After Him

The night before Christmas, a view where snowflakes fall on to bitingly cold grass, your fingertips pressing against the glass of the window that leaks the outside chill. Under the windowsill sits the large chest of drawers, a coaster holding a warm mug of coffee atop it, the almost too hot but pleasant drink passes your lips as the calm and silence resonates within you.

The fabric of your duvet only slightly warmer as you tuck yourself in to enjoy your coffee, the bedside lamp has been off for a while, your wonder of the outside, like many years before this, before the dreadful events of the past two years, you have returned into yourself for a moment. The light from your phone screen momentarily stings your eyes, its been that long, taking in everything that feels lost, and everything that hasn't existed since your life changed at the start of all this.

A moment of blankness and you wonder what you should do, unlike you to spend an evening unoccupied, sometimes tense from depression, longing to fall asleep, sometimes exhausted, longing for the new day. 

A loss of purpose, heightened by the pressures of the situation, a release only on the promise of the people many can't prove their desperation. A little awareness to keep going, everything to live for, held back by that, it feels impossible to see beyond.  

You pick your phone up again, the apps come back as you slide your finger across the fingerprint button, left off between apps that appear at once, some hold no interest and some have a rare chance of someone reaching out. It transpires the allure in the room, you threw on some cheap lingerie as makeshift pyjamas, little energy to keep up with the washing, you have't been "there" in so long. 

Most days locked to the sofa, daytime TV and half a tub of Ben and Jerry's, your life mundane, that what used to excite you, now a distant memory. You feel a flutter in your stomach that fleetingly shocks your spine, the moan as you'd reach climax with him inside of you. makes your clit and nipples light up, he may be gone, but his memory can ignite what spice there is left, and promising a spring in your step for into the next morning.

You reach and turn over to the cabinet on the other side, rummaging at the bottom through socks and random trinkets, when your hand touches a matte cardboard box, a little struggle for it to be pulled out and you feel the heaviness that you had forgotten about. Thinking back to that one valentines day where he gifted you the vibrator, a secret kept and its memory bringing joy and naughtiness in this moment. 

Without a thought, your knickers slide off with one hand, trying to remember how to unlock the toy and turn it on with the other. Flinging the underwear off your feet the buttons light up pink, the shaft of the toy starts rotating, a vibration as strong as the first ever use, the battery still has enough charge, hopefully for one more orgasm, you mutter.

You relax yourself, your buttocks against the fabric, spread as the atmosphere in the room hits your stomach and flower, your breasts engorging against the black frilly bra, the lack of underwire allowing seductive comfort. You lower the speed of the shaft and slowly massage the head of your clit with the rabbit part of the toy, a memory of him against you half consumes your mind. Your pussy now bravely wet as you give in to the seduction of the memory, how warm it all felt, how you could never hold back from the pleasure. 

Soon enough your flower takes the length of the toy inside, the sound in the room that of the bed holding your weight, and that of your sex, flutters of moans, unknown to everyone as they were gracefully away. You feel butterflies that will never go away, the emotion of your love for him released when you cum, the next day he will be with you, the memory of sex allowing your release, playing with your nipples and time no longer a factor, him kissing your nipples adding to the jaw dropping event. 

For the first time in as long as you can remember, you feel happy to wash your bed sheets the next morning, he helped you out once again.

Joyce's Delight

An autumnal morning with a slight chill in the air, softened by the glow of the sun at ten minutes to eight in the morning. Forgetting the liberation of a day to yourself, a time so sweet as to help you rule your own kingdom. Thirty minutes pass as the guilt sets in, life is always best when on a roll, that one goal, the passion set free, feeling so positive as the morning iced coffee gets poured.

Your calmness sets as the cleaner definitely did a good job, looking out on to blue skies across open green space with houses dotted about, the world just about coming alive. The past two weeks of work, 14 hour days, non stop, your feet only starting to not ache, you tear yourself away from the view to go and sit on the sofa, maybe a little too relaxed as you turn to lay across.

Making your way through the bowl of cereal, you finish off the coffee and feel bright, no grogginess here as you are, as if it were lunch time. You hear the rockery up your drive rustling, footsteps that sound ever so promising, before its suddenly close and a polite use of the door knocker gets you up quickly. Soon enough, you are cradling a box down your front hall and into your living room, placing it down on to the side table. Curious, you try and remember what you ordered, a quick think through your emails, hidden behind a mass of work correspondence, it hits you that you ventured to the naughty side of the internet, oh dear.

Laboriously sorting through the post, the parcel remains last, past all the correspondence and surveys, and that damned aunt Barbara who wont leave you alone, you feel a daring guilt as you go and grab the scissors to tear through the parcel tape. Slicing through the middle to seperate the two lids of the parcel, a suppressed memory comes back as a surprise, it all rings a bell.

Surprised by the elegance of the box, imposing an allure not invited, like an admission of past sensual joy, it has its chance to help you decide. A little curious, you slide the box open to see the impressive design, going as far as to excite you a little. You bite your lip autonomously, before a suggestive shuffle towards and up the staircase.

Adorning the double bed, neatly made and a duvet with soft fabric, you open the box completely, placing the box next to you on the bed, the matte cardboard rectangular cover beside it. You pick the toy up, its shaft, a treat for the g spot, feeling luxurious and flawlessly soft, the control panel designed so intuitively it should be illegal for the designer not to work for Apple. 

You press the most obvious "on" button, the toy hums at its lowest setting, you feel an excitement but a shudder pulse of guilt shooting up your spine, these things had never really been for you, sure to change for a collection of minutes. Both box and cover whisked on to the side cabinet, you get comfortable on the bed, the arousal constant and internal giggles take over.

Pulling your joggers down, underneath, a curvy figure and lace knickers, a sense of freedom as you spread your legs as you feel your nipples harden. Lust drenched as you pull your knickers from under you, past your bottom and pussy, only then you notice how wet you are. In one hand and they pull past your feet, a feeling of a day lost comes over you as you lay in bed, ready to make scenes worthy of hollywood movies.

Finding the perfect setting on the toy as your fantasies replay in your mind, that one sculpted guy who came to do the garden, getting sweaty as you rode his perfect cock, working as hard, on you, as he did pushing the lawnmower. The toy easily enters you, its vibrations as effective as they felt new. 

You feel flustered as your breathing gets heavier, the dream of your body taking every inch of his, sex that didn't need a reason. The toy hits your g spot with full accuracy and depth, your pussy a puddle of involuntary movements, dripping ominously as your inner urges take over. A daydream of loving intimacy, his skin against yours as he gets close with you nearing orgasm with an almost impossible level of perfection, and with that, you do.


Upon the morning, without a mind's thought, that would drift into afternoon, but only with the lift of the sound of the sea. The tension is deafened by the vastness of the sinking, only to create a new world, a story that will be placed in your heart.

The urgency lost but intense, relaxing in the caravan as the afternoon starts to mature. Only the windows and the doors being open can silence a happening of carnal magnitude. Sitting in your loosely revealing yet socially formal dress, many a man have glanced at your curvaceous yet enticing figure, a world of positive attention as you feel free on the spontaneous trip down to the beach. Your friends have gone down to the pier, promising to return with a meal of Fish and Chips, probably a few hours with slight boredom setting in as the mood hints at dragging on.

A quick browse of the fridge as a subtle hit of chilly air hits your face, the little sweet serving of chocolatey shortbread that sits near the back of the fridge entices you deeply, although you now reserve such treats to enhance accomplishments, that new client signed up at work, a new series on Netflix binged or a thrilling orgasm. The mood feels right to let go a little, what would the holiday be without letting go a little more, after all, this year of all years has been hard on everyone.

Almost absent mindedly but definitely decidedly, the doors and windows start getting shut, the dare turns to internal excitement, the naughty little treat packed away deep in your bag, as had satisfied you before, timidly pulled out with the door shutting behind you. An elegant yet greedy shimmy towards the bed as you get comfortable, free with your movements as you feel an inner spark, your lacey knickers coming down over your knees.

Spreading your legs as the wet folds of your flower come apart with your thighs, you refrain from touching yourself, letting the small silicone bullet, now maneuvered between your fingers, send the first pulse of pleasure as it contacts with your clitoris. Spreading your legs further apart as the almost surprise that you feel so carnal, so wanting, in the first moments of masturbation, you breath gets sharper as a little chirp of a moan comes out. 

The feel of the sea air against your skin helps re focus your mind on relaxation, as if you were there, the people suggestively dressed in the way that just gets you going, you press and move the bullet quicker and closer. A little reminder of the summer fling from a few years ago, how you found his cock magnificent and like morphine, in private and in a little secluded spot out on the cliff edge, starts to get you going, chirps turning to gasps.

You get a moment of anxiety to see that the window curtains are definitely shut, your pleasure brought back instantly and softly, you start moving to make it work, like with an ease is it good and rewarding, decadently pleasurable. The tension building up within your groin, you feel dominated by the dare, the synthetic feeling of guilt increasing with every burst of ecstacy, no way back as the final moments drown you in a release so guilty but so adventurous and relaxing. You catch you breath feeling confident and liberated, they were never back in plenty of time.


