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The sunset stings the bottom of the horizon as the moon glistens in a legacy of a golden reflection, up above. Only a few directions to go, at the end of this road, rising and sinking along with my gut feeling, 12 long months of lockdown we have been apart, finally I get to caress, no doubt as euphoric as the first ever time, the scenery around me blending the calm anxiety.

A few road signs go past, some for a few more seconds as I sit at junctions that drown me in derealization, forced anxiety, numbed by the prospect of the familiarly soul riveting euphoria that I love to spend with you. The view to my right, the verge leading down to the docklands where people watched the world go by, an unknowing wonder of what they've desired, only on the luck that's passing them by.

The block of houses on the first exit on the roundabout, until I turn into the road, my stomach sinks with a tingle, forced actions as my mind becomes automatic, the comfort and allure of our sex, sends shakey weakness through me, never known since I was naive. I collect myself, before a few seconds respite as I courageously open the car door, locking it behind me as I prepare to present the lushously boxed artisan chocolates, knocking on the door.

After the twenty seconds that felt like an eternity, I hear a hand turn the handle of the main bolt on the door, suddenly the black curtain behind the door gets pulled to one side, revealing the most curvy, perfectly and sinfully decadent figure, adorned by a silky satin dress that allures my senses. I see your eyes light up at the sight of the guy you had always quite fancied, a gleeful welcome in with the surprise of the chocolates that always lay in that online shopping basket, but I will do anything to please you.

You make no uncertainties about it, you only want one thing, the seductive risk of messaging a guy and offering an evening of fun and sinful frolics, all paid off in the end, you chose well.

Leading me into the bedroom at the corner of your flat, you commit to seduce me in  a spot near the bed, an elegant kiss and coming closer, the softness of your breathing as I tease you with my fingers, your neck and shoulders, suddenly spikes as I pull you closer to me. A sunken minute passes of me playing sexy mind games as you crave to find out where I will touch next, a pin prick moan as I suddenly get more sexual, you sit on the knife edge of an admission of lust, the decadence of the feeling of my touch pulling you into carnal abandon.

We fall on to the bed, the mood in the room heavy as we tear each other clothes off, the more that is revealed, the more you feel free of guilt, under the duvet of a connection, your flower starting to get wet. Before long, I am giving you what you not so cheekily guided me towards, the oral against your flower that is so warm, it burns through you. 

The curtains breeze as the window is slightly ajar, the warm autumn evening adds a little glisten to our passionate lovemaking, just as I push the tip of my penis against the outer wall of your flower. I work my way deep inside of you, the pleasure activating that brainwave explosion of unbearable joy and giving in to the release of what had been denied for months. 

You enjoy every last movement, as you relish every nuance of our skin coming together, drawing it down into a building ecstacy that allures you into making it happen, the fast thrusting that makes the bed shake, your nipples only a nibble away from feeling like a sour candy. You pull me close, your orgasm only a few thrusts away as you let loose on your moaning, a burst of squirt that follows your thighs shaking, a job well done.

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