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The rays beat down, allure exudes against the temptation of the warmth, giving in to the freedom of carelessness, seductive hearts fade from love. The grass is freshly cut among sun beds, drips of water fall down the sides of glasses, ice chilled beverages and the cream filled lollies that are leisurely consumed by the few people who choose to bear all, the hottest day of the year.

The blaze basks across my torso, allowing sunken butterflies to flutter at the bottom of my stomach easier, nothing truly matters for this hour, we both tiptoe on the edge of the euphoria of days of unknowing and naivety. With only thin layers covering us, lust is only a suggestion, the day maturing past half two, the first hints of late afternoon laziness, start to become front and centre - as does my marvel at the brazen moments of passion we've always shared.

From where we sit, the sun is just starting to move out of the way, I wonder if we should surrender to going inside, the fans in the living room only blowing out mildly warm air, still a chance to have a half time break, a refresher behind closed doors. 

I pitch the suggestion, a sigh as you sit up, you realise you need a refill of the strawberry cola, where the ice cubes, now tiny pearls at the sides of the glass. You agree, picking up the glass and your bit of summer reading, a romance novel that had always piqued your interest, a naughty little delivery that you proudly displayed for everyone walking past.

The front door of our little bedsit shuts behind us, as we traipse into the kitchen, me working my way through the fridge, loads of chocolate and various fizzy and alcoholic drinks being chilled. You jump on the bed, getting comfortable as your stringy bikini, just about holding your perfect body, as you see me getting the snacks and drinks ready, you feel your skin pushing against your bikini top, your brain catches up with your sudden almost stomach dropping interest. 

Your nipples hardening as little pin pricks of arousal happen down below, it becomes increasingly hard to not show your feelings of lust. I lay down next to you as your allure is ever so evident, it just turns me on as you melt into the thorn of lust that tears through you, caressing and grabbing me. Our clothes quickly taken off as you make your way on top of me, your soft thighs collding with my firm, sculpted groin. 

Your pussy desperately wet, the intensity of your breathing sharpens, you moan as I whisper "fuck" as the full weight effortlessly makes my perfect, to you, cock get deeper inside. Not a lot of effort is required to have you feeling every thrust that you hold on to, your bikini top now an afterthought as you love me licking and tickling your nipples. 

You cannot bear it any longer, as you soak the sheets with a sun drenched, leg shaking and pussy quenching orgasm. It's almost as if, our emotion is forever.

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