Emotion comes over you as the wind becomes a breeze, a comfort of a small chill lowers your tension in a thready yet lushious way, like chocolate melting on the tongue. Looking over the fields, the sun setting with a reflection that tears against the fences, you've only known such beauty when coming here. Many Septembers before this, you'd drop yourself into the serenity of the vista, a gateway into the only bliss you know.

A cold glass of cola infuses the calm with a hint of vanilla, this summer has brought you back to your inner feeling, a year of worry that petrified your imagined loss of being. Only the way today has fallen into you, an exact return of freedom and the butterflies it brings. Memories of TV programs of the summer fields, showing an almost alien carefree existence, for once you feel you've hit the end of the movie like world that has played out for many months.

Three in the afternoon, the height of the warmth of any day, you were always one to enjoy the sultry suggestion of the sun against the skin, a phantom of allure, only sometimes seducing you into sexual abandon. You relax more into the car seat, the left passenger door open for you to stretch your legs, a wisp of air pulling them apart ever so slowly and without awareness.

The warmth in the air blends in with the smell of the grass and lavender, reminding you of the summertime romance from a few years ago, a couple of incredibly satisfying nights in the sheets, a hanful of frolics out in the countryside. The olfactory pleasantry hits that one thing inside you, a key going into a lock, as you fall into a sudden inspiration.

An upbringing of allure creeps up down below, instantly but subtly the feeling of being the most horny you've ever been. You inhale one more time as the euphoria hits you and suggests you into giving in, a quick glance in both directions to make sure no ones around. Timidly unzipping your jeans as the decadence and dare make your stomach sink, not long before your nipples press against your top with your fingers sliding down past the border of your knickers to your dripping flower.

You press against both lips with both your longest fingers, the way to an orgasm becoming clearer as you begin to masturbate, your breasts begging for attention of which they surely get. The sun setting to soak you in its shine, the memories of your romance making your masturbation automatic, almost hurried as your play which leaves nothing unattended, you moan instinctively, a sound not meant for the area. You insert your fingers inside yourself, touching your well mastered g spot that brings you to the edge, the risk of anyone seeing you is drowned out but only half as intense as you now cumming and spoiling the seat with your squirt. As natural as anything else, you sit, living like all around you. 


The Lush

You look out of the window at the vineyard, vast fields of grapes into the distance. The cracks in the sill add a charm of warmth, the sun becomes orange as it sets, the chill throughout the day still feels fresh on your fingers. Only the memories that bring happiness can be felt, only you create the beauty in the room, a comfy jumper and jeans that take you back to simpler times, the first time in a year that hasn't been chaotic.

The bed behind you perfectly made, the boiler just now ticking over and the heating coming on, the duvet comforting as you sit on the side of the bed, facing the window, only your conscience can descend. Your shoulders ease as a light of a sensation crawls up your spine, the sun inching into the ground, a shudder of a ripple, black and alluring as if it was nightfall.

The reset until the morning hour, a release of course needed, modesty closely guarded along with your inner desire to indulge yourself at the selfishness of the demand. You timidly make moves to pull your jeans down, exercising your right to lay down and get comfortable, your jeans at your knees as you slide your fingers behind the material of your knickers, the chill up your spine as you pull them past your buttocks and off with the jeans.

The only help you need is your mind, your flower slippery on first stroke with two fingers, your pleasure guided and seduced by your own intuition. You let go and spread your legs, commiting to the pursuit of an orgasm. Your masturbation feels ever so good, the touching intensifying yout arousal as you get ever so more wet, the memories of that summer hook up last year acting as the fuel for your sure fire descent into bliss.

As if you can feel the weight on your body, your fingers now a tribute to the cock you thought was perfect, deep inside you as you shy away from the bliss of then, as if it can happen again. Bravery and you explore further, the pleasure more genuine than most of the past year, that sweet spot that brings in the final moments. The people downstairs feel anxious as you moan on orgasm, selfish but liberating, demanding but natural. 

The fields outside, another feeling of warmth.


A dreary breeze falters into the morning, a deceivingly icy wind comes through the window, grey clouds muffle the concrete that was not long ago glistening golden. Freedom from the slowness, the restraint untied, ice cold drink and porridge with fresh fruit, a return to the simplicity of calmer times.

You turn the TV on, the day cheats its way to fading into much later in the morning, 10.30am and still in your pink chemise from bed time, there appears to be nothing at all to watch on TV, just the same old repeated news about the pandemic and ineffective chitter chatter about what rules should, and shouldn't be applied.

Maybe it's just the perpetual daily slumber everyone is in, life truly is locked into simple indulgence with the bottom line of no connection. Perhaps this is the pause we were all teased into taking, for the first time a serene derealisation, the world in a state of calm crisis, a million snow storms with terror beyond control.

You find yourself, laying there, feeling the cloud of the slumber, trying to decide what to do in a loss of direction, with a boredom that has a tinge of frustration. A cheeky thought, the little giggle as you think of using your vibrator, a Doxy wand that arrived only a few weeks ago after a late night drunk order. You make your way into your bedroom, pulling the circular knob on the drawer, and under some disorganised clothes, the Doxy lay, still in its box, the security seals only undone to check all was correct.

You feel an almost whipping of horniness, the geyser of a sunken stomach, free flying butterflies shake you, just as the first time. Now back in your living room, the inspiration has sedated your arousal into daring, with you now closing the curtains. 

Only a little dexterity required as you plug the Doxy into the wall, laying on your sofa with your pussy aching to be thrilled in what it dares. Your fingertips slide just under the end of your chemise, a white pattern lines the pink satin. The fabric coming closer to your stomach slowly, your pussy feeling even more teased as the sweet feeling is now constant. 

You navigate the control panel of the Doxy, only then do you commit to what you almost never admit, not in the company of others, whilst the toy autonomically before you know it, is now being delightful down below. The head massages, up and down as the sensations become sweet pin pricks, a shockwave of a jolt as you press the head against your clit.

You keep it there, pushing down to complete the ecstacy, giving your whole pussy the indulgence that you deserve. Not long before the making of your dry spell culminates in a gasp inducing, pillow wetting orgasm. For that minute, you rest on the freedom.


The rays beat down, allure exudes against the temptation of the warmth, giving in to the freedom of carelessness, seductive hearts fade from love. The grass is freshly cut among sun beds, drips of water fall down the sides of glasses, ice chilled beverages and the cream filled lollies that are leisurely consumed by the few people who choose to bear all, the hottest day of the year.

The blaze basks across my torso, allowing sunken butterflies to flutter at the bottom of my stomach easier, nothing truly matters for this hour, we both tiptoe on the edge of the euphoria of days of unknowing and naivety. With only thin layers covering us, lust is only a suggestion, the day maturing past half two, the first hints of late afternoon laziness, start to become front and centre - as does my marvel at the brazen moments of passion we've always shared.

From where we sit, the sun is just starting to move out of the way, I wonder if we should surrender to going inside, the fans in the living room only blowing out mildly warm air, still a chance to have a half time break, a refresher behind closed doors. 

I pitch the suggestion, a sigh as you sit up, you realise you need a refill of the strawberry cola, where the ice cubes, now tiny pearls at the sides of the glass. You agree, picking up the glass and your bit of summer reading, a romance novel that had always piqued your interest, a naughty little delivery that you proudly displayed for everyone walking past.

The front door of our little bedsit shuts behind us, as we traipse into the kitchen, me working my way through the fridge, loads of chocolate and various fizzy and alcoholic drinks being chilled. You jump on the bed, getting comfortable as your stringy bikini, just about holding your perfect body, as you see me getting the snacks and drinks ready, you feel your skin pushing against your bikini top, your brain catches up with your sudden almost stomach dropping interest. 

Your nipples hardening as little pin pricks of arousal happen down below, it becomes increasingly hard to not show your feelings of lust. I lay down next to you as your allure is ever so evident, it just turns me on as you melt into the thorn of lust that tears through you, caressing and grabbing me. Our clothes quickly taken off as you make your way on top of me, your soft thighs collding with my firm, sculpted groin. 

Your pussy desperately wet, the intensity of your breathing sharpens, you moan as I whisper "fuck" as the full weight effortlessly makes my perfect, to you, cock get deeper inside. Not a lot of effort is required to have you feeling every thrust that you hold on to, your bikini top now an afterthought as you love me licking and tickling your nipples. 

You cannot bear it any longer, as you soak the sheets with a sun drenched, leg shaking and pussy quenching orgasm. It's almost as if, our emotion is forever.


The sunset stings the bottom of the horizon as the moon glistens in a legacy of a golden reflection, up above. Only a few directions to go, at the end of this road, rising and sinking along with my gut feeling, 12 long months of lockdown we have been apart, finally I get to caress, no doubt as euphoric as the first ever time, the scenery around me blending the calm anxiety.

A few road signs go past, some for a few more seconds as I sit at junctions that drown me in derealization, forced anxiety, numbed by the prospect of the familiarly soul riveting euphoria that I love to spend with you. The view to my right, the verge leading down to the docklands where people watched the world go by, an unknowing wonder of what they've desired, only on the luck that's passing them by.

The block of houses on the first exit on the roundabout, until I turn into the road, my stomach sinks with a tingle, forced actions as my mind becomes automatic, the comfort and allure of our sex, sends shakey weakness through me, never known since I was naive. I collect myself, before a few seconds respite as I courageously open the car door, locking it behind me as I prepare to present the lushously boxed artisan chocolates, knocking on the door.

After the twenty seconds that felt like an eternity, I hear a hand turn the handle of the main bolt on the door, suddenly the black curtain behind the door gets pulled to one side, revealing the most curvy, perfectly and sinfully decadent figure, adorned by a silky satin dress that allures my senses. I see your eyes light up at the sight of the guy you had always quite fancied, a gleeful welcome in with the surprise of the chocolates that always lay in that online shopping basket, but I will do anything to please you.

You make no uncertainties about it, you only want one thing, the seductive risk of messaging a guy and offering an evening of fun and sinful frolics, all paid off in the end, you chose well.

Leading me into the bedroom at the corner of your flat, you commit to seduce me in  a spot near the bed, an elegant kiss and coming closer, the softness of your breathing as I tease you with my fingers, your neck and shoulders, suddenly spikes as I pull you closer to me. A sunken minute passes of me playing sexy mind games as you crave to find out where I will touch next, a pin prick moan as I suddenly get more sexual, you sit on the knife edge of an admission of lust, the decadence of the feeling of my touch pulling you into carnal abandon.

We fall on to the bed, the mood in the room heavy as we tear each other clothes off, the more that is revealed, the more you feel free of guilt, under the duvet of a connection, your flower starting to get wet. Before long, I am giving you what you not so cheekily guided me towards, the oral against your flower that is so warm, it burns through you. 

The curtains breeze as the window is slightly ajar, the warm autumn evening adds a little glisten to our passionate lovemaking, just as I push the tip of my penis against the outer wall of your flower. I work my way deep inside of you, the pleasure activating that brainwave explosion of unbearable joy and giving in to the release of what had been denied for months. 

You enjoy every last movement, as you relish every nuance of our skin coming together, drawing it down into a building ecstacy that allures you into making it happen, the fast thrusting that makes the bed shake, your nipples only a nibble away from feeling like a sour candy. You pull me close, your orgasm only a few thrusts away as you let loose on your moaning, a burst of squirt that follows your thighs shaking, a job well done.

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Upon Sunset

Over the hill, a view unlike any other, we cuddle by shoulders as it is now the home straight, laid before a cream coloured sand and stone path that scales the face of the hill, a mountain of butterflies. The emotion holding us back from the fall of dusk, we would surely walk home, an enigma in the making, only the cold putting us in the concrete car park, surrounded by tall untamed trees, half an hour later. 

Maybe if the raindrops that are beginning to pierce through the clouds, could perfect the way my stomach sinks for you, only half felt as the safety of the car misguidedly seems the better option. I put the key in the ignition and pull out of the gravel towards the left edge of the car park, I catch you out of the corner of my eye looking at me in admiration, grabbing my hand for a few seconds to playfully thank me for a good day.

The night glistens before us, the headlights on full beam as we drive down the long road, fields either side and a cloudless sky, the moon euphoric as the taste of the dinner from the short stop at the cafe before the long journey began, begins to fade. The solace of being the only travellers on the road, maybe one or two cars passing us, brings us closer, I take one hand off the wheel to hold yours, my eyes taken off the road for a short time as I feel your peck on the cheek.

We talk for a little while, like a story being conjured up as we get closer to the town, the trees begin to get thicker and become more abundant, the roads getting more technical with a sudden appearance of signs by the side. The conversation turns more alluring as I navigate my way around the network of roundabouts, as we discuss how to spend the rest of our evening. The rest of the journey is easy as we both know whats in store, how can we not indulge in what we won't admit, well cultured intimacy with much pleasure I've only had with you.

Parking up in the little parking space that faces away from my front door but only a walk across the road away, we share a kiss once more, this one more of an admittance of love in its softness, before we remember to grab the last of the pic nic paraphernalia out of the back of the car. Coming into the house I turn the hallway light on, perhaps a little persuasion isn't needed as you grab my hand and take me upstairs enthusiastically. 

The bedroom door quickly shut, we share a little giggle as we kiss passionately, the flame inside of you spikes my arousal like a thorn, my erection forced quickly as I am now lusting deeply for you, we rush to take our clothes off, as I push you onto the bed, my trousers still on as we have a moment so intimate we both feel in a freefall into a warm, sizzling place. You help me take my trousers off before I help you remove your slightly frilly bra, in a way that gets you excited. 

My fingers feel like ice drops as I pull the strings of your knickers down, you feel tiny pin prick shocks of pleasure as the fabric comes away from your gorgeous pussy. I do the honours, you moan in pleasure as you lay back and just let me take you, my tongue just hitting the right spots as it feels warm and cold in waves. 

You beg me to fuck you as I get up and you marvel at my body that is toned just the right way, slim yet powerful for a healthy dose of sex. I position myself to enter you, the intimacy in our lower bodies is astounding, awe inspiring. The insertion is easy, our bodies perfectly conforming to each other as I deliver a powerful thrust that makes you let out the most deserving yet demanding moan. I make myself comfortable, making sure you are dutifully seen to as I instruct you in my body language to lay back and let me satisfy you into oblivion.

The bed springs strain as we get well into it, your breasts feeling good as they come into contact with my chest, maybe a little nibble of your nipples with each progression in your pleasure, a little treat sealed with a bow. We both begin to get sweaty, the sex is of pure joy as we are both ready to let loose and cum, I wish to serve you and I make sure my movements are perfect to send you into bliss. 

The sex becomes momentarily frantic, the moaning cheeky as the bed springs strain more, before I know it your pussy tenses around my perfect cock, how you always dreampt sex to be. The bed soaked as you squirt and I cum not soon after, my cock momentarily feeling hard as steel as I cum with you reeling in after pleasure from your orgasm.

All there is to do is turn the lights off and enjoy tomorrow, for my lust is only for you.


 The scent of the lavender lowers as the sun descends over the horizon, the end of a country walk, the day perfect in weather with the atmosphere breezing perfectly with how natural our conversation feels. Our hair out of shape as the wind has blown just enough to cause amusement, the bird coming and pinching a sandwich from the pic-nic hamper.

Our feet feel achey, the sand path with numerous stones being the only labour of love, a day thoroughly enjoyed by the both of us, it feels good to get back in the car, the relief of knowing I just about afforded to fill the tank yesterday makes the success of our date ever so sweet.

The soles of your feet relax and feel slightly pained but better, a flirtatious question of whether you can take your shoes off to which I pleasantly agree, only things to look forward to for the rest of the day. I ask if you want to order a meal for us to collect from the little independent Italian on the restaurant, not too far away from the route home, I instruct you of what app to use and let you use my card.

You are excited all the way to the restaurant that the journey seemed like a blur on arrival, the slight excitement on your face is evident at the front desk and as the chef brings out the food, two servings of carbonara and the tastiest, cheesiest garlic bread either of us have ever tasted. The aroma of the food ever more delicious as I park us up outside my house, the warm, light May evening has us both chill beyond usual, the stress of work and lockdown, a little respite.

Once we are in I suggest you go and relax on the sofa as I serve up the food on to plates, you curl up on the left cushion and a few minutes later I come into the living room with the dinner using the best plate trays, today has truly been one of indulgence and movie-esque romantic perfection.

We sit and talk for a little while as we eat the dinner, maybe a little longer and the food is finished, taste buds satisfied. I have well and truly won you over, sharing cuddles as the leaves on the trees outside shine golden with the sun almost all the way down for nightfall to take its place.

We had only been on three dates, sensible and proper was our way of courtship, but now I can get the hint you are dropping ever so subtly and with classy decorum. The new intimacy, an allowance of closeness sending my nerves into that rarely known place as if it was my first taste of another person feeling emotion.

Without a word we are slowly caressing each other, soft pecks on each other lips as we cautiously touch each other, covering new ground at a slow pace. I softly moan as you touch my chest, the tips of your fingers feeling like a warm ice as we get heavier in lust. 

As a final indication of our shared desire, I place my hand on your bottom, covered by a blue floral summer dress that you mentally beg not to exist, moaning as I softly bite your lip. After a few whispered words, I carry you to my bedroom, placing you down as you excitedly lift your dress up and remove your knickers. 

My clothes being removed as you almost vocally sound amazement at my perfectly toned body, just how you liked the men in the magazines, a fantasy now offering itself up to you. As your legs curve around mine, arched, you give in to the passion before you, the softness of our skin reminding you, but even better.

My cock easily finds its way into your pussy, the process of getting used to it feels almost like a non challenge, I fall into emotion as we move, the sex only half of what I feel, the tiny details of your pecks on my lips, the smell as we enjoy each other. A slow speed of sex that allures us into getting faster, you become more vocal as your body lights up with arousal even further. 

Our bodies slapping together as the emotion doesn’t leave but invites an even bigger beast of carnal wanting, your hands exploring my back, holding on when you feel ecstasy every few seconds. The stomach dropping realisation of how we are now devouring each other so erotically, a result so obvious to us, yet obscene to others.

