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Upon Sunset

Over the hill, a view unlike any other, we cuddle by shoulders as it is now the home straight, laid before a cream coloured sand and stone path that scales the face of the hill, a mountain of butterflies. The emotion holding us back from the fall of dusk, we would surely walk home, an enigma in the making, only the cold putting us in the concrete car park, surrounded by tall untamed trees, half an hour later. 

Maybe if the raindrops that are beginning to pierce through the clouds, could perfect the way my stomach sinks for you, only half felt as the safety of the car misguidedly seems the better option. I put the key in the ignition and pull out of the gravel towards the left edge of the car park, I catch you out of the corner of my eye looking at me in admiration, grabbing my hand for a few seconds to playfully thank me for a good day.

The night glistens before us, the headlights on full beam as we drive down the long road, fields either side and a cloudless sky, the moon euphoric as the taste of the dinner from the short stop at the cafe before the long journey began, begins to fade. The solace of being the only travellers on the road, maybe one or two cars passing us, brings us closer, I take one hand off the wheel to hold yours, my eyes taken off the road for a short time as I feel your peck on the cheek.

We talk for a little while, like a story being conjured up as we get closer to the town, the trees begin to get thicker and become more abundant, the roads getting more technical with a sudden appearance of signs by the side. The conversation turns more alluring as I navigate my way around the network of roundabouts, as we discuss how to spend the rest of our evening. The rest of the journey is easy as we both know whats in store, how can we not indulge in what we won't admit, well cultured intimacy with much pleasure I've only had with you.

Parking up in the little parking space that faces away from my front door but only a walk across the road away, we share a kiss once more, this one more of an admittance of love in its softness, before we remember to grab the last of the pic nic paraphernalia out of the back of the car. Coming into the house I turn the hallway light on, perhaps a little persuasion isn't needed as you grab my hand and take me upstairs enthusiastically. 

The bedroom door quickly shut, we share a little giggle as we kiss passionately, the flame inside of you spikes my arousal like a thorn, my erection forced quickly as I am now lusting deeply for you, we rush to take our clothes off, as I push you onto the bed, my trousers still on as we have a moment so intimate we both feel in a freefall into a warm, sizzling place. You help me take my trousers off before I help you remove your slightly frilly bra, in a way that gets you excited. 

My fingers feel like ice drops as I pull the strings of your knickers down, you feel tiny pin prick shocks of pleasure as the fabric comes away from your gorgeous pussy. I do the honours, you moan in pleasure as you lay back and just let me take you, my tongue just hitting the right spots as it feels warm and cold in waves. 

You beg me to fuck you as I get up and you marvel at my body that is toned just the right way, slim yet powerful for a healthy dose of sex. I position myself to enter you, the intimacy in our lower bodies is astounding, awe inspiring. The insertion is easy, our bodies perfectly conforming to each other as I deliver a powerful thrust that makes you let out the most deserving yet demanding moan. I make myself comfortable, making sure you are dutifully seen to as I instruct you in my body language to lay back and let me satisfy you into oblivion.

The bed springs strain as we get well into it, your breasts feeling good as they come into contact with my chest, maybe a little nibble of your nipples with each progression in your pleasure, a little treat sealed with a bow. We both begin to get sweaty, the sex is of pure joy as we are both ready to let loose and cum, I wish to serve you and I make sure my movements are perfect to send you into bliss. 

The sex becomes momentarily frantic, the moaning cheeky as the bed springs strain more, before I know it your pussy tenses around my perfect cock, how you always dreampt sex to be. The bed soaked as you squirt and I cum not soon after, my cock momentarily feeling hard as steel as I cum with you reeling in after pleasure from your orgasm.

All there is to do is turn the lights off and enjoy tomorrow, for my lust is only for you.

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  1. You amaze me every time! I look forward to reading your stories and you never disappoint. Being a single woman, I sometimes need something to read to keep me warm 😉 and these definitely do that!!
    Keep them cumming Markus and me too 😃


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