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The Lesson

The time has come again, mercilessly surrendering to me as you get on all fours across our luxury four poster bed. The smell of incense envelops the room, the thin ribbon of smoke makes the atmosphere musky, your sourly sweet curvaceous body lights the hunger in me, the room being for starters. Our sessions becoming more strict with ever increasing punishment, but I have tricks up my sleeve, only for you, will I make you experience domination that pushes the limits of what you thought sane.

I undress before you, my ripped and sculpted body powers over you as I put the condom on, my arousal increases as I think about my plan for you, I'm going to tease and punish you, in ways you haven't experienced before. You look thankful as I start to enter you, you bite your lip in glee, unknowing of the challenge before you. The synchronicity of the sex is the calm before the storm, adrenaline shoots through me as I see you relax, the energy to punish you becomes too much of a pinch on my nerve.

"Don't look at me, be grateful" I command, basking in the adrenaline of you misunderstanding my command. You look at me and the look on your face is unsure, I prepare to whip you with my flogger, delivering a powerful lash as you gasp in pain that converts fluidly to pleasure. "Be thankful for my cock, don't make me say it again", as you pull at straws to predict what I want from you, "thank you, master", you timidly say. 

"Misbehave like that again and you'll get a more severe punishment next time" I announce, you willingly comply as you promise not to break the rules again. "Turn over, let master admire your body" I instruct, as you carefully lay on your back for me to enter you again. I come down, placing my hand on your jaw, and in the most custard sweet deep and low voice, softly saying "give me attention, I deserve your respect" as you moan acutely as the atmosphere becomes sweaty.

I continue to fuck you, as you utter words in between moans of how you adore master's cock, the movement of your body is beautiful as we each get closer to cumming. "Turn your head away, you undeserving slut" I instruct, as my narcissism takes over, tearing into you in contrast over the comfort I had lulled you into before. You comply, as I reward you with a peck on the cheek, maintaining my alpha stance as we both begin to cum, the sheets now being drenched as I feel like I've done an hours work out in the gym, only with alpha's little fuck toy to help.   


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