You beg me to keep going, I rise up to the challenge as every thrust never lets you down, each one meaningful, every one could be the cause of you soaking the sheets, it is inevitable that it will be dramatic. We both lose all sense of self awareness as the enjoyment increases sharply and the bed shakes, you beg me to give you an orgasm of which I surely do, a mutual climax that is like morphine, yet weakening as it dies down.

It is safe to say we would both like to share a bed together for many weeks and months into the future, none of us ashamed to say we are now together, with an amazing memory that radiates for years to come.

The Cataclysm

The audacity of the time, an unfair sacrifice in the comfort of a prison, two weeks away with your family in the cramped mobile home. The dull warmth of boredrom, away from the fresh air, the scent of wild lavender ever so transient with the grass as the wind would breeze just before the weather got warmer. Evenings around pre packed garlic bread cooked with spaghetti bolognese and board games that passed the time in a monotonous fashion, still, the time with family was a relief from all the stress that had occurred over the past few months. 

It is the morning of the day you get ready to leave, maybe fresh faced yet unfulfilled, the shower after breakfast cleaning your slate for the ravaging you don't even know yet exists. The boot of the car slams shut and clicks, three hours go by, seperated by a stop to get a few drinks at the service station. The joint ache as you lift the two suitcases to your front door, you know it won't be long before you'll be free, given in and willing to let loose, your mind diluted into a cloud.

Soon home, you know it wont be long before I get home from work, the mornings post that hadn't been collected as I would leave before daybreak, neatly sorted on the table and compose yourself, comfy clothes cosied on the sofa. A tinge of anxiety works it’s way in, the wonder of what I’d been up to the past fortnight, you always mused on the wondering of my mind, the safety of your belief I would never stray, only starting to be moved.

The buzzer in the hallway sounds, you effortlessly press the unlock button for the security door, natural excitement fills, an eager opening of the door and we soon share a hug, the relief feels like a weight lifted, like a white lie being believed.

The secret lust you hold, being held in, you just want the pleasantries to pass as a flame only warms but never burns, excruciatingly. The quick dinner, due to lack of preparation and your eagerness, lands us sat on the sofa staring into the TV, the latest binge watch social media fad, before our eyes on Netflix.

A little closer you come, I read your non verbal clues and I suddenly feel horny, without us saying a word the sexual tension exudes immensely, automatically frantic as we move to the bedroom. The mood in the room drops as your unapologetically curvaceous body begs and reaches for mine, our clothes off quicker than never before, you sigh in ecstasy as you see my long, thick cock, hard for you.

You fall and spread on to the double bed, you never associated with any kinky titles, but you have totally given into submission, your legs spread and raised, your pussy perfect in arousal, I sigh as it would be entirely rude to not leave you spent.

My cock feeling excitingly blissful, as you show no sign of holding back, gliding in with the purely natural wetness, your breasts feeling warmer as your nipples enlarge. I begin thrusting as the pleasure is instant and simply enjoyable with nothing getting in the way, the sex unashamedly graphic and lewd, I wonder if your fantasy of someone walking in on us would come to light, but you were always one to keep your secrets hidden.

The weight of me on your skin is felt by both of us, as I start to feel the burn, beneath me the angel delight of the body I wanted, and fantasised for, whenever I’d come and see you in the office to hand my time sheet in. The bed barely holding us as the headboard shakes and slams against the wall, I start to sweat as it is becoming hard not to cum, I pull out as you beg me to start fucking you again, I remind you of how hot you are as I have a break, the beautiful agony on your face as you finger yourself to keep it going.

I become hard again and ready, you welcome it with a gasp and a moan, the sharpness of the moan excites me, you couldn’t bear to be denied an orgasm, your tiptoe into the world of domination was one that left you wanting more.

Seemingly out of nowhere, we become in tune with each other, I rise to the challenge of a hard, energetic fuck as your wetness drips and the abandon of lust consumes you, I had never seen you like this before. You gasp tremendously with an even bigger moan that makes us both cum, your pussy feeling softly empty with the drops of wetness that lessened the more we lay next to each other. Your mood and release lasts many days into the future, before the next time you defy the stress with a decadent trip, over me.

A Night's Play

The grate of the mind forces my awareness into an ache of tense nothingness, ever since you started working these long hours, I could not bring myself to admit to you the pain, my hand forced at the promise of better pay. The time left until you usually get home, feeling like an endless road as the hands on the clock are sat uneven, I know distraction will be a dead end, so close yet so far away.

I close the curtains, the street lights have been on for too long, my sense of upkeep slipping, a tiptoe into the depths of depression, only rarely does my longing get satiated by a warm bed, you beautifully lying there. A hint of cautious excitement and I get up to go and get the kettle on, a mild cup of coffee for me and the warming flavoured camomile drink that you always craved after a night shift, I always loved seeing you happy as you took the first sip of the sweet strawberry flavour, a hug and a kiss following.

My senses light up as I hear the almost inaudible sounds of you walking down the gravel drive, you managed to make it in time to get on the car pool with your colleagues. A slight shudder goes up my spine as you put your key in the lock, my throat finding the air to welcome you, finally managing when you are half way through the door. 

After a few words exhanged, the kiss and cuddle are soon shared between us, your drink already prepared to your delight. We have a little chat, my pain given an easy hit of morphine, the existence of my anguish becoming a triviality. Finally, in bed as was usual only a handful of minutes after your welcoming home and quick drink, I unassumingly get into bed with just my boxers on while you are in the bathroom taking your makeup off. Now in the bedroom and you dress in the exquisite silk chemise that you don't know always lights my heart, and desire with a bright flame.

We each take a quick glance at our phones to see the last update of the day on social media, I dare give in to the sinking feeling that preludes arousal as I see the body I used to frequently worship and embrace, move in admiration of me, I feel safe.

A quick embrace that I thought was to say goodnight, my hand conciously involuntarily, smoothly touches your leg, as we kiss I slowly move my hand further up to your bottom, you look into my eyes as if staring into my soul, you feel my finger tips just touching the inside edges of your buttocks. The mood descends from scented comfort to a gut dropping eroticism, as you kiss me more passionately than I've known in recent memory, the sensation of the silk with my fingers against your skin, lit a fire within you that catches my soul from a freefall.

You moan as I kiss your neck, I prepare to love and fuck your curvaceous body, elegantly pulling the shoulder straps down to loosen the silk around your breast that I can't help but worship with my tongue against your nipple. Our breathing becomes heavier and in tune with each others as we peck each others necks while we get into position. 

I see your pussy aching for attention as I get up and you spread your legs, I just let myself give into my intuition, now giving you the almost perfect oral that hits all the right spots at just the right time, you become on another level as this is what you've wanted, the words never leaving your lips as they never did mine. 

A collection of whispers leave each of ours lips, the core instruction being for us to make love, an exercise out of pure craving. I position myself for us to have sex in missionary, our sex will be without pornographic carnal emptiness, nothing but each others sweat and movement, with a warmth building in each of us.  

My hard and perfectly sized cock glides inwards as every inch deeper raises the gasp in my ear, the slowness of me pulling in and out has you wishing time would stop, the moisture of your pussy making it an easy task, the sex is a dream as nothing is causing problems. I help you free your breasts from the chemise, instantly making me harder as you welcome this with your moans. 

Your pussy begging to facilitate an orgasm, involuntarily contracting to feel more of my cock as I get closer to cumming, with all my strength I begin to thrust harder and faster, the sex now a marathon as the moaning between us is now exhausting yet titillating, the bed creaking as it holds our sex. 

The pleasure builds within you, the burn of the marathon is accompanied by a slow build of ecstacy that only sex can bring, it feels like an eternity in me as well, I am almost ready to collapse as your moans cause the cloud of slow build pleasure in each of us to burst into sweet bliss. Your inner thighs shake, followed by weakness I also feel in my shoulders, as I collapse next to you, relieved and spent. We both agree on the amazingness of the sex and we both fall into the land of nod not surely after, a spring in my step was surely had for the morning at work.      

The Vision

A quick slumber, divided by the sound of cars passing by, amplified by synthetic imagination of an almost blackness of vast hills and trees breezing past. My day had been spent wondering and imagining, ending with the sound that consumed my weary hours, oh how I've wanted you before, the caress that I wish was with you. Many a time I'd enjoyed the image in private, an act of self love that grew increasingly absent in its relaxing yet lonesome way. Last night's dream was inspiring, the way my mind excels under the almost hard work of letting myself pretend we share a bed, the infinite indulgence and distance of the feeling is, I don't want it to end.

We'd met frequently, always amongst friends, it wasn't three months before I started wanting the shape of you, your curves colliding with mine, I started to long to see your face as you rode me, your body moving along with the motions of almost cinematic sex. Today I will see you, the first time in three weeks as the time has teased me beyond what could almost be domination, an invisible mistress taunting the strings of my emotions, pressing hard on the denial of my wanting. 

The occasion had called for a private meeting, everyone else being tied up, and the hobby we shared that you wanted to come and enjoy with me, afterwards your favourite meal that I just so happened to have had plenty of practice on. The game board neatly laid on the table, the oven should have fully prepared the dish of cheesey pasta shortly after you arrive, I'm all prepared as it nears the time of your arrival, I'm looking forward to a chance to take my mind off work and finally relax with all the trouble in the family. Oven gloves in easy reach on top of the cooker so that I don't embarrass myself, the room casually presented.

