my house, the warm, light May evening has us both chill beyond usual, the stress of work and lockdown, a little respite.

Once we are in I suggest you go and relax on the sofa as I serve up the food on to plates, you curl up on the left cushion and a few minutes later I come into the living room with the dinner using the best plate trays, today has truly been one of indulgence and movie-esque romantic perfection.

We sit and talk for a little while as we eat the dinner, maybe a little longer and the food is finished, taste buds satisfied. I have well and truly won you over, sharing cuddles as the leaves on the trees outside shine golden with the sun almost all the way down for nightfall to take its place.

We had only been on three dates, sensible and proper was our way of courtship, but now I can get the hint you are dropping ever so subtly and with classy decorum. The new intimacy, an allowance of closeness sending my nerves into that rarely known place as if it was my first taste of another person feeling emotion.

Without a word we are slowly caressing each other, soft pecks on each other lips as we cautiously touch each other, covering new ground at a slow pace. I softly moan as you touch my chest, the tips of your fingers feeling like a warm ice as we get heavier in lust. 

As a final indication of our shared desire, I place my hand on your bottom, covered by a blue floral summer dress that you mentally beg not to exist, moaning as I softly bite your lip. After a few whispered words, I carry you to my bedroom, placing you down as you excitedly lift your dress up and remove your knickers. 

My clothes being removed as you almost vocally sound amazement at my perfectly toned body, just how you liked the men in the magazines, a fantasy now offering itself up to you. As your legs curve around mine, arched, you give in to the passion before you, the softness of our skin reminding you, but even better.

My cock easily finds its way into your pussy, the process of getting used to it feels almost like a non challenge, I fall into emotion as we move, the sex only half of what I feel, the tiny details of your pecks on my lips, the smell as we enjoy each other. A slow speed of sex that allures us into getting faster, you become more vocal as your body lights up with arousal even further. 

Our bodies slapping together as the emotion doesn’t leave but invites an even bigger beast of carnal wanting, your hands exploring my back, holding on when you feel ecstasy every few seconds. The stomach dropping realisation of how we are now devouring each other so erotically, a result so obvious to us, yet obscene to others.

You beg me to keep going, I rise up to the challenge as every thrust never lets you down, each one meaningful, every one could be the cause of you soaking the sheets, it is inevitable that it will be dramatic. We both lose all sense of self awareness as the enjoyment increases sharply and the bed shakes, you beg me to give you an orgasm of which I surely do, a mutual climax that is like morphine, yet weakening as it dies down.

It is safe to say we would both like to share a bed together for many weeks and months into the future, none of us ashamed to say we are now together, with an amazing memory that radiates for years to come.

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  1. I love reading your stories!! Each story makes a very good read before bedtime. Thank you for the pleasure Markus. Love Tracy 😉😛


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