My gut sinks as the time gets closer, the anxiety of you calling to cancel our plans, worsens as I think about the stress of a sudden knock at the door, I have always had to work hard to enjoy evenings shared with people, a fear that not even the prospect of the evening going well could release me from. I sit for a few minutes, my mind almost blank as I am mildly suffocated by the petrified excitement and anticipation of your arrival, my mind playing tricks of suggestions of you cancelling, something coming up, or facing the calm fear of your arrival.

Not long after, you knock, my fight or flight reflex taking over as I derealize while getting up and making my way to the door, my hand hesitates as I pull the handle, the image of a perfect woman standing before me. Pleasantries exchanged, my nerves falling into an almost tranquil and calm state, a thunderbolt sedated into a puddle. My mind collects itself as it realises we are now laid next to each other in bed, your designer high heels, taken off like a pipedream as you make it known you are around for fun.

Seems like half an hour passes where I know intimacy like never before, levels of deepness into someone that tears my long unknowing away. My fingers barely register as I lightly touch your legs, the firmness increasing almost incrimentally as I slowly tease my way under your dress, your breathing sharply spikes, calming after I reach the base of your buttocks. You vocally recoil as my fingers tease the very outer area of your pussy, suddenly awoken with the arousal that comes into the room through the deepness of your gasps. 

You push me back and change position, removing just enough clothing for me to properly attend to your now lustfully aching pussy, I surprise with going forth and taking it in my mouth, my tounge warm with icy sparks as it gets deeper into you, your clit feeling like it can't escape the prison of the pre orgasm. My tongue is putting you into ecstacy as it finally hits your g spot, your nipples tingling as they press against the top of your dress, to which you hurriedly remove. 

The air in the room, humid with the sound and smell of well worked sex, the emotion I thought I'd feel playing board games with you has been shot down by the height of carnal abandon. Your pussy now drenched, I hit all the right spots as you let me know you are cumming, words spoken in a way only the most desperate could articulate. There will be no modesty as you moan in pleasure, the orgasm having felt blissful for the past thirty seconds, putting you in beautiful agony for an eternity for a powerful, heavy orgasm.  


Cathartic Descent

A night - transcending the past year, a reality, no one has experienced.

You glance at your phone, nothing out of the ordinary whizzes past as you instinctively scroll before flicking your finger for the last time, before the short time passes before another automatic doom scroll. The bottom of your screen catches your eye as the familiar yet spine tingling icon just about rises, the red shape surrounded by black, the flip switches in your brain, you are completely alone in the house, and you've remembered to light the scented candles.

The bottle of vino now only nearly full as it sits next to a poured glass, with you comfy on the sofa as the page is now in the back of your mind as you tease yourself on whether you should indulge tonight or not. The almost white noise of the Alexaradio in the background, the hint of the sounds of the nineties, silenced by a hurried request from you to stop playing. People always said you were away with the fairies, a flight from one guilty pleasure to another.

The tiny butterfly sitting at the bottom of your stomach, teasing the edges of the tip of your nerves, as you timidly scroll down the page to see an array of new posts, the titles of the stories intriguing or tittilating you. You select one, the little bar coming up at speed with the grey progress bar making its way across the screen, presented with the warning about this blog being adults only, you feel an inch of excitement and anxiety as you'd never admit to anyone that the like button you didn't think twice about has become your indulgence.

Pressing the orange button and the screen becomes hot pink, white and black, just as you make sense of the screen, you ignore everything else and start on the first paragraph, knowing you will be sucked in and seduced by a dream like setting and the plain filth that covered the lower paragraphs. You feel a sprinkle of horniness as you remember how the drips of wetness almost caused beautiful agony on those times you were one of the few who gave in to masturbating to the stories on the page, the membership to the exclusive club that have never met.

The wonder of the inspiration for these stories fills you with erotic curiosity, you dared to think that these could be real experiences, the almost voyeuristic image of what could really have happened in the real world that were so beautifully written in these pages. Your vibrator only a small amount of effort away as you lower your knickers and feel the wanting, the new flame inside that burns brighter with the lust of wonder. 

The masturbation feeling ever so more sweet as you go down the page, the words intensifying as you become more intimate with yourself, the natural selfishness that comes with enjoying yourself or someone else, makes the experience ever so more erotic with every movement of your hand, every touch of your breast. The pleasure becoming ever so ominous, that you re read from the part where it hit you, the sound in your flat becoming stomach dropping, you press the speed button on your vibrator one more time. 

The almost sedating, yet lushious smell of the natural extracts in the candles has you on a cloud, the pillows just happened to be perfectly placed to comfort you as your flower is now soggy, the nerves lit up that the slightest touch sends pleasure. You go back and read that one strawberry sweet paragraph again, pushing your vibrator in just the right way to hit your g spot. and the cushion beneath you is soaked, a moan accompanied by an almost loss of awareness preludes the beauty of an orgasm.

If you think he needs to, let him know x      


The sensitivity,


A night of celebration

The aching energy of your soul,

It is so perfect,

A day filled with rushing happiness,

Your breath on my chest,

Slays the day

You unashamedly and indifferently to the thoughts of others, start removing the beautiful party dress, the biggest event of the year, no expense spared on thinly covering the body I adore so much. A soft peck on the lips seduces us, your eagerness to make love is matched by me, the movement in our torso's as we breathe is setting the room on fire with stomach drowning tension.

I put my hand on your hip, us laying side by side, quickly turning into a sun beaten match to tear the last of our clothes into thinner and flimsier, ever so questionable, sweetest nothingness. We become entwined as we are unaware of the minutes passing by, touching and passionately kissing every obvious part, I thoughtfully place my kisses where I know any girl would give in to the sour touch of my lips.

You humpf in erotic tension as I swoon down to where your flower, dusted with wetness sits behind a layer of black nylon, defeated by both my index fingers pulling at the frilly sides, my fingers feel like a soft ice as I pull your knickers down. You get a good look at my expertly carved abdomen, adding heat to your engorged pussy as it begs to feel me inside of you. 

I place myself perfectly to fuck you just as fast and as hard, or as slow as you want, you tell me how you want it. My cock feeling like a mild electric shock as it touches your outer lips, the time spent getting used to each other is well enjoyed, time doesn't matter in this instance. 

The sound of a bed carrying a heavy amount of sex is amplified around the room, possibly through the walls and ceilings of this little bed and breakfast that we luckily snapped up while all the other party guests opted for the large hotel. Our bodies moving in harmony, every thrust surely adding to the build up of orgasm, a failed release is never going to happen here. My hips collide with your curvy and delicious thighs, the stockings that went to the edge of appropriateness add a unique sensation that surprise you.

The creaking gets louder and the juices drip down your labia, adding a warm satisfaction that brings in the orgasm, caused by my cock that you always thought was perfect.


I knew admiring you would pay off.     

Bon Appetit

A deceptively warm February day, the fifteenth, it had frozen through the year so far, the boiler only about managing to subdue the chill that creaped through the front door, the streets as empty as a ghost town, no end in sight to lockdown. I decide not to put the heating on for fear of the enormous gas bill that would appear, for once it is not chilly. You'd been home for a long time, your job graciously allowing you to work from home, the laptop, post-it notes and the many cups of coffee had replaced a table that was always ready for a spontaneous date night, the harshest aspect of lockdown for me.

Twenty past six and you finish work, that subtle emotion that comes from feeling at home in the early months, a still sit beckons in your mind. A delicate hunger settles in your stomach as you go to the kitchen to start preparing dinner, after you put the oven on and it starts warming up, you come and get me from the study, half the day spent playing computer games with how little work my job is sending me. We'd missed the valentines flirtations, having to scoot off in the evening for an emergency shopping run, your friend from work, finding herself in a bit of financial trouble suddenly announcing that she had come home to an empty kitchen, although we did manage to find some honey, a rare treat for ourselves, our first ever meal as a married couple with honey and ice cream as dessert.

The time drags on, the dinner almost ready as a tinge turns to a hunger, before we know it the dinner is on the table and we are enjoying your signature dish, a cheesy three-cheese salad and pasta, I thoroughly enjoy the refreshing lightness, yet fillingness of the meal. We take a break from talking to just enjoy the view out of the window, the peace of mind of our 3rd valentines as a couple, I wonder if we've forgotten the honey, as I daren't ask whats for dessert, not knowing if you'd had something specially planned.

We should really be putting the table away and washing the dishes, instead I can sense a change in you, a change of reminiscence and romantic emotion. A slight suggestion of going into the bedroom, almost goes over me, instead a raindrop that sinks to my gut and dominates it. An anxious response is all I can muster, I find myself being lead to the bedroom by you. I find a beautifully made duvet, in the centre, the jar of honey sits.

You tell me to lay on the bed and wait, you come back from the other room wearing the most amazing matte black satin chemise that just allures me into seduction, nothing else matters. We only need you to lay next to me before, I naturally and carefully undo the lid of the jar, my nerves rise in me, the emotion that for now feels extreme. My hands slightly shake as I position myself to creatively drip the honey over you. 

As I carefully apply pressure to the bottle, a drop of honey teases its way out of the nozzle, I can feel the energy in the room, my instinct for your daring and wanting, that of a tiger. I commit and press down that little bit harder, the drop becomes larger and falls onto your breast, the cold and sweet tiny shock to your skin makes you recoil in erotic excitement. The top of the chemise still holding your breasts in, the feeling of the material contrasting with the almost snowy chill of the honey creates a feeling like no other.

I feel an energy within me, as if a barrier has been broken, not only of relief but of arousal, I feel brave in response to your liberation, I raise the bottle again, squeezing it so there is a sweet and cold stream, slowly crossing your chest, feeling divine as you lean up to fully be decorated by it, extra sweet as it covers your breasts from visiting the top of the chest.

I get off the bed and put the bottle on the desk, coming back while removing my trousers and boxers, you teasingly pull the chemise up for me to see you aren't wearing any knickers, revealing a pussy so beautiful and wet it is irresistable. I position myself to fuck you, you with your legs spread, as you treat me to you taking the shoulder straps of the chemise off to slowly remove the bust portion and let me indulge in your tits. 

You moan as I enter you, your pussy perfectly curving around my cock, you rejoiced long ago when I learned how to hit your g spot, and I promise to do so this time. I begin thrusting to which your body responds, jolts of pleasure as this is truly an erotic picture. I lean down to lick the honey off you as I fuck you, the feeling of my warm tongue lathering up the honey that never seemed to warm by itself. 

My tongue on autopilot with the path of the honey, me still fucking you as you get closer, this time feeling more close than you have ever felt before now, an amazing orgasm as we both shake and recoil the honey all lathered up, the bed sheet soaked.

Your friend's dilemma, a blessing in disguise.          


The sky as epic as the cold, a scene looking almost cinematic as the trails of planes take me back to my day dreams from when I was younger, like a void melting my anxiety into a pain numbed by clouds. The cold causes me to go directly up the path, the brick walls on one side, fences on the other, backs of peoples gardens as my ankles start to wear and ache, perfectly timed when your front door would be less than thirty seconds away.

I arrive at the little porch, your neighbours door to one side, the hallway light is on behind the door, the clouds from before vapourise away to give the anxiety the edge it needs to make me trip over my words. I knock on the door, a few seconds pass that feel like minutes, I see a silhouette as my nerves sink into an impossible pit of vast distance. 

The door opens, for me to be presented with you casually yet suggestively dressed, the black t-shirt and jeans that only I and others with an eye for eclectic provocation could be hypnotized by. I take my shoes off in the familiar spot as I always did, the aroma from the living room teases with a second stomach sink as my new euphoria forces a calming relaxation. I see a hot, decadent pizza, bottle of Rosé and candles that amazingly envelop the room with a calming, relaxing and erotic scent. 

Sitting next to you, the TV having a dim and seductively red glow as the slow jam mix video plays, you invite me to have a slice of the pizza and pour me a glass of the Rosé, I carefully manage the pizza while you alleviate all my fears, your whole persona one of wanting, needing and attraction. As the night progresses we gradually get closer to each other, more intimate with intention, no doubt we both want to feel each others love, a connection as precious as the vapour of a cold day.

Before long, I have only blinked and the time is already a few minutes to 11pm, enjoying the intimacy so much, falling into a deep sea, that time has escaped us. I say the first words that have been said in over an hour and a half, a question of where this will all go, open ended and slices through me. You glance down, a sigh that validates your desire for me. 

You take my hand, guide me to the bedroom, a walk playful yet emotional, I derealize the entire way as a watercolour painting for my soul. I snap into it as the sight of you taking off your lacey knickers, me pulling my jeans down, the lustful look as you see my erect member tear itself out. We can only succumb to each others falling as our bodies touch, paying absolute importance to how I insert myself, the warmth increasing with every movement, your wetness like raindrops around me. 

You reach to hold my back, across my toned torso as the situation feels so right that you just relent to pleasure. I begin to go harder as my cock feels like morphine, your face is pure ecstacy as you feel the details of my torso rub over yours, the energy in my shoulders as you hold. With the heat we start sweating and your pleasure more desperate as my cock feels decadent as I get faster, it won't take you any energy at all to have your body shake as you cum, nearing it, you beg for it.

We both lose awareness of ourselves as we both climax. A scene as epic as the sky. 

The Secret To Bliss

The sun descends over the skyscrapers, like a golden shine through your bedroom window, the city only past the trees at the end of the garden. If only the winter had stayed longer, now into autumn as the anxiety starts to rise, the warmth poetically rising the lust within you, so many experiences leaving footprints on your soul, a flame unable to progress past a spark.

The duvet feeling like a cloud of softness, the pillow helping you to descend into the void the sun provides. It seemed like a little too long, the chill coming through the windowframe, the family haven't arrived back, the chill that starts to sink into your soles enquires your mind. The boiler kicks in downstairs, the metal encasing the radiator slowly heats up as the room tiptoes in temperature as the blueish night sky descends.

They'd always stop off at the Pizza Hut, at the corner of the vast shopping parade, mostly comprised of parking space with big white buildings lining the rectangle that was the shopping parade, often without a hint of asking you, the reality of being a twenty five year old. The house was pristine, and so were the morals of the people living in it, modern yet so slightly god fearing and always pushing to make a lasting impression of their place in society. You had always been forbidden, as long as you are under their roof, the job market bearing little ftuit for your education, to discuss or in any way suggest a relationship with the lust that filled so many people, a fact that alienated you from your family.

The smell of lavender from the garden wafts faintly, exotic in a way that touches a nerve, a nerve that puts the butterflies through you, only one that brings temptation. The room gets stuffy, but all in your head as it had only gotten slightly warmer,  a mind trick deceiving you to give in to the throbbing in your flower. A thought that dares you, tiny sparkles of ice trickling down in circles towards your labia, anxiety returns, fear of them returning colliding with your one escape into comfort.

Before a few seconds have passed, the lace around your thighs feels flimsier as you pull your knickers down, stomach sinking as they leave your feet, high alert as you relax and descend on to the bed, fully relaxed. A feeling of sinking into the sea as you take your top off, an experience rarely realised as you see your body in a way you had been forbidden. Your fingers feeling like a sour rush as you touch yourself, the fear now suffocating but disappearing as you get wetter, giving into lustful abandon.

Visions in your mind, all the sex symbols you'd glanced at, the wanting consuming, yet memories flooding back of simpler times. Your wetness allows deeper exploration, new pleasures coming with every new inch explored, you dare to moan as the pleasure progresses and your nipples hardening that you love to touch. The sex scenes on TV, over produced for fantasy, the wonder of the touch bringing you closer, your clit feeling desperate to give you an orgasm as it feels unbearable to touch. As the air in the room drips with stuffiness and you start to sweat your flower starts to tense up for a beautiful orgasm, the wetness now covers the sheets, a blissful secret with excuses, you feel free.  


The Eclipse

The vista turns to tranquility, the emotion putting life in high definition, a clarity in energy only we can feel, moments like these I have longed for so long.

The bed lined with exquisite patterned satin, gold in places and vibrant violet patterns stitched in. The stars shine with a tint that reminds me of stargazing when I was only young, as if experiencing it for the first time, senses so sweet they creep into euphoria

For weeks gone by, the realisation has dawned on us that this is the last time, the last time we'd be together as I must go back to my own country, a stay that was months but felt short, a trip across europe to clear my head. The stresses of university life had brought out my need for escape, not a hedonistic indulgence but a blissful descent into the being of someone I fell for. Only the magic of chance could bring us together, fate seamlessly injected, a trip not wasted.

You lay with only your lacey knickers upon you, feeling the heat in the room as night time warmth, the summer just starting to end, the window at the large wall of the hotel ajar. I return from the bathroom, a night in front of the TV that lit the room for hours, the eye strain increasing with the clothes coming off gradually, the ease I feel, it is totally natural. 

As the bathroom door closes behind me, you sigh in comfort, beautifully sliding your two little fingers through the strings of your g string, removing them perfectly in line with how those romantic movies portrayed, my stomach sinks as they leave your feet, arousal strikes me as your legs bend and your feet cover your flower and the shape of your buttocks. 

I cross my arms to pull my t shirt up, bright colours with fabric so silky its never seen at home, I can see the lust in your eyes as my toned torso is revealed, you make room on the bed. I walk over to the side, lowering my shorts as I then sit next to you and lie down. You moan in a sheer wanting of my cock, half erect as you clasp it with your right hand, slowly stroking up and down to get me hard to a level you vocally want and need.

I reach over to give your flower some attention, feeling the slight wetness as my fingers feel like an angels touch, the sensation descending into pleasure at the slightest meaningul friction. I always wondered if my trip would end like this, I feel incredibly lucky to have such a beautiful woman sharing a bed with me. 

You relent to your desire, no point hiding your desire, the experience so erotic, it would be easier to feel the orgasm sooner rather than later as the sensations become an pleasurable agony. I pull a condom from my bag, with it soon on, you curiously learn my body as you get on top, feeling the slickness of my cock enter you as you go into slight dis inhibition. You start to fuck me, unsure of how I like it, you start slow, letting your anatomy curve around my cock and seamlessly caress for a hot fuck.

We move in sync with each other, my body in rhythm with all the fantasies about hot guys at the beach on facebook, you begin to get faster as you feel the weight of your breasts moving with each bounce, I reach up to touch them as you feel the response from the nipples as I massage them with you riding me. Your flower tightening as my cock feels that just bit bigger, already big but putting you in ecstacy as you begin to come, forcing me deeper into you as the erotic turns to abandon as we both begin to sweat. The orgasm feels amazing even before its happened, that long, ecstatic road until you almost lose conciousness with pleasure and moan me into cumming.

The stress is now a cloud. I will remember this for the rest of my days. 

New Years Eve

The air in the car park freezes to a chill, the past twenty five minutes spent brushing past everyone wearing a mask in the supermarket. I reach into my pocket to pull out my car keys, the car lights shine bright before the cold induced tiredness knocks me out, the car unlocked as the shopping is soon shoved in the back, your favourite bolognese, a romantic new years eve night in.

The rain crashes against the windscreen as I drive along the almost endless road that sits upon winding hills, several roundabouts punctuate a drive that would have felt impossible without the heater that is just about starting to throw out some warmth. The left turning finally arrives before me as I drive up to the second from last roundabout, a few yards down the road and I will be at the little croft of houses that tucks our lovely, minimalist and most importantly, warm, one bed flat.

The car safely parked in our one spot, I spend my day worrying about your two hour commute to work, however it has earned us a place to be proud of. I grab the shopping from the boot of the car, feeling the force of the bonnet as it slams shut, a silhouette appears behind the pane of the front door. 

I turn the key in the lock as I see an arm extend behind the tinted glass to open the door from inside, as the door opens, an erotically powerful smell wofts from the flat as I notice only the hallway light is on, with every other room lit by scented candles in every corner. You are wearing the most luxurious, alluring and entrancing dark blue dress that sparkles, I am awestruck as I just about notice you pulling me inside and pushing me against the wall, my full attention now in the moment and the shopping somehow making its way neatly put out of the way. 

The shoulder straps of your dress drape with soft fabric that contrast with the firmer and glitzy material of the body, your bust entrancing me as the dress perfectly holds it up, but I have spent too long passionately kissing you, a powerful tingle is eminating from down below as I cant help succumb to your darkest, most secret skill of filling me with lust.

You pull me straight across the hall, the bolognese now an afterthought as I am confronted with a double bed perfectly made, coated with rose petals, natural and organic, you walk to the bed, the dress staying upon your body now an afterthought. 

I come over to the bed, fall into your arms as we have the most passionate kiss, I slowly lower your dress until your beautiful body adorns, and is now in the centre of the now silk lined duvet. I stand up for a second to undress, you marvel at my abdomen as you admire the six pack that is just about to show through, biting your lip, maybe a hint of your flower awakening as you get comfier. 

My cock now ready for action as only your touch would prepare me to have sex with you, a duty well actioned as you rub my cock, slowly up and down the shaft as you beg me to put it inside you. You moan as the head of my cock massages your outer lips, the wetness coming through as your breathing gets heavier and your arousal spikes like a thorn.

The sex initiates as your legs spread around mine, my cock deep inside you, wrapping them around me so I cannot escape. You gasp as I fuck you in a way that just hits different, you can't help but caress my physique, my torso all the way round to my bottom, you are in ecstacy and cannot deny the almost unbearable silkiness of the pleasure. 

I get faster as your moans turn to beautiful agony, your breasts enlarging and your nipples as straight as they ever have been, the bed starts to creek in agony as we cannot keep our hands off each other, the bed frame slamming against the wall. 

The heat between us, a well earned yet comfortable sweat as we are at the final mile, your caresses turning to grasps as we both let out an almighty moan, sensations exploding and rippling within us, exhaustion has us on different pages as we surrender and I fall by your side, a meal I enjoyed.   

The Hunter

The flowers outside get frostbite, the ground becomes cold to the bare feet that may touch, the season turning to winter. The radiator that is fixed to the wall by pipes, chucks out heat with most of the room still on the wrong side of comfort, neither the radiator that has been turned up to mammoth proportions in desperation. A vast, double bed, a duvet encased in silk, often pampering with the touch, a welcoming sight when you feel tired, for now a platform for the inner sinking of the stomach, your flower begging you for a sultry touch.

You'd only seen me a few times, a man standing at the bar, sometimes talking with another group of girls when you and your friends from work would have a girls night out. Naturally, this meant I'd pop up on your social media, not too close to your personal page but always on those gimmicky picture sharing apps, once or twice you'd see me in a few groups and never say anything, my posts always a hit with the ladies and the probably biased attention everyone gave due to how charismatic and good looking I am.

Today was a long day for you, working from home as is much of the country, you decide today is the day to dedicate to all the admin that needed doing from the past two weeks. The coffee dispenser had probably seen too many double espresso capsules used on it today alone, the salad bowl in the fridge empty as you stick to healthy eating, with the inevitable order from the gourmet burger house, delivered in half an hour as all you want to do at the end of the day is treat yourself. 

The clock ticks 5pm and you just about finish the last few sentences of the final email, the finger pad on the laptop warm from the entire day of moving the mouse on the screen around, a small buzz within you as HR tell you that they've given you christmas eve, christmas day and boxing day off work. A sigh of relief as your brain uses the news to justify a bit of self love, for the moment a nice delicious meal, the teasing and provocative chemise you treated yourself to, to help you feel a bit sexier while the days bore grey and cold, dropping a few uses of your vibrator throughout the month, easily comes into your train of thought like a feather.

The delivery man drops the food off, a large sticker label keeps the brown paper bags shut, inside is a cardboard box containing a chicken burger, fluffily crumbed and coated in mayonaise and lettuce, another box has chips, covered in cheese and crumbs of bacon. The first bite melts in your mouth as you rejoice in the still warmth the speedy delivery provided, exuding a small amount of bliss that you feel okay to admit in the present moment. 

Twenty minutes passes and you don't realise as you've been enjoying your food too much, a few quick glances at your phone provides a few updates as everyone gets off work, however as the last bite is done, your phone shows one of those automated recommendation notifications. You thankfully take a look as a few of the vibrations went ignored while eating, a hint to check out my profile, a buzz rushes into you as all the nice feelings I have given you resurface, only a few words have we exchanged in quick passing. 

You give into temptation, what harm can a quick look do? You swipe to unlock your phone and enter the passcode, the app opens up instantly. After a few short seconds of seeing the little circle going around and around, an area of 6 small boxes appears, each box is a picture of me, my follower stats proudly displayed above it.

You curiously scroll down, you feel your manicure connecting with the screen as the warmth in the room, the feeling of satisfaction from the burger, makes your inquisition feel drawn out and stale. Just as you consider putting your phone down to do something more productive, a new row of pictures appears from the bottom, you get piqued as your brain fires to focus on it with dilated pupils. A view of a busy nightclub is seen, a topless picture of me is thrust before you, sculpted perfectly with a six pack that keeps your eyes focused, a jawline just like the fashion adverts that featured your perfect guy, a well kept, full, bristly black beard entrances you.

You don't want to admit it but you are feeling things you rarely feel, with an interest piqued reserved for those you really admire. You smile nervously in shyness and clasp your neck with your free hand, almost unaware of how you will proceed, before long, playfully tiptoeing up the stairs with a beautiful smile, looking down at your phone as your other hand helps you up the banister.

You collapse on the bed, starry eyed, eagerly turning over to pull the drawer at the side of the bed towards the wall where a satin and strung bag lays under a pile of socks, your favourite vibrator inside. You pull your jeans down, a diffuclt task as it inches past your eager hips, one flex of the muscles shall be enough this evening as you help the jeans leave your feet, socks reminding you of the joy of christmas.  

You sigh in relaxation as your pull your knickers away with your fingers, holding your stomach with your right hand as you inch your way into the centre of the bed using your bum. Your pussy with the tiniest hint of wetness as you navigate your vibrator and place it perfectly in your hand, your gut sinks as you press the on button, in sync with your arousal spiking. Spreading your legs across the bed as you reservedly press the tip of the vibrator against your pussy lips, the nerve endings of the pink parts give an almost sour wave of pleasure up your spine. 

You begin to fantasise, first you are in the nightclub watching me dance and mix with people, my shirt removed to give you the best view as you take the shaft of your vibrator into you, the pleasure setting in as it rises to a new bar. Too shy to think deeper, you masturbate eagerly, a very pleasant session as you increase the speed that causes you to moan and sink into the pillow. 

The mood in the room is that you want to cum, as a suddening of enjoyment causes you to descend deeper into the abandon of fantasy, as if I am there with you, you imagine me putting your feet over my shoulders, spread apart. The V shape of the muscles of my lower abdomen encase my rock hard penis, perfectly sized, I insert into you as you gasp, your breasts feeling tingly as your nipples harden. 

I begin thrusting as you can't hold your excitement as you love looking at my physique so expertly carved, you wonder how the women in the gym didn't go home and fantasise as you are. imagining me sweating as I lift weights. We get faster as the sound in the room descends into an erotic bottomless pit, anyone's stomach would sink with the sexual energy and heat melting off of us. 

You begin going harder with your vibrator, the top rabbit pampering your clit as you know this session will be one in which you will ache the next day, but it will be a pure release, a sexual reset button deserving of a shower afterwards to complete the euphoria. You imagine me getting close and feeling my cock become the hardest its ever been, for you. I instruct you to come, I demand and want it, I am only at your service and I can be here all night. The bed soaked as you gasp as you cum, truly dramatic but I would want no less for the woman who kept her lust a secret.


The light starts to creep through the curtains, the pitch black starts lightening to a grey. The boiler clicks on, the unforgiving chill on the feet will soon be a comfort as I instinctively pull them under the covers, not even conciously awake, but aware.

Before long, the colour in the curtains starts turning a brighter yellow, with the frustration at my sleep, wisping in quality, the conciousness creeping closer to awareness of the day. The uneventful nights sleep brings a relief, for too long I'd been waking up in the depths of the chill, riddled with worry of if I'd go back to sleep again.

I hear the kettle coming to a boil, a fall into slumber before the sound of the kettle clicking kicks me into gear, you must be up early, the light from the kitchen seeps up the stairs. The smell of porridge fresh out of the microwave, memories come flooding back from when I was very young. A feeling of relief comes over me as I hear the creaking of the footsteps coming up the stairs, a way to surprise you after you'd assume I'd still be asleep.

You sit up against the headboard, legs across the bed, holding the bowl of porridge that had spent a good few minutes sitting on the worktop in the kitchen, cooling before it was even remotely cool enough to eat. My brain finally allows me to wake up as I become aware of the fact its now half eight in the morning, a cloudy tremor of friskiness comes over me, my cock suddenly more sensitive as I feel it twitching as an invitation to becoming hard.

You have known for a long time how I act when I lust after your perfect curvaceous body, the twinkle in my eye that begs to feel your hips riding me as I grasp them, the yearning to hear you moan and sweat. A look as if to say "oh go on then", as you carefully place the porridge bowl on top of the night stand. You pull the covers off as I slide my boxers down, my cock begging to be touched and made hard, while it is already pushing itself while half flaccid.

You run your left hand up my leg and thigh, holding yourself up with yout right, your beautiful aura from your perfume, a gift for your birthday, sends me to heaven. You clasp the base of my cock with your index and little finger as you slowly start going up and down, moving up to the full grasp of your head as you increase the speed and tightness.  

I recoil and shake in pleasure, the perfect moans start to excite you, telling me as much. The situation heats up as your nipples become harder and my cock starts throbbing more and more in abandon, you can't help but go down and start massaging my cock with your breasts. I feel the energy being spent as you push your breasts together to clasp my cock as you start going up and down slowly, my brain gives me a little dose of euphoria and being on top of the world. 

My cock rages hard as we are now sweating to get me the release that will set me up for the day, I fall deep in the lust as I get close to cumming, you moan as you feel the burn, feeling iiberated as you are the queen of my world. It finally happens, we moan together as your chest is covered in my cum. 

We both look pleased as I go and have a shower before I make my breakfast, the following day is one filled with smiles.


Never a day gone by in five, I long to see you arrive home, occupied with other things, never a departure from the day before seven. If you'd forego the pleasantries, love that I've ached every day to embrace, the euphoria that makes our souls tingle like a void, the near anxiety of whether tonight would be one, wisps deep within my stomach.

I sit at my desk, my eyes feeling a dull ache from looking at the computer screen all day, four fourty nine PM feels so late in the day and full of promise, I have to sit here until 5.30pm, which around quarter past would you sneak in quietly because a customer would likely call. Today the wisps within my stomach were slightly stronger than usual, a stir that would hope to feel close to you.

A rustle in the gravel outside, my mind registers but I don't turn to look out the window as I see the little icon turn orange in the bottom right corner of the screen to tell me a customer call is coming in. A few seconds later, my headset starts bleeping as I pick it up to awnser, the click as your keys go in the lock makes me stutter as I greet the customer, a secret that I hope will soon be my stutter of our embrace, the rush of the moment.

You come in and put your bag down, as I apologise to the customer for not giving them my undivided attention, you feel a hint of guilt, knowing well of the effect you have over me, given at your leisure, dropped like a raindrop that hits the spine. 

The customer finishes the call with me, placing an average order which I put through like clockwork, as you confidently walk in as its five fourty PM and I can stop work after I finished the call. Looking at my tired face, you loosen up instantly, body language as if you'd let go to build me up, a feminine and lustful approach. You pull me up for a hug and a kiss, we'd been through this many times before, grey were the days when you'd go about it like a normal day. 

We look deep into each others eyes, holding each other closely as we know what will come next as you are now leading me up the stairs, hand in hand, your decadent figure alluring me in. We turn as we hit the landing, going right as the door to the bedroom is now in front of us. Standing in front of it as you allow me to touch you more intimately, I reach to lower the shoulders of your dress as you reach to the door handle to open it. 

Breathing heavier as we kiss once more, you lure me to the bed and playfully hop on to it, sitting on your back and pulling your dress up to remove your knickers, your top half already in disarray as I come closer to help you take it completely off. and quickly flung to the carpet at the side of the bed. I pull my work trousers off, I feel the burn as I kneel on my knees to take my shirt off, always wanting to make the impression even though most of the staff are working from home.

Your pussy now engorged without a touch, my cock already erect as a few rubs would prepare it to fuck you. I come down to insert myself into you, a seamless synergy of two clouds, down below. I start slowly as I always knew how you liked to be prepared, a treat for me as I feel a bulk of pleasure, you chirp with excitement, I get faster as the bed starts to shake, we both move in synergy. 

The heat in the room, increasing to the touch, the loss of inhibition rages deep, sex like this is what I crave for. The rhythm becomes ever so more symmetric as you get louder, yearning for the touch of my skin on yours as you wrap your legs around my hips, I'm chained to this decadent cloud. I come down and our torso's are now skin on skin, we both feel euphoric as the carnal tension inches closer to unbearable.

I can feel your pussy wrapping around my cock and you get ready to cum as you moan and beg for my cock, the wetness almost leaking from you as my thrusting brings you to the edge. You grab hold of my back and neck and pull me down even closer, whispering short sweet moans that put me, and you, over the edge.


I can almost feel the warmth of the candlelight, as it sits on the window across from me, a deathly chill outside, the heating on full. The houses become shapes of black, the sky changing into a foggy blur as the night becomes ever more menacing, you come in from the next room and sigh as you sit next to me, the pizza is minutes away, your phone announces. 

A neutral feeling, used to be pain, quickly dissolves into a cloudy headspace as you'd only just started our relationship, I'd been alone for many a year up to this point, never a moment without a wanting. Your way of talking, the never state that I wanted but never knew existed, follows anxiety that is the safe routine of long ago.

A knock at the door is heard, I do the honours and go and collect them, I can sense the delivery guys need to get it done quickly, the weather had suddenly turned and it was now spikely cold out there. This is quickly forgotten as I put the pizzas down on the coffee table and rush to go and grab some plates and find out what each box contains. 

You eagerly open the big box under the two smaller boxes, next to the bag with a big bottle of Coke Zero, the Buy 1 Pizza Get 2 Potato Skins deal from the cheap kebab shop down the road, never failed to be a bi weekly order, still, at least they stocked the superior Coca Cola over the usual Pepsi at most places.

I serve myself some pizza, the choice of what to watch on TV becomes an ever so monotonous chore, almost making me worry if I'm giving off the wrong impression, never did I know it was all my brain taking over. The TV is on low for much of the evening, we chat all night, I get so lost in the coversation, I don't realise how late it is until you are holding my hand, taking me to the bedroom.

I sheepishly put my fingers under the bottom of your t shirt, you laying in the centre of the bed, as my fingers run up your stomach as you help me finally take your t shirt off, my nerves pique and subdue as you take my jeans off, my cock longing for your touch as I feel horny with no resolution. You clasp the base of my cock with your hand, gently, feels like an angels touch, you sitting up on the edge of the bed as you begin sucking. 

I groan in pleasure as you work on me, my primal urges start to overtake me, before long, as the sucking becomes more passionate, I ask you to stop. "Maybe if you'd like to relax and let me take you on the bed?" I say, to which you readily agree, your knickers undoubtedly damp from sucking my marvellous cock, quickly removed. You relax yourself to make it easy to insert myself into you, I work out which position is most comfortable for me as I kneel on the duvet and spread them out, my hips now in position to effortlessly thrust. 

You moan as the tip of my penis rubs against your lips, the longing from your pussy is now dripping, the beast inside me, focusing my entire mind on fucking you. I find the opening as my penis glides in, I feel the moisture enveloping my cock as I cautiously find my way around your pussy, finding out what you like, before I go at it hard. 

I can no longer hold back as I begin fucking you, our bodies moulding as we go at it at ever increasing speed, the power of the thrusts rippling through you so potently it can be seen. The bed shaking and shuddering, the squeaks are rhythmic as you moan louder, the heat intensifying as I come down to come chest to chest with you, you feel the butterflies as my chest caresses your breasts, I feel you suddenly get extremely tight as you moan at the point of no return, the sound echoeing abandon to all who could possibly